People think that if they can get a control over the high cholesterol food, all would be well and they no longer have high cholesterol. While there are many reasons why one may get high cholesterol, food is only part of it. There are quite a many ways to reduce high cholesterol level in the blood and are also effective if you can follow the rules.
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What they do not know is that some of these rules can prevent them from reducing their cholesterol level. They follow the rules alright, but some of those tricky rules come with potholes. If you are not careful enough, you might just fall into those. The problem is not in those rules but is in the real execution of them. It is all about knowing the rules and creating strategies to bend the rules not for your comfort, but for your benefits.

Effective Ways To Reduce Cholesterol Level

  • Low carb diet for heart diseases: It is a known fact that cholesterol ultimately could lead to heart diseases. These heart diseases are also linked to high carbohydrate in the diet. When you try t make the heart healthy, the obvious route would be low fat, low carb diet. But the same low carb diet may lead to high cholesterol or most likely to prevent the reduction. Did you know that? Well, I did not. This diet could increase the total cholesterol level, especially the bad ones. This problem is not seen widely but those who are affected could be hit badly.
  • It is fat that matters, not carbohydrates: People give more importance to fat when it comes to cholesterol reduction. They most likely to check on their carbohydrate consumption. Little do they realize that these carbohydrates are ultimately converted into triglycerides, which are contributing to the total cholesterol level. Find a way to burn those calories you earn from carbohydrates. Sugar in all forms, starch etc are the main culprits here. You need to spend them not store inside the body as cholesterol. What you need to do is to give equal importance to fat and carbohydrate. Choose wise and identify the good and bad fat as well as carbohydrates.
  • Reduce total cholesterol: That is not all. Yes, you should check your total cholesterol levels, but in a healthy way. The total cholesterol is the sum of good and bad cholesterol and the triglycerides. The ratio should be high good cholesterol, low bad cholesterol, and low glycerides. One could find their total cholesterol lowered but the bad cholesterol reigning over the good. That is not healthy. The good cholesterol- HDL should always get the higher value than the others. If it is not, it is what prevents you from reducing the cholesterol. Low level of HDL favors increase in the bad cholesterol.
  • Avoid fat completely: The first thing most people do to lower the cholesterol is to say goodbye to all the fats. That is not the healthy way. One should avoid only the saturated and trans fats. There are healthy fats that can actually fight the cholesterol. The mono and polyunsaturated fats are capable of lowering the total cholesterol without affecting the HDL levels. Remember that your body needs fat but in limited quantity from only selected sources.

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Tips For Lowering Cholesterol

  • Fish oils are healthy: Not all fish oils are healthy for a cholesterol patient. The unhealthiness of fish oil is that it raises the bad cholesterol level much more than its good counterpart. The triglycerides are lowered by fish oil, yes, but the same effects in a slight increase of bad cholesterol-LDL. Studies have supported this that the omega fatty acid DHA is responsible for elevation in the bad cholesterol levels. This trouble is most likely for those who rely upon natural ways to lower the cholesterol and do not use any medications for this purpose.
  • Coconut oil is healthy for lowering cholesterol, but, only in small quantity. The recommended allowance for each day is one teaspoon, maximum 2 teaspoons per day. Generally, coconut oil shouldn’t be part of a cholesterol-lowering diet. Even after being a saturated fat, coconut oil can lower the bad cholesterol levels, but in small quantity daily please.
  • Eat yogurt to lower cholesterol: Yogurt is healthy, contains live culture bacteria that improves immunity, digestion and can help in reducing blood cholesterol. The catch is, only low fat cholesterol are allowed. The kinds like Greek yogurt get s green flag. One must stay away from any full-fat yogurt. The Lactobacillus could break down the bile salts and prevent cholesterol absorption from food.
  • Medications reduce the cholesterol: Yes it is true, but they might also increase the cholesterol. Drugs like corticosteroids, diuretics etc could cause an elevation in cholesterol levels. There also could be medications that interact with the cholesterol-lowering medicines, which also prevent lowering of cholesterol.

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