You may find numerous tips and tricks that help improve the hair growth rate. No one likes a slower trick and is in search of a fast hair growth method. Here are some of the weirdest tricks to improve the hair growth rate. Many of these are the tried and tested by many. Let’s take a look at them.

Anti-fungal cream prevents hair loss

As weird as it may seem, the anti-fungal cream like Monistat can actually help with fast hair growth. The active ingredient here is miconazole nitrate. This has a similar structure that if another chemical that is found to prevent the male and female hair loss cause. The excess dihydrotestosterone is supposedly blocked by these anti-fungal cream and seemingly helping with hair growth.

Whether or not it is effective is up for discussion. But there are several testimonials that say that this is an effective way. Moreover, these kinds of anti-fungal creams are available over the counter and are less likely to have any major side effects.

Baking Soda Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Replacing the usual shampoo with baking soda helps grow hair! Yes, it has been effective for many. Baking soda can be mixed with 3 parts of water to get a solution. This solution is your ‘natural’ shampoo that removes not just the dirt and oil, but also several of the chemical debris.

Baking soda can remove the residue from shampoo, conditioner or any hair products. Leaving the residue on the hair can cause damage to the strands and prevent hair growth. It can remove chlorine from the hair. It is an ideal option for those who love swimming. The chlorine from the pool is easily removed with no chemical used. Finally, baking soda can actually stimulate the hair growth. The removal of the residues of all types promote cleaner scalp and have the follicles growing healthier.

Cayenne pepper hair paste

Cayenne pepper is not just for cooking, it is also a perfect recipe for hair growth. Mix in a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder (the organic one works the best) with 3 teaspoons of olive oil or any oil of your choice. Mix it well to make a paste. Apply this paste on to the scalp all over. You are most likely to get a tingling feeling. This helps increase the blood circulation thus increasing the chances of faster hair growth.

You need to be careful with yourself while handling this paste. Cover the hands with a pair of gloves. Do not let the paste come in contact with the eyes.

Pay special attention to the eyes, while washing off this paste after half an hour. Use a mild shampoo to rinse off the residue. You may use this trick once a week.

Cinnamon powder and honey hair mask

The cinnamon powder actually acts as a cure for hair loss. Cinnamon powder stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp and to the hair roots. The hair follicles have a better chance of getting the nutrients when there is ample blood flow. To improve the results, mix the cinnamon powder with the goodness of honey.

Mix in 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder with equal quantity of honey. You may add a little olive oil to get the right consistency. Part the hair and apply the paste directly on the scalp. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Cover the hair day and night

The hair is exposed to pollution, dirt, and sunlight most of the day. It would be a good idea to cover the hair with a hat when out in the sun. A scarf can protect the hair from the air conditioning that can dry out the hair.

The weirdest of all, cover the hair with a shower cap when you go to sleep. The shower cap keeps the scalp warm and can mimic the effects of the salon to some extent. Use this method, whenever you apply any overnight hair mask/pack for hair growth to get the results doubled. The warm helps the oil to get absorbed into the scalp.

Do not shower every day!

Taking shower every day can remove the natural oil from the hair, making it dry and brittle. Hair does not need a wash every single day. You are likely to lose more hair while showering. You may wash the hair 3-4 times a week rather than every day.

Instead of washing, you can apply the dry shampoo method to keep the hair looking clean and shampooed. A baby powder is all that you need as an instant dry shampoo. Apply the powder on to the scalp. Massage it for a while and pat the excess powder off. Brush it well and you are ready to go!

Nail clippers for hair trimming

Trimming has been one of the best age-old methods to promote hair growth. The split ends can stunt the hair growth. At the same time, not all the hair strands have split ends. If you can clip them at the early stage, you can reduce the damage.

The best way is to hold the hair together and twist the ends to a rope. Now you have the split end strands, standing out. Take the nail clippers to clip the tiny split ends. It saves you time and is a lot easier.

Do not shampoo the ends, please!

When shampooing the hair, leave the ends alone. Shampooing the ends can make them dry and look unhealthy. Instead, shampoo the scalp and just the crown area. When bringing it down, do not take it down until the end. Stop at midway. The ends would be cleaned when you wash off the shampoo.

Vicks Vaporub massage

This is one of the weirdest ways of stimulation for fast hair growth. The internet is going to ga-ga over this trick. The trick is to apply this gel on to the scalp and massage for a few minutes. It is believed to improve the hair growth rate.

The formulation of the gel has cooling effects on the scalp. If you are wondering, yes, I have used this. The result was not disappointing but it was not exactly a faster way as well. I had to stop using it after 3 weeks. I used it once a week. It had irritating effects on my scalp.

The gist is that the natural ingredients have some stimulating effects on the scalp. You can feel the improvement in blood circulation. If you can add in some hair nourishment in the diet, you can have better results.