Klaire Labs ABx Support is a useful blend of non-pathogenic yeast and some good bacteria that can assist in the digestive system. The bacteria included here are all supportive to the normal gastrointestinal health. ABx Support is more used along with any antibiotic therapy.

The antibiotics are working against bacteria and that chinless the good bacteria in the gut as well. In order to protect this useful bacteria, it is widely suggested to have probiotics ling with the antibiotics. Klaire Labs ABx Support is found to be highly effective when used with the antibiotics used against diarrhoea, some bowel disorders and the diarrhoea caused by rotavirus.

ABx Support by Klaire Labs

Klaire Labs uses only quality products to make the probiotics and other supplements by them. Actually many health care professional surely upon Klaire Labs for probiotics that are hypo allergic and gluten free. Even the capsules are made on vegetarian base. Klaire Labs ABx Support is a way of restoring the intestinal floral population back in the gut, for which relevance and high quality are much needed. Klaire Labs provides both the factors that makes the product more efficient than many competitors. The choice of good strains of the relevant bacteria and the inclusion of a yeast ensures the effects that comes faster when compared with others.

What is the connection between Probiotics and antibiotics?

Most antibiotics are not target specific and are capable of destroying all kinds of bacteria, good or bad. This is why we need to restore the lost bacteria back in the gut through the probiotics. Probiotics contain more bacteria than from the normal fermented food. It works faster also. The antibiotics destroy the good bacteria that leads way for the nourishment of the pathogens like Clostridium and rotavirus in the bowels, causing diarrhoea.

Klaire Labs ABx Support Probiotic Supplement

ABx Support is found to be highly effective when used with the antibiotics used against diarrhoea, some bowel disorders and the diarrhoea caused by rotavirus.

Probiotics with the Saccharomyces boulardii is the best probiotic that can work against these pathogenic bacteria and to protect the other good bacteria colonies. The best feature about this yeast is that it cannot be destroyed by the antibiotics. It is also capable of sticking to the target and increase their population without the aid of prebiotic fibres for their survival. It is also better tolerated by the sensitive persons. Moreover, this good yeast is also beneficial for the children.

The Lactobacillus is another advantage of the ABx Support probiotics as they can be use din both adults and kids. The probiotics must be given in highly populated cultures for faster restoration. ABx Support has more populated good bacterial population than in others. They can be a better workforce against the antibiotic attack. It is more about the combination of yeast, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria that makes ABx Support better.

Ingredients of Klaire Labs ABx Support

The ingredients in ABx Support are one yeast and three bacteria. Each bacteria have its role in repopulating the intestinal flora as well as support in many body systems.

The inulin base is derived from –

  • Chicory root,
  • Capsules are Vcaps, completely vegetarian based,
  • Water and
  • L-leusine.


  • Saccharomyces boulardii is the non-pathogenic yeast added here. Its assistance in the digestive functions is by providing many intestinal enzymes and ensure proper digestion. It can supply even those enzymes that can reduce the allergy causing dietary proteins. Many food items may have traces if those allergenic proteins in it and with this yeast in the gut, there should not be any allergic reactions. There also will be polyamides from this yeast that stimulate the production of certain hydrolyses, proteases as well as a few transport carriers useful in the digestive system. In the colon, this S.boulardii improves the population of the good bacteria Bifidobacteria there and at the same time reduce the pathogenic clostridia.

Additional Ingredients

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus is a bacteria in the small intestine. It is supportive of improving of immunity. IT calms the T cell proliferation and induces the helper cells CD4+, improves the phagocytic activity of the white blood cells, and make the killer cells even dangerous. L.rhamnosus can inhibit the pro-inflammatory cytokines and prevent inflammation. It could also augment the activity of the serum and mucous secreted antibodies.
  • Bifidobacteria is the third ingredient and there are two strains of this bacteria- B.bifidum and B.breve. They localise in the colon to improve the bowels. It is the bowel bacteria that are mostly affected by the antibiotics and using Bifidobacteria in Klaire Labs ABx Support, the common damage caused by antibiotics is easily corrected. The antibiotics promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria like Clostridium and Candida, which will be destroyed by these useful bacteria in ABx Support. Bifidobacteria stimulates the B-cells to transform growth factor-1 and interleukin in the IgA secretion, to improve the activity of IgA against Clostridium toxin. The B.breve increases the immunity in the Peyer’s patch cells by stimulating the B-cells and antibodies.

Dosage of ABx Support

ABx Support is a dietary supplement that can be taken 1 capsules two times a day. It is suitable to use in anyone above the age of one year. The capsules can be taken as it is or open the capsules and mix the contents in a suitable food or drink. It must be taken along with the meals for better results. It would be better to start taking right along the antibiotics to preserve the gut bacterial population. Do not stop using ABx Support immediately after the antibiotic course, keep continue for a few more days, at least. ABx Support is also suitable to take for a longer period, as continued support. The smaller bottle contains 28 capsules that have 250 mg of the probiotics and the 60 capsule bottle contains 300 mg capsules.

What are the benefits of taking Klaire Labs ABx Support?

  • Digestion: Probiotics are mainly associated with the digestive system and digestion. The digestion needs a healthy environment and the availability of enzymes to have proper functioning. It is the duty of the insetting flora to provide these factors. The use of antibiotics destroy them and the probiotics in the ABx Support restore them back in the gut. The digestion will be improved and there will be lesser bouts of gastrointestinal disorders. The diarrhea that follows the antibiotics are relieved at the earliest. The better digestion makes way to smooth functioning of other system as well. The digestion ensures nutrient absorption that will strengthen he other systems.
  • Immunity is the second best benefit of using probiotics. The smoother digestion allows proper nutrient absorption that will help in better immunity. the needed vitamins and minerals from the food is absorbed by the body that will strengthen the immune system. Moreover, the presence of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in ABx Support also aids in the immunity.
  • Allergy/inflammation will be reduced. With the renewed immune system there will not be any overactive inflammatory activities. There will be lesser common cold and allergic reactions. If at all there is any, the anti-inflammatory effects will soon reduce the reactions.

Additional Benefits

  • Urinary health: ABx Support is an additional support in the cases of urinary infections. the good bacteria and yet will counter the bad ones and provides faster relief. In fact, trying probiotics is a healthier way ti deal with urinary tract infections. The same is applicable to the yeast infection in women. Since urinary infections happen after a drastic low level of gut bacteria, restoration of the same should bring the infections down.
  • Weight management: This is a surprise element. Studies have shown that Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria can help in reducing the abdominal fat. Obese people when use this product might find their waist circumference reduce a few inches. It also helps those who have gone under the knives to reduce body weight.
  • Skin health: The better digestion is also reflected in the skin health also. There will be lesser skin breakouts or inflammations like rashes. The combined efforts of the bacteria and their support in immune system brings better skin health in the users of ABx Support.

Is there any side effects for ABx Support?

There might be some temporary reactions like bloating, gas, mild laxative effect or constipation,. These symptoms arise as an evidence that the good bacteria are working. These reactions are because of the cleansing effect. There could be rashes, acne also. The probiotics also help in the detoxification and cause the release of toxins into the blood. It is these toxins that are causing the troubles. It is temporary and will be gone within a few days.

The best way to avoid these side effects are to drink plenty of water and expel the toxins as sonar they never the blood. Keep drinking water at small regular intervals to have best results. One might even try reducing the dosage of Klaire Labs ABx Support to reduce the symptoms. The individual ingredients may also cause some problem.The serious effect of Saccharomyces could be dizziness or trouble with breathing.

These side effects are mostly seen in people with very poor immunity, like small children, people suffer from AIDS or other terminal illnesses. This is why cancer patients, especially those who have undergone chemo should not take this probiotics product.

Drug interactions of ABx Support

There are no major drug interactions for ABx Support except for one case. Due to the presence of Saccharomyces boulardii, pregnant women and people who have just had chemotherapy should not take ABx Support. It also has interactions with anti fungal medications for obvious reason as it is a yeast- a fungus. Other than this there are no drug interactions. But one must consult the doctor before taking ABx Support in case of any allergy, UTI, yeast infection or diabetes.

ABx Support customer reviews

The customer reviews show satisfaction in the use of ABx Support digestive health supplement. Some have found immediate relief from the problem sat hand after the use of this probiotic product. But there also are some who have not had any change in their health state even after taking 3-4 pills a day. This shows that the effect of ABx Support is entirely dependent on the individuals.

Esther is happy with the product and it had been prescribed by the physician for her son and so fat the product has done what it was meant to do. Lila bet was prescribed this product by a Naturopath and is satisfied with the results.

Probiotics population in Klaire Labs ABx Support

The probiotics in ABx Support is added in the relevant amount of 5+ billion CFUs which is much higher when compared to most other probiotics. A person at least that much of probiotics to counter the after effects of the antibiotics use. ABx Support provides the perfect platform for that. Since the main ingredient is a yeast that is not destroyed by the antibiotics and can also be protect time of its co-workers as well. The other probiotic ingredients Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are added in 2.5+ and 1.25+ billion CFUs respectively.

How to store Klaire Labs ABx Support capsules?

The ABx Support is heat sensitive, or, the ingredients inside the capsule are what sensitive. The yeast and bacteria inside the capsules lose their vitality with heat. So the best way to store the Klaire Labs ABx Support is refrigeration. It will be kept cool in the shipment and must also be refrigerated immediately upon delivery to preserve the probiotics inside. They are not even stable in room temperature also. Refrigeration prolongs its potency and quality.

When to take ABx Support, on empty stomach or along with meals?

The preferable mode is with the meals. On an empty stomach the pH in the stomach will be unfavourable for the probiotics and can get easily destroyed. The food can act as a buffer and make the stomach acid more alkaline or near neutral that should go well with the probiotics. By taking Klaire Labs ABx Support along with the meals, the probiotics are protected and the digestion will also be healthier with the enzymes supplied by the ingredients in the product. Although there are no scientific proof to support this theory, it is still considered healthier to go along with the meals than taking it on an empty or near empty stomach.

What if I forgot one dose of the day?

If you forget one dose of Klaire Labs ABx Support, take it as soon as you remember. But skip the dose if it is nearly time for the next dose. Otherwise it will lead to overdose and cause problems.

Why take ABx Support and not rely upon food based probiotics?

Taking ABx Suport will have faster effect in the restoration of gut bacteria than relying upon the food based probiotics. ABX Support will also provide a larger quantity of the needed probiotics to have better actions and to reduce the side effects caused by the basing antibiotics. The food based probiotics can also be added as a extra support to the supplements. The capsules are a better way to have the good bacteria back in the colon sooner. In addition to this, the probiotics in ABX Support can have many ways of actions against the pathogens that have raised after the antibiotics. Also, the food based probiotics can stay potent only for a shorter period, even if it is refrigerated.

Klaire Labs ABx Support availability in Canada

ABx Support is available in Canada also. The products that are suitable to be shipped to Canada will be categorised separately in most online stores. The ingredients and all are the same. This product is licensed by the National Health Product in Canada. It is available from ProThera Inc or the Klaire Labs directly online. The product is usually shipped within the US only but is also available for Canada, but not to other countries. The 28 capsules bottle for the 14 day supply is the one that is available for Canada.