Age Comfort For Comfortable Life Reviews


Magnus Age Comfort For Comfortable Life Reviews

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs/diapers

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs are high-quality adult disposable briefs that comes with a high grade USA fluff core, which allows you to have a comfortable nightly rest in fully protected form. Purely latex free. Hence it can be used by sensitive skin also.

Winston Churchill has said “healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have!!!” I agree with this statement, what about you?

Do you prefer to become hospitalized?? No not at all!!!

My grandmother is an Alzheimer’s patient. She is unable to perform her daily activities. She need someone to look after her. From the last one month, grandma was not having her food properly. We took her to the hospital, tried different methods to make her eat. But she didn’t responded to anything.

Then, one day when I was browsing through different sites. I got some information for my problem. Alzheimer’s patients are unable to distinguish between light colored food and drink items. Study has proven that, patients who had food in bright red/blue plates increased their food-intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%. We tried the same for grandma, and it really worked!!!!

Age Comfort is Canada’s online shop that supplies assistive devices and health care products for a healthy lifestyle. Buy healthcare products from

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Age Comfort

Age Comfort is a leading online retailer in Canada of health care products and adult diapers. It was established in the year 2009. Agecomfort offers a wide collection of all types of medical products for seniors and for your home. Their top brand includes Abena, Tranqulity, BIOS, Moli Care, TENA, Obus Forme, Dry Care 24/7, Medline, Homedics and Ezee Life. They have served over 100,000 Canadians and have the experience to help in yielding the right care-giving products.

Age Comfort Specialties: Vision Aids, Vitamins and Supplements, Incontinence, Medical Supplies and Mobility Aids.

Age Comfort Healthcare Products

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs Features & Benefits

Are you looking for an adult diaper for heavy incontinence?? Then try Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs….

Generally, Incontinence is a common problem faced by many adults and elderly patients. Seriously, the condition can make one embarrassing and inconvenient. Moreover, it can interfere with the daily activities of your life. Adult briefs or diaper pads can offer the best protection that is needed to manage this condition.

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs are high-quality adult disposable briefs that comes with a high grade USA fluff core, which allows you to have a comfortable nightly rest in fully protected form. Read on to know more about this Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs.

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs features

  • Maximum absorbency brief average to heavy incontinence problems.
  • Purely latex free. Hence it can be used by sensitive skin also.
  • Also, long-lasting and money saving. It can last for two-three changes each day, even for heavy incontinence users.
    Besides, these disposable briefs feature powerful, easily adjustable tapes with a frontal tape landing zone, inorder to fasten and refasten as needed. Four tapes featured on the am/pm Forsite briefs provides an excellent fit with the pliability of refastening, which is exemplary for active users.
  • Also, there’s a fast acting wetness indicator system on the outside of these protective briefs. This facility alerts you or a caregiver when it’s ready to be changed.
  • Feel dry and protected with soft standing leak guards. Besides this, there’s also an overlap of 3” on each side for extra protection.
  • Presence of elastic stretch waistband on front and back of the control briefs.
  • Equally, the fit of these briefs is similar to the fit of Comficare briefs.
  • Moreover, all cases are shipped in guarded plain brown box packaging.

Forsite am pm maximum adult briefs sizing chart

FH2000Medium 27”-39.5”4615mlBag of 12
FH2000C36/case (3 bags)
FH2001Large 39.5”-59”5100mlBag of 10
FH2001C30/case (3 bags)

Note: The product is not returnable due to hygiene reasons.

Age Comfort Arthritis Products Canada

Millions of Canadians suffer from the problem of this Arthritis. Arthritis is a serious condition characterized by joint pain, swelling, stiffness of the joints, reduced ability to move the joints etc. Nowadays, many powerful Arthritis aids are available in the online market to make your life more comfortable.

Novarnica Foot Pain Spray

Novarnica Foot Pain Spray is a burly analgesic prepared from the natural ingredient named Arnica Montana. This Arnica Montana is a perennial herb with bright, yellow daisy flowers seen on the hills and mountains of Central Europe. Also, it promotes quick pain relief from heel, minor foot, arthritic joints, arch and ankle strains etc. Besides this, it helps to enhance circulation to revive tired feet and speed up the healing of ankle injuries.

Novarnica Pain Killer Spray

This is a very effective spray made from the blend of natural ingredients. It can soothe all your pain in a couple of seconds. Perfectly formulated with 20% Arnica Montana base to yield penetrating pain relief on contact. There is no need to rub, the unique spray cap allows you to have easy application to any area affected by pain from sprains, bruises, inflamed joints and arthritis. Novarnica Pain killer comes in handy spray bottle with an amazing non-medical odor.

Forsite Health Deluxe Swivel Seat

Forsite Health’s Memory Foam Deluxe Swivel Seat is light, portable and swaggers smooth 360-degree swivel action for easy movement in case of sore hips or back. It is not just restricted to automobiles. One can use this swivel seat cushion on chairs around the house, at work or anywhere else according to your needs.

Forsite Health Deluxe Swivel Seat features

  • Makes easy to move from one place to another in a very safe and comfortable manner.
  • It’s very lightweight and portable.
  • Forsite Health Deluxe comes with removable machine velour cover.
  • The bottom of this rotating cushion is strong yet flexible for most car seats.
  • It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and measures around 15” in diameter.
  • Presence of comfortable memory foam on the rotating car cushion makes it strong and flexible for most car seats.

BIOS Finger Injury System

This injury system is specially designed to relieve finger pain and lower swelling caused by strains, arthritis, jams and sprains. The treatment mechanism works in two stages

  • Cold therapy, that takes 3-4 times a day to reduce soreness and swelling.
  • Safeguards recovering finger while immobilization is required.

Adaptive Arthritis Skirt Wrap With Velcro

This is an ideal clothing Wrap Skirt for Women who are having arthritis in their hands or are wheel chair users. It is made of fine quality machine washable polyester-gabardine. Available in different colors like Black, Navy, Coffee and Green Tea. The band waist has smoothly adjustable Velcro brand tabs.

Insert sizing chart


Note: The skirt is purely machine washable.

This product once sold by Agecomfort is non-returnable due to hygiene reasons.


If you wish to shop by brands, then there is no other alternative for Alimed. Alimed is a one stop shop for all the medical and healthcare products. They are popular in selling a wide range of products to healthcare hospitals and businesses worldwide, with 100% pure customer satisfaction.

Alimed Motion Detection Bed Alarm With Remote Receiver

Alimed Motion Detection Bed Alarm With Remote Receiver is one of the excellent products for bedridden patients. It consists of the PIR Remote Alarm and a Remote Receiver Unit, which can be placed outside a patient’s room. You can set the bedside alarm in any mode (either silent or sound mode). This alarm transfers a signal to the Receiver/Alarm Unit, which in-turn sounds and flashes synchronously, making it easy to detect the patient in need. The Receiver unit can draw a signal up to 100′ away from the PIR Alarm. It comes in complete package with all the escalating materials and batteries.

Alimed Motion Detection Bed Alarm With Remote Receiver features

  • Alimed is light, safe and dependable motion-detection technology.
  • When the beam is obstructed, the alarm is sounded.
  • Wall mounted.

Age Comfort Shipping

Age Comfort offers free shipping on all the Canadian orders over $50 to almost all the places in Canada. For all the Canadian orders they use Canada Post expedited Parcel Post Service. Normal delivery period for this service is 3-7 business days to major cities and few extra days for interior locations. There are also facilities like courier delivery in case of emergency situations. While, for all the US orders Age Comfort uses UPS Standard Parcel Delivery service.

Age Comfort Automatic Re-orders

This is a highly beneficial program offered by Age Comfort to its customers. Lets see, what all things are included in this program!!!

Low Price at time of order: Through this facility, you will be able to get the lowest price in your item each time your next shipment is due.

Benefit of email notification: This will keep you updated on all your deliveries. An email will be sent to your mail, each time when your new order is shipped.

Top priority ordering: If any product in your order are on the back order at the time of shipment, you will be placed as top priority customer as soon as the item becomes available.

Age Comfort Reviews

You can trust all the products of It has been a CARP associate since 2010 and has served more than 100,000 Canadians till now. CARP is a non-profit organization, which aids financial security and standard healthcare equipments for older Canadians. Here are some customer testimonials mentioned below. I’m sure this will help you in taking an appropriate decision for your health.

“Thanks a lot for speedy delivery. All the products arrived soon as advertised. Well, I will be ordering again soon.” – Shirley Gold.

“My father is 90 year’s old and I am taking care of him. I was in search of quality adult diapers. Thanks to this site. There are so many products on here that are very helpful for my father. All my orders arrived soon. I am very impressed and I am recommending all my friends to shop from here.” – Tom. J

“Super quick and free shipping!!! I will definitely order again….” – Salma in Pickering

Age Comfort coupon & promo codes

Save your money when you shop from Age Comfort. You can get discounts on almost all the products starting from 10% upto 60% offer. Just enter your email address to get all the latest details on Age Comfort coupon codes and promo cards. Never miss this chance!!!

Age Comfort – Frequently asked questions

Where to buy these products? Are they available on

No worries, you can directly buy these products from Age Comfort’s website Also, the products are available on the amazon’s website. You can buy them from here at an affordable price.

What is the email id and customer service number of Age Comfort?

Email address:
Phone number: 1.800.520.3259

What forms of payment are generally accepted?

All the prices are in Canadian dollars. You can use XE Universal Currency Converter to convert your money into Canadian dollars at the latest exchange rate. Payments made by VISA and MasterCard are accepted through PayPal mode.

What is the returning policy of Age Comfort? In how many days I will receive my refund back?

There is a 30-days money back guarantee offered on all the items of Age Comfort. The refund will be made within 1-7 business days.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. But in most of the cases it is impossible to cancel the orders. For further clarifications, you may contact the customer care team at the earliest.

Are remote locations eligible for free shipping?

No, they are not eligible. demands additional charges for shipping to remote areas in Canada.


Always remember, health is a real wealth that cannot be neglected. So take good care of your health. After-all, It’s the only locale to live in…..

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