Aircast Airheel Achilles Tendonitis

Having heel pain, then do not worry it is a very common foot problem. The pain can stem from the back or the underside of the heel causing severe pain. Even though this is not a risk-posing problem, it will surely interfere with your normal day-to-day activities. Sometimes if the pain persists, it may lead to chronic pain. So treat them as soon as possible with the help of Aircast Airheel.

In this article, we will discuss this amazing product “Aircast Airheel” that helps to prevent heel pain. In addition, we will discuss the two conditions associated with heel pain.

What is Airheel ankle strap?

Airheel is a premium design support system that helps to treat plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Heel pain at the backside is called as Achilles tendonitis, where pain at the under of the hell is called as plantar fasciitis. Airheel has a design that contains two interconnected air cells located as the under of the foot arch and one at the back of the heel. Both these air cells offer pulsating compression to your heels when you move every step. This product helps to prevent inflammation, swelling, and discomfort in the heels. It also helps to improve blood circulation in that area. It has a high-quality design made of breathable fabric that is lightweight.

Aircast Airheel Achilles Tendonitis

Aircast Airheel Achilles Tendonitis For Heel Support

This is one of the common foot problem faced by all at some point in time. The pain occurs either under the hell of just behind the heel. When it occurs under the heel, it is referred to as plantar fasciitis and the behind, Achilles tendinitis. Heel pain can be tormenting and sometimes disables a person from doing his normal activities.

Before getting into the details of this product, it is important to understand about heel pain and the various conditions associated with it.

Heel pain & Its causes – Aircast Airheel Achilles Wrap

This is one of the common foot problem faced by all at some point in time. The pain occurs either under the hell of just behind the heel. When it occurs under the heel, it is referred to as plantar fasciitis and the behind, Achilles tendinitis. Heel pain can be tormenting and sometimes disables a person from doing his normal activities. This condition is a normal problem that disappears on its own and usually, there occurs mild pain only. In most of the cases the condition disappears after some time, but if it persists and become chronic then it might cause motility issues.

The heel bone is one of the largest bones in the body and it supports our body movements and our weight. It offers rigid support while we walk and run. It absorbs the impact of the foot and keeps us going for the next stride. Due to all the pressure and constant movements, our heel is prone to damage and it is highly vulnerable.

Causes of heel pain

  • Heel pain occurs due to constant use, arthritis, infections, autoimmune problems, trauma, accidents, injury, neurological problems, or other medical conditions.
  • Your doctor will be able to help you recognize the root cause of the problem and go ahead with medications.
  • Most of the time’s support systems such as Airheel is more than enough to treat the condition without any medical intervention.

Indications for using Airheel

You can use Airheel for the following two conditions. each condition is discussed in detail for a clear picture.
Plantar Fasciitis – Occurs at the bottom of the foot

Symptoms: stabbing pain at the bottom of the foot near the heel

Plantar fasciitis does the job of shock absorber while you make your movements. When there is excess pressure or stress on them, then it causes the arch area of the foot to tear. Such tears in the fascia will lead to inflammation and swelling. Even though the cause of plantar fasciitis is not clear, experts say that it may be due to prolonged periods of standing or other mechanical uses. This pain gets worse when you take rest after you walk or indulge in exercises.

This is a common condition in

  • The age group of 40’s to 60’s
  • Those who indulge in heavy intensity exercises
  • Abnormal walking patterns
  • Obesity
  • Occupation that requires constant standing
  • Flat footed
  • Having a high arch

Ignoring plantar fasciitis can lead to chronic pain that will interfere with your normal activities. Moreover, it is important to treat them at the right time than making it worse. Airheel is one of the best treatments that you give your heels to stay healthy and deal with the stress.

Achilles Tendonitis

This condition is nothing but the pain that occurs in the Achilles tendon that connects the calf muscle and the heel bone. This is a common problem for runners and those who indulge in physical activities especially related to sports. When this problem occurs, one can experience heel pain and tenderness. During such circumstances, visit to a doctor is not compulsory. It can be taken care off at home under an expert’s supervision. Generally, painkillers and rest are the only way to treat such condition. Now there is another great solution and that is Aircast Airheel support for your heels.

Aircast Airheel – Detailed review

  • Contains two interconnected air cells located under the foot arch to support the lower side and one in the back to support the Achilles tendon
  • Employs pulsating pneumatic compression that is an improved air cell technology
  • The air cells are strong enough to handle pressure and force while indulging in running and high impact activities
  • Improved stability and support
  • Aircast Airheel Ankle Support Brace comes with a universal fit
  • Can be worn on both left and right side with total comfort

The pulsating compression guides every step that you make and puts your heels at ease. No matter how high impact workouts you do or indulge in heavy exercises, this Airheel ankle support brace helps to improve blood circulation and swelling. The air cells are interconnected and located at prime areas where the support is most needed. This product is a result of intense research and clinical trials. Improving blood circulation in this area is necessary to relieve pain and prevent inflammation. The foot arch and the Achilles tendon are the most benefited areas when you use this Airheel.

Why buy Aircast Airheel ankle brace?

  • If you want to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Improve blood circulation and do not let pain stop you
  • The perfectly designed brace that has a stylish look and sporty feeling
  • Works with improved air technology throughout the day
  • Universal fit and a low profile design
  • Clinical results and proven solution that offers comfort
  • Offers relief like as if you are getting a massage

Aircast Airheel Size Chart: US Shoes size measurements

  • Small: men up to 7, women up to 8
  • Medium: men 7.5 -11, women 8.5-12.5
  • Large: men 11.5+ , women 13+

How does Airheel work?

After wearing this brace, you will feel like some sort of support. When you move a step the air chamber under the foot arch will compress and get collapsed. This action will reduce the stress and pressure on the plantar fascia under the arch. The air from this chamber then gushes into the chamber right behind the Achilles tendon. The chamber inflates and applies compression to the Achilles tendon and shortens the lever arm. This action causes less strain and pressure on the tendon. Both these actions keep repeating as you keeping moving without any gap. This is how the brace works to provide full support and helps to treat heel pain. Want to know more then click this video link.

What is Aircast Airheel ankle brace strap made of?

The Airheel ankle strap is a deadly combination of breathable and lightweight fabric. It is so easy on the skin and fits easily. Moreover, it has a low profile design that does not look odd on your body. Made of latex free, compression spandex with air cells enclosed in a waterproof nylon fabric, this ankle brace is highly durable. Moreover, this brace is able to handle pressure and has been tested with 1000lbs of pressure. Now you can run, jump, and indulge in high impact activities without any tension.

What all sizes is this strap available?

The Aircast AirHeel is available in major three sizes for both men and women. The measurements are listed in US shoe sizes. You can order small, medium, and large sizes depending on your shoe size.

Do I need to inflate the Airheel brace?

No, the Aircast Airheel support brace comes inflated and it stays intact. You do not have to inflate or do anything before wearing the strap.

Instructions to wear – Airheel

This lightweight, breathable strap is easy to wear and stays comfortably on your legs. Just slip the support brace like a sock and pull over. Adjust the Velcro straps according to your fit and go ahead.

Aircast Airheel Achilles Tendonitis Customer reviews

Heel pain is a common problem and numerous customers have used this product to find satisfactory results. They say that it is easy on the legs and offers a cushioning effect while walking or doing exercises. Most of the athletes say that this product is a great add-on as it helps them to run faster without thinking about the stress and pressure applied to the heels. Many customers, who have suffered from heel pain, have used this product and they are full of praises.

  • Ryane “ Plantar fasciitis pain is a terrible thing and I just had a bad time dealing with it. I almost felt like someone is purposefully stabbing my heels with some hard stuff. I did all I could ranging from physiotherapies, painkillers and natural remedies but nothing worked. As a final resort, I tried this ankle strap and I guess God saved me this time. This product did wonders for me and I felt like relieved.”
  • Benison “ I had sharp burning pain in my Achilles tendon and it was making me go crazy. I could not walk and felt terrible pain for many days. After searching for an ankle strap I landed on this product page at the Amazon.  It offers air-cushioning support and I felt that my pain disappeared in a few days. Now I wear this brace whenever I go out to play or for jogging. I love the product it really works. I am happy that I made a wise investment.”


If you have heel pain, then wait no longer and suffer no more. All you have to do is place an order for this unique product. It is super easy to wear and supports your heels. You can treat yourself at home without any negative effects. This product works and is highly recommended by its customers.