For those who are looking for a quick relief from joint and muscle pain, Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm is the right product for you. The best alternative for painkillers, read Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm review.

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What is Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm?

Research shows that 1/3rd of adults deal with joint pain every month. People who are used to deskbound lifestyle are easily susceptible to literally all kinds of joint pain. Few of these include neck pain, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulders, and so on.

Many find it easier to pop a pill and then go back to the old routine. However, painkillers have many adverse reactions on the body. Unfortunately, it has become difficult for many to take time for themselves in today’s busy lives.

Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm is a holistic attempt by Ajara Skincare to help you take at least 5-10 minutes off your “busy lives” and focus on the areas of joint pain. This also helps you eliminate the side effects of painkillers that you tend to ignore.

The Ayurveda Experience Mahayogi Muscle Balm
The best alternative to painkillers, why hesitate to try Ajara Mahayogi Muscle natural pain relief balm?

Apart from exercise, salt baths, and dietary changes, Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm supports your joints and helps you keep it going without causing any side effects.

How does Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm work?

Too much of exertion on the joints and bones can cause discomfort. Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm is a non-greasy balm that works instantly and soothes any inflammation in the joints.

It is filled with natural and organic ingredients that restore the blood circulation in the joints and stimulate recovery.

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Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm ingredients & benefits

  • Cinnamomum Camphora extract (Camphor tree)

Camphor essential oil is known for its rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties. It is a good stimulant and calms down any irritation of joint and muscles. Massaging with camphor essential oil can curb abdominal spasms and stiff joints. It also relieves cramps. It calms the nerves and cools the senses giving you peaceful sleep.

  • Mahasudarshan

Apart from being an excellent detoxifier, it removes pitta (Fire) from the body which causes burning sensation in limbs such as feet, arms, and other body parts. Mahasudarshan is also known for its immune boosting function.

  • Sesame oil

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Sesame oil, derived from Sesamum indicum, is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Applying sesame oil is known for its analgesic properties that soothe any inflammation or stiffness in the joints, muscle, and provide immediate relief.

  • Curcuma longa extract

Curcuma longa extract i.e. Turmeric extracts, it is loaded with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, a component of turmeric, has the power to fight oxidative stress that causes arthritis or osteoarthritis symptoms. Research has it that curcumin can reduce risks of daily wear and tear of joints, muscle strains and thus prevent arthritic symptoms.

  • Sunflower oil

A rich source of beta-carotene that is converted to vitamin A, it protects the body against free radicals and sun damage. Loaded with Omega-6, it comes with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and any inflammation on the body.

These are only a few of the many highly concentrated oils and ingredients included in the Ajara Mahayogi Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Balm. It is non-greasy and penetrates easily through the skin. This also enhances the lubrication of the joints and soothes any strain in painful joints.

How to use Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm

Take the necessary amount and apply it to the muscles and joints. This will get rid of any discomfort and pain caused by stress, exercise or daily wear and tear issues.

Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm side effects

There are no side effects of Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm. The company uses Organic beeswax instead of paraffin or harmful chemicals. This makes it light, non-sticky and works easily on the skin. Apart from relieving any pain in the joints, it also nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated.

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Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm reviews

  • Being a relatively new product, the reviews are yet to pour in.
  • 100% Money back guarantee by Ajara skin care
  • That’s right. The company offers 30-day return policy on all their products. So if you are not happy, simply return and they will provide a refund.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ajara Mahayogi Muscle & Joint Relief Balm


  • 100% natural product
  • Can be used by anyone
  • Soothes any inflammation in the joints
  • Is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Is safe and effective on the skin
  • Has a non-greasy texture and doesn’t stick to the skin
  • Comes with a good return policy

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  • No customer reviews yet (being a new company)

The Final Verdict

We are happy with the quality and the ingredients infused in Ajara Mahayogi Muscle Balm. Manufactured in the USA at a registered facility, it features all the natural remedies that ease joint and muscle pain.