Ajara Try-it Oil Kit is a pack of 6 types of ayurvedic oils that are used for hair, body, foot etc. These oils help balance the vata, pitta and kapha of the body and can improve the general health dramatically. This kit includes Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot oil, Coconut Jasmine Fortifying Hair Oil, and body oils like Cinnamon Sage Balancing Oil, Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil, Chamomile Neem Soothing Oil and Tulsi Turmeric Invigorating Oil.

Each of these oils has specific use on any of the three doshas and some have effects on all 3 as well. These oils can keep the body skin and hair health balanced and proper.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit ingredients, Benefits & Uses

Ajara Try-it Oil Kit ingredients

Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot oil

Sesame seed oil is the carrier oil that has faster absorption into the skin. The Lemon peel oil is heel repairing and softens the heels. It refreshes the feet and removes odor. Clove oil has the antifungal property that reduces feet infections. Cinnamon leaf oil is antifungal and a disinfectant. Eucalyptus oil soothes the tired foot and helps with wound healing. It can also reduce the inflammations. It also leaves some sweet scent after usage. Rosemary oil is soothing to the skin and can relieve pain.

The Ayurveda Experience Ajara Try-It Oil Kit
Ajara Try-It Oil Kit works by detoxification. It also has calming effects on the senses..

Coconut Jasmine Fortifying Hair Oil

Coconut oil is the main carrying oil here that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It hydrates the hair follicles and prevents dandruff on the scalp. Jasmine flower extract is antimicrobial that prevents scalp infections. It is moisturizing and can dry itchy scalp. It can stimulate hair growth and control the thinning of hair. Lavender flower extract can promote hair growth and cure hair problems like hair loss, dandruff etc. It can reduce stress by massaging it on to the scalp. Gotu Kola leaf extract works for hair loss and strengthens the hair follicles. It helps expand the hair follicles by improving the blood circulation.

Amla fruit extract is the best food for hair. It strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth and is also effective for maintaining the natural color of the hair and reduces graying. Bhringaraj leaf extract prevents premature graying and maintains the natural color of the hair. It promotes hair growth and keeps dandruff at bay. Rosemary leaf extract stimulates hair growth, reduce graying and is also anti-dandruff.

Bay leaf extract prevents dandruff and lice on the hair. It leaves the hair silky smooth and relaxes the mind. Hibiscus petal extract makes the hair shiny. It strengthens the hair shafts and soothes the scalp. Neem leaf extract is helpful for dry scalp, hair fall, dandruff, and conditions the hair,

Cinnamon Sage Balancing Oil for body

Sunflower oil is the carrier oil that is abundant in antioxidants. Tulsi extract slows down aging, rejuvenates the skin, prevents acne and lightens the skin. Rose petal extract is antibacterial and hydrating to the skin. It soothes the inflammations and support skin renewal process. Basil leaf extract has antioxidants, nutrients for the skin and cures skin infections. Sage leaf extract brightens the skin, delays aging and cures skin infections. It removes blemishes and gives clearer skin.

Cinnamon extract is antibacterial that can heal the infections. It can improve the collagen formation and prevent signs of aging. Gotu Kola leaf extracts firms up the skin and works great for being an anti-aging agent. Shatavari root extract is moisturizing to the skin. It promotes skin rejuvenation to leave the glowing skin. Ashwagandha root extract is antioxidant, can promote collagen formation, moisturizing and can cleanse the skin as well.

Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil for body

Sesame seed oil is nourishing and quick absorbing carrier oil. Castor oil clears acne, moisturizes the skin, treat wrinkles, and soothing for dry skin. Gotu kola is anti-aging and can promote skin tightening processes. Nutmeg extract is anti-aging. Bay leaf extract is skin healing, antifungal, and antibacterial. It can be a single solution for skin problems. Tulsi extract fights acne, brighten the skin and can also promote detoxification of the skin.

Rose petal extract reduces inflammations, redness of the skin, skin infections and has a calming effect.

Lavender extract is relaxing to the skin and nerves. It tones down the complexion and balances the oil production. It can stimulate skin regeneration as well.

Licorice extract lightens the skin and reduces skin infections and inflammations. Sweet orange peel oil is antiseptic, reduces acne, promote collagen formation and prevents signs of aging.

Chamomile Neem Soothing Oil for body

Sunflower oil is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Licorice extract lightens the skin and removes blemishes and spots on the skin. Manjishta extract is skin rejuvenating and balances the skin temperature. It quickens the healing process as well. Neem leaf clears skin infections and inflammations. It can lighten the pigmentation and remove blackheads. It prevents skin aging and moisturizes the skin.

Mint extract contains salicylic acid that reduces inflammations. It can prevent pore clogging and leads to clearer skin. Chamomile extract is calming, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory by nature. Bhringaraj extract has anti-aging properties. It improves the skin complexion and rejuvenates the skin as well. Sandalwood oil is relaxing and an astringent. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Lavender oil soothes the skin and reduces inflammations.

Tulsi Turmeric Invigorating Oil for body

Sesame oil is the carrier oil that is fast absorbing and rich in antioxidants. It softens the skin and allows the skin to absorb the other ingredients. Tulsi extract can cure acne, promote blood circulation and detoxification. It is also effective for lightening the skin tone. Boerhavia root extract is skin soothing. The antioxidants can prevent skin aging. Calamus extract has moisturizing effects on the skin and improves the blood circulation.

Cinnamon extract reduces skin infections, promote collagen formation and reduces signs of aging. Terminalia bellerica fruit extract promotes wound healing; contains antioxidants and reduces bacterial infections. Turmeric extract lightens the skin complexion, reduce dark spots and pigmentation, controls acne and reduce inflammations. Clove oil reduces skin issues, takes part in blood purification, reduce bacterial infections and controls stress.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit Benefits

  • Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot oil strengthens and rejuvenates the dull and tired feet. It cures the cracks and dryness of the feet and heels.
  • Coconut Jasmine Fortifying Hair Oil promotes hair growth, strengthens the hair, maintains natural hair color and reduces the dry and itchy scalp.
  • Cinnamon Sage Balancing Oil is for all skin types. It balances all the doshas equally to maintain the skin health.
  • Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is ideal for dry skin. It nourishes the dry skin and calms the nerves. It balances the vata or space and air elements.
  • Chamomile Neem Soothing Oil is to balance the pitta element. It is cooling and soothing for the skin. it is good for the sensitive skin and redness on the skin.
  • Tulsi Turmeric Invigorating Oil is stimulation of the senses. It is blood purifying and promotes wound healing. It balances kapha and makes the body rejuvenate from the slumber and dullness.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit usage

  • Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot oil: Apply the oil on the soles of the feet and hands before bed. You can apply it behind the back of the neck, ears, knees, wrists and anywhere you feel chillness and massage for a while. Use it with Kansa wand for better results.
  • Coconut Jasmine Fortifying Hair Oil: Slightly warm the oil and apply it to the roots of the hair. Massage it for a few minutes till the ends. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash as usual.
  • Cinnamon Sage Balancing Oil: Simply massage the oil onto the skin before bath and rinse later.
  • Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil: Use the oil before bath and massage it well so that the skin absorbs it completely.
  • Chamomile Neem Soothing Oil: Use as a bath oil before you bathe. It is best if you use it after skin exfoliation.
  • Tulsi Turmeric Invigorating Oil: Use it before bath on an exfoliated skin.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

When using the right product in the right kind of skin type there are no side effects of using any of the products in this Ajara Try-It Oil Kit.

The possible problems would be when you are using the infused hair oil for the first time. There might be cases of headaches when you are using the Coconut Jasmine fortifying hair oil. In such cases, do not keep the oil on the hair for longer than 15-30 minutes. Headaches are not common but there are a few cases. A headache would go within a few times.

Other than that, there are no adverse effects or any other risks for any of the products in the Ajara Try-It Oil Kit.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit Reviews & Complaints

The reviews show that each of these oils is great for massaging the specified parts. The oils help balance the respective elements. They improve the blood circulation and remove the impurities from under the skin. The improvement in energy is another of the achievements. It has calming effects on the nerves and shows improvement in the senses as well.

Apart from a few cases of headaches after the first few uses of the hair oil, there are not many complaints about the product kit. The general opinion is that this makes a great kit for the whole family to use where people have different tridosha imbalances.

Where to Buy Ajara Try-It Oil Kit

You will be getting the Ajara Try-It Oil Kit only from The Ayurveda Experience. The pack contains one bottle each of the abovementioned oils in bottles of varying quantities.

  • Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot oil in 2 oz bottle
  • Coconut Jasmine Fortifying Hair Oil in 2 oz bottle
  • Cinnamon Sage Balancing Oil in 2 oz bottle
  • Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil in 2 oz bottle
  • Chamomile Neem Soothing Oil in 4 oz bottle
  • Tulsi Turmeric Invigorating Oil in 2 oz bottle

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit on Amazon is not available.

Try-It Oil Kit in Costco is not available

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit in WalMart is not available.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit price

The Ajara Try-It Oil Kit costs $134 in actual but you can have it at the discounted rate of $99 from The Ayurveda Experience. The products are also available as single units but that could cost much more than what you would pay for this kit. Moreover, this makes a trial pack for each of the products that you can try and decide.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit FAQs

Is Ajara Try-It Oil Kit safe?

The Ajara Try-It Oil Kit contains several products. It is not a single regime usage. The individual products are safe for the specific usage that each is intended for. They are completely safe that contains no chemicals, preservatives or additives.

Does Ajara Try-It Oil Kit work?

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit has the contents that can act on multiple levels. In general, they help improve the blood circulation, boost energy, calms the nerves and can also work for detoxification. When used the right product, you can easily get them to work and balance the specific dosha imbalance.

Are there any Ajara Try-It Oil Kit discount, coupon codes or promos?

You can use The Ayurveda Experience coupon codes, promo codes to get discount for the Ajara Try-It Oil Kit. This oil kit is exclusive at The Ayurveda Experience.

Ajara Try-It Oil Kit results

The Ajara Try-It Oil Kit results that you can expect are reduced cases of common diseases, boost the immune system, better digestion, and better body flexibility and reduced muscle cramps etc. Since the body absorbs the herbs in the oils, all of the organ systems are benefited to get overall health improvement.


Ajara Try-It Oil Kit is an ideal for a family or for those who experience different health concerns for different seasons. It contains 3 different oils that can balance the vata, pitta and kapha imbalances separately. It is safe and natural that you would not have any troubles after using them.