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Native Remedies Allergiclear Reviews Side Effects & Ingredients

Allergiclear by Native Remedies

Native Remedies is a brand that produces natural remedies for many common diseases or discomforts. All the reparations are safe and effective made with high quality ingredients prepared by experts in high standards.

Allergiclear is a medication prepared in the homeopathic field to help people suffering from allergic reactions by many factors, hay fever, sinusitis etc. It also helps with the symptoms by reducing the release of the antibody histamines that are triggered by the allergens. It doesn’t have the side effects of the common anti-histamines like drowsiness. Allergiclear helps in smoothly reducing the susceptibility to the allergens or infections and safe guards the person who takes the medicine regularly, from any future attacks. It also helps in improving the mucous membranes, skin, and the whole immune system.

Allergiclear sos histadrops

Allergiclear is a homeopathic medication to relieve some common allergic reactions due to pollen or dust and symptoms of hay fever, cold, flu, sinusitis, or other mild respiratory infections. It clearly relieves those symptoms without having to depend on antihistamines and not feeling drowsy or sleepy. It is very effective in blocking the allergens and in reducing production of histamine that is released when there is attack of foreign pathogens and causing sneezing or congestion, a defense mechanism of body to fight the intruder. When the release of histamines in reaction to the allergens stops, so do the many of the symptoms. Allergiclear also aids in reducing the susceptibility to those common cold or flu and infections.

AllergiClear To Cure Allergies & Respiratory Health

Allergiclear is a medication prepared in homeopathic field to help people suffering from allergic reactions by many factors, hay fever, sinusitis etc. It also helps with the symptoms by reducing the release of the antibody histamines that are triggered by the allergens. It doesn’t have the side effects of the common anti-histamines like drowsiness.

Allergiclear is made of natural herbs that are commonly used in homeopathic preparations. This is 100% safe and has no side effects like constipation, dry mouth, or stomach upset. It also helps in improving the health of mucous membrane. It helps in strengthening the immune system. Allergiclear is a medicine to be taken daily as long the discomfort prevails.

The ingredients in this medication are –

  • Quercetin– a flavonoid that blocks the histamine and reduces the symptoms;
  • Euphrasia officinalis reduces inflammation and painful watery eyes;
  • Silicea helps in expelling the toxins;
  • Nat mur relieves running nose, inflamed watery mucous membrane and hay fever;
  • Kalu mur is a decongestant and anti-inflammatory and prevents any secondary infections due to allergic attack;
  • Calcarea fluorica helps maintain cell elasticity and is useful especially in lactose allergic persons and strengthens the respiratory system by relieving congestion or sneezing;
  • Calcarea phosphorica is naturally found in body fluids and beneficial for skin health and reduce allergic inflammations or rashes.

Allergiclear reviews

The medication comes as capsules. Swallow 1-2 capsules or dissolve it in a small amount of water or juice and take is twice daily. Two capsules are meant for adults and children above the age of 12 yrs, and children below 12 yrs must take one capsule or half the amount twice a day. For small children doctor’s consultation is always safer. Though this medication does not have any negative side effects it is safer to use it after consulting the concerned doctor for pregnant ladies or lactating mothers. The results may be gradual and can differ from person to person. In some it may act fast and in others it would take its own time.

Allergiclear Side Effects

Allergiclear is a natural remedy for common allergy symptoms. This preparation is manufactured by Natural Remedies and is made from high standard FDA registered ingredients all naturally available. There are no chemicals and is 100% safe. Usually anti-histamines are taken to get relief from the sneezing, cold, sinusitis etc, but they may induce drowsiness and tiredness.

Allergiclear is a natural remedy that does not induce sleepiness but is very effective. It is well proven to relieve the allergy troubles from young to old. The product comes with no-side-effects tags and firmly sticks to the claim. The many users who got freedom from those irritating allergies vouch that Allergiclear does not have side effects of any kind. All the ingredients are chosen well for its effectiveness and in the right quantity. Because only a small amount of the active ingredients is necessary to induce the real immunity. These ingredients given in smaller amount makes sure that there are constant trigger to maintain the healthy immunity and effectively stop the histamine release.


The dosage recommendation is to take it orally and the ingredients demand to be taken only orally. Applying the contents of the capsule directly on to the skin or other affected areas may have adverse effects and is not advisable. Taking more than recommended dosage in a single day should be avoided. The ingredients are all diluted but may have negative effect if consumed in larger quantities. As a precautionary measure it is better to consult the physician before administering it. Use of Allergiclear on pregnant ladies, breast-feeding mothers, and small children and its effects are not proven and must compulsorily consult the concerned doctor before taking it. Individuals who have any external fittings inside the body must be careful since the ingredient Silicea may show some effects.

Allergiclear Ingredients

Allergiclear is a natural medication by Native Remedies. It is useful in relieving the symptoms of common allergic reactions like cold, sneezing, flu, hay fever and other respiratory infections. The Allergiclear acts by blocking the histamine release inside the body and thereby reducing the symptoms. It can be used daily and regularly as a preventive measure also. All the ingredients are FDA registered and GMP certified and it is made in high pharmaceutical standards.

  • Quercetin: It is a naturally occurring plant flavonoid found to have effects on the antibody histamine. By blocking histamines the symptoms like congestion, sneezing, nasal swelling, watery eyes, eye and nose itching are reduced and vanished. This flavonoid is also helpful in reducing stroke and heart diseases, cataract and cancer. It also helps maintain blood sugar level. These flavonoids are essential for the formation of other flavonoids as well. Quercetin is a common ingredient in many nasal decongestion sprays.
  • Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright): As the common name suggests this is beneficial for the eyes. It helps reduce eye inflammation, keeps the tears under control, and eliminates pain and itching.
  • Silicea: This is a common ingredient in most of the homeopathic formulas. It helps in expulsion of foreign particles and other toxins from the body. It is a natural cleanser and purifier for body.

Other Ingredients

  • Natrum muriaticum: This is highly effective in controlling hay fever and keeps check on running nose. It is helpful in treating sinusitis, severe cold, and flu. It is beneficial in reducing inflammation and watery mucous. Sometimes it is useful in controlling the nerves and induces a feel of well being and helps control bad temper and irritability.
  • Kali muriaticum: This has a soothing effect on congestion and inflammations. It is also more helpful in preventing any possible secondary infections due to the allergic sinusitis, bronchitis etc. Regular usage can help improve liver functioning and improve blood and nervous system health.
  • Calcarea fluorica: This is helpful mainly in lactose allergic persons. The cells are able to keep up its elasticity with the use of this ingredient. Regular use of this can make a healthy respiratory system and in supporting, maintain and toning of the body tissues.
  • Calcarea phosphorica: It is a natural component in the body fluids that mainly helps in skin health.

Allergiclear Reviews

Allergiclear is a natural remedy for common airborne and other seasonal allergies, produced by the homeopathic brand Natural Remedies. These allergies cause running nose, sneezing, itchy, and watery eyes, skin rashes or other inflammations. These reactions are caused by histamines. Histamine is an antibody that is produced inside the body to fight any intruding object or pathogens. The body’s immune mechanism has the ability to sense whether the intruder is harmful or not and decide on producing histamines. In some people this mechanism misunderstands the common particles like pollen, dust etc to be harmful and start releasing the histamines and thus showing the respective symptoms. This is due to the anomalous reaction of the defense mechanism. The best way to prevent these allergic reactions is to stay away from the allergens. But that may not be possible always. Allergen is the best remedy for these allergens.

As per recommendation Allergiclear is to be taken twice a day. The capsule is dissolved in water or juice and taken. To get relief from the allergens this must be taken as long as it prevails but it is also safe to use on regular basis as a preventive measure. On regular consumption Allergiclear is good for maintaining better health and immune system. The many users are happy with this product and it does not possess any side effects.

Allergiclear for Natural Allergy Relief

Allergiclear by Natural Remedies is a homeopathic remedy for common cold, flu, sinusitis, or other allergies. This is prepared with natural ingredients that are popularly used in homeopathic preparations. The ingredients are from the herb so that it contains all the active ingredients and reduce the possibility of any side effects. The ingredients include quercetin, Euphrasia officnalis, Silicea, Natrium muriaticum, Kali muriaticum, Calcarea phosphoric, and Calcarea fluorica. These help in reducing histamine release, eye inflammations and other troubles, aids in body cleansing, improving mucous membrane, decongestant and anti-inflammatory, cell elasticity, and skin health respectively.

When we take breath millions of tiny particle enter our body and body has a natural mechanism to identify which is harmless and which is harmful. In some people body misunderstands some harmless particles to be harmful and react in a defensive way so as to eliminate or expel it from the body through nose and respiratory system. This defensive mechanism triggers the release of antibody histamine and these histamines are responsible for common symptoms like sneezing, cold, inflammation, rashes etc. If the body does not release or reduce histamine productivity these symptoms may be reduced or relieved. Pollens, dust, dairy products etc are some of the allergens that are responsible for this kind of body reactions.

Other Benefits

Allergiclear acts as the barricade for histamine release and thus reducing the symptoms. It not only helps in reducing the symptoms but also helping the body function in more helpful and healthy way. The many ingredients in the Allergiclear are helpful in enhancing the natural defense mechanism of the body. Quecetin helps to reduce heart diseases and cataract, Euphrasia helps maintain better eye health, silicea helps eliminate any foreign particles inside the body. Natrium is known for controlling anger and irritability which is very important in reducing rashes since it may not reduce with a tense mind. Regular use of Kali improves liver, nervous system, and blood health. Allergiclear is safe to use daily. It also helps in getting rid of allergy and can protect and support the body from any future vulnerabilities.

Does Allergiclear Work?

Allergiclear is a natural remedy for allergy that is common. The active ingredients in this keeps tab on the symptoms and prevent them from occurring later. If someone is suffering from allergy for about an year and have been relying on anti-histamine, this product would be their better choice. Allergiclear does not have the negative effects of anti-histamine like drowsiness but is as effective in controlling the histamine level inside the body. While anti-histamines are only to control the histamine levels, Allergiclear works on other aspects also. The person who takes Allergiclear will have a clearer nose, eyes, chest, and a clearer mind also.

The ingredients in this have got multiple activities. Along with fighting the histamine levels and controlling the nose, eyes and the respiratory health they are useful also in developing better skin, liver and heart health and also helps reduce stroke and cataract. It is also helpful in maintaining the cell elasticity and preventing them from shrinking when the person is allergic to lactose. Consumers have shown more than satisfactory results to this product. Allergiclear is effective when taken in the right amount and not more or less than recommended. Taking more than recommended amount can be harmful and taking lesser amount will not have any effect. The effect may vary from person to person; some may show immediate relief and some others will have a slower pace to show positive changes.

Additional Information

Those who have yearlong trouble with the allergies must take Allergiclear regularly and those who suffer only seasonal allergy can start taking it before the onset of the season and can stop it at the end of the season. Please note that only regular consumption will have the optimum results. The changes will be gradual and it would be better if an immediate result is not expected. A single may last for a month or longer depending on the capacity.

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