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  • Higher levels of “positive” hormones (total & free testosterone, LH/FSH)
  • Lower levels of “negative” hormones (DHT, female and stress hormones)
  • Improved blood flow & circulation (PDE-5 inhibitor, nitric oxide promoter)
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AlphaViril Testosterone Booster by 4hfl

Alphaviril Testosterone Booster
Its natural, It’s safe, and best of all it gives you a whole lot of energy (not just sexual) to perform your daily task.

We live in a world where satisfaction is a given. You go to a restaurant, and you expect to be served well, the food needs to taste good, and the service should be impeccable. If you are paying for your food alone, it’s a different story. A fish and chips kiosk will dump food on a plate and throw it on your face, but in a restaurant, you pay for the food and service. We expect satisfaction, sometimes perfection. I am not sure if you are one of those few who buys an Armani which looks like a banana republic suit. If you buy an Armani, you want it to look like an Armani. You pay the price, and you get what you want.

Talking of which, What do you think your wife would need after 15-20 years of married life? She knows the car is hers, the house too and the kids are a given. What you own, she does also. But she still needs more! The old days when women used to be satisfied with their home and kids are gone. Today, things are a lot different. You need to take care of your woman and make her feel good. Feeling good most certainly includes a lot of sex (at 40 that could be hard and at 50 its harder), a lot of pampering and praises. Remember, she may be 40 buy her heart may still want what she wants and so does her body.

Sex is a topic of taboo. It’s hardly ever spoken. We don’t come out with the topic, and we don’t enjoy talking about it (unless you are drunk!). While you are all into it when you are 16 or 20, you get bored after you are married. After 30 it’s a daily thing. After 35 it becomes weekly, and by 40 it’s more or less a monthly thing. It’s not amazing that men get tired of sex, just like women do. The excitement does not exist. You feel like its just a routine, an exercise to be performed in bed to let the steam off.

But then, you ought to look around, and you will see what the difference is in people’s lifestyle. Women want more; Men want to change, People have affairs, marriages are broken, then there are more marriages. I know of people who have married thrice, some even more. Sometimes its sexual dissatisfaction, other times its financial or other incompatibilities. At least 40% of relationships end up because the sexual relationships don’t work.

With all the love and emotional attachment in place, would you want your performance in bed to decide your marriage and life? It looks a lot unfair. Your performance in bed is the deciding factor for your married life by at least 60%. Are you willing to lose a partner who, in every way is perfect because you are not good in bed, don’t have the vigor you had when you were 20? Think about it.

Alphaviril Boosts your testosterone and Libido

So what? Well, Increase in Libido means you are ready for the act when its time. This is not Viagra. This is not something which will give you side effects. Its natural, It’s safe, and best of all it gives you a whole lot of energy (not just sexual) to perform your daily task. After 40 We tend to go a bit slow. Our energy levels are low, and we don’t want to get off the bed or get a walk. That changes with Alphaviril. It changes to the extent that you are not just walking, but you are performing.

How does Alphaviril work?

This is interesting. Promoted as a Men’s sexual health pill, Alphaviril is doing a lot more. Imagine getting your testosterone levels high but keeping all the other enzymes which are wrong on the low. What most pills in the market do is increase just the testosterone levels. This immediately spikes certain enzymes which are counterproductive. These enzymes hamper weight loss and promote obesity. With Alphaviril, You not only increase testosterone levels but also control your estrogen levels. So now you can be sure that you are losing weight efficiently with alphaviril, and naturally too.

Alphaviril also helps in releasing Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide helps men with erectile problems. With just a months course, you find that your erectile dysfunction is in control. It’s just not for your sexual health but your overall health too.

Doctors have also proven that Prostate cancer, which is caused by high estrogen levels are controlled by reducing estrogens. While estrogens are a byproduct of testosterone, Controlling most pills but alphaviril do not do it.

Why should you trust alphaviril?

A product which has been in the industry since 1996, that’s near 20 years of experience with 1000’s of customers. I don’t know if a company would have been able to survive the FDA rules and the ever-growing norms of the United States Constitution. Alphaviril and 4hfl did. Which indicates just one thing. The product is safe. It works, and there have been next to no complaints.

Alphaviril is a patented product. You can get a medical test done after one month course, and you will see the difference in your testosterone levels.

What more proof would you want to show that it works!

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