All living cells need antioxidants to maintain their good health. Their role in many important metabolic activities is too good to avoid them in the diet. It also plays a bigger deal in reducing weight as well. To answer the question if antioxidants are anti-fat, the answer is NO. Antioxidants cannot act directly against fat molecules, so basically it is not anti-fat. But the indirect way to put these facts is that antioxidants can be pro to the fat burning processes inside the body.

Fat burning is the ultimate break down of fat molecules. For that, those fat molecules have to be mobilized from its stored areas and then have the right environment for this process. Antioxidants facilitate these steps that lead to fat burning and weight loss.

How antioxidants help in weight loss

So the question arise how antioxidants help in weight loss. Weight loss is a wider process where the fat molecules are transported, broken down, release the energy and that energy is effectively utilized. One of the processes involved here are the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage other cells and organelles to make them stable. The role of antioxidants here is to stop these free radicals by making them stable. Antioxidants also take part in boosting the metabolism and reducing the appetite as well.

  • Mobilize fat cells: Fat cells are located in remote areas that might be several layers deeper. The antioxidants such as vitamin C can bind to these fat molecules and bring them into the bloodstream. Through the blood it reaches the cells and takes part in its break down. Fat molecules are oils and are insoluble.
  • Boosts metabolism: Our bodies constantly perform metabolic activities and burn calories. It is the most important part in reducing the excess body fat. Though there are metabolic actions when we sleep it is not enough to reduce a considerable amount of weight. When having green tea at night can increase the metabolic rate at night and have more fat molecules burnt. The antioxidants in Green tea are those that help.
  • Curb hunger: Antioxidants from Green tea can reduce the appetite and that leads us to take only fewer calories than usual. The body makes up for the deficient calories from the stored fat. With an increased metabolic rate and available antioxidants, the fat burning process may be speed up than usual. The appetite control can also be done by making the stomach feel fuller. The antioxidants can work on the same as well or can help the process go on smoother.
  • Signal cells: The free radicals are dangerous to the cells and tissues. The cells that are involved with weight loss would be the nerve cells that signal when the stomach is full. With those relevant cells damaged, we end up eating more than what we need to and gain weight or null the weight loss process. With antioxidants in the system, the free radicals are blocked from damaging those signaling cells.
  • Cholesterol levels: Antioxidants can regulate the cholesterol levels by reducing the formation of bad cholesterol and boosting the good cholesterol. The cholesterol levels also play a role in body weight determination. By lowering the bad cholesterol which adds to the body weight, weight loss is made easier.
  • For skin: The importance of antioxidants on the skin health is also an added advantage. The fat loss may affect the skin elasticity. The antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals to prevent wrinkles and looking dull and aged.
  • Antioxidants in the diet

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Green tea contains a higher amount of antioxidants. But relying completely on it is not advisable. Include as many fruits and vegetables in the diet as possible. They not only provide the needed antioxidants but can also make the bulk to have fewer calories and more fiber to keep the stomach full.

Start your day with Green tea and have a colorful salad with every meal. Take part in regular workouts- which is must to take advantage of increased metabolic rate caused by antioxidants. Berries, walnuts, prunes, grapes of all colors, green veggies, carrots, etc has more antioxidants. Sip a glass of red wine; it will give you reserveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that can also delay aging.

Have a healthy diet, eat less, enough physical exercises of any kind, sleep well for a healthy weight loss. All the efforts must be done by you and the rest will be taken care of by the antioxidants.

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