ArginCor is a medical food formula for the patients of peripheral artery disease. This carefully formulated food will improve the blood circulation through the blood vessels and can support the functioning of the heart muscles.

The ingredients in ArginCor are all selected based on their effects in improving the heart health. They all work on to increase the production of nitric oxide for the improvement of blood flow through the blood vessels. This medical food formula is also supportive of the nutrition for the patients and boosts the endothelial functions.

ArginCor is made by the company Metagenics that is known for its dietary supplements. Many of the products from this manufacturer have proven their effects in clinical trials.

What is Metagenics ArginCor for?

Metagenics ArginCor is used for relieving the peripheral artery disease and also to prevent it happening. The peripheral artery disease is the condition where the arteries become narrowed and reduce the blood flow through them. This will also cause less blood flow to the legs causing leg pain and difficulty in walking. Generally, the peripheral artery disease is considered as a result of fat accumulation in the arteries causing the blockage in the blood flow. Over the period of time this condition may also lead to serious heart diseases as well.

Metagenics ArginCor is used for relieving the peripheral artery disease and also to prevent it happening. The peripheral artery disease is the condition where the arteries become narrowed and reduce the blood flow through them.


The ArginCor is formulated to alleviate this artery congestion. By controlling the diet one can easily reduce the peripheral artery disease and in that course, ArginCor makes an excellent inclusion. It can not only help improve the blood flow in the arteries, but can also improve the nutrition for the body.

Ingredients of ArginCor Metagenics

The main and active ingredients of ArginCor – Medical Food Formula are –

  • thiamin,
  • folate,
  • magnesium,
  • beet powder,
  • L-arginine
  • L-glycine.

The inactive ingredients are –

  • fructose,
  • sorbitol,
  • citric acid,
  • silica,
  • xanthan gum,
  • magnesium citrate,
  • guar gum,
  • natural flavors,
  • annatto for color,
  • thiamin mononitrate,
  • calcium L-5-methyl-tetrahydrofolate
  • folic acid.

This Medical Food Formula is completely safe from gluten and is made only with vegetarian ingredients.

One serving of ArginCor contains 10 mg of thiamin, 400 mcg of folate, 200 mg of magnesium, 2000 mg of beet powder, 3000 mg of L-arginine and 40 mg of L-glycine.



The ArginCor is a medical food formula. The recommended dose is to add 2 scoops full, approximately 25 gms of ArginCor powder in ounces of water. This dosage is for a single day. One can have the dose at a time or split it as per convenience. Increase in the dosage must always be after consultation with the medical practitioner.

A single bottle of ArginCor contains 700 gms of powder that will be enough for 4 weeks. Increase in the dosage must always be after consultation with the medical practitioner. The bottle must be stored in a cool and dry place. Always make sure that the lid is tightly closed after every use.

Who should take ArginCor?

People who have had heart problems and are currently over the age of 50 or 70 may need to take ArginCor. This medical food formula can be curative as well as preventive. It can alleviate the causes that reduce the blood flow in arteries and can also prevent the artery congestion which may lead to this condition.

People who have frequent leg numbness or weakness, cramps in the lower half of the body, difficulty in walking or climbing the stairs, slow growth of the toenails, sores on the legs that are difficult to heal or having shiny leg skin regardless of the skin type may have peripheral heart disease. If any of these symptoms are seen one should consult the doctor at the earliest. This Medical Food Formula can help with the health improvement along with any medications.

If someone has diabetes and high blood pressure may have fat deposits in the arteries which can lead to peripheral artery disease. They can benefit by the use of ArginCor. A family history of this disease is another reason why one should take ArginCor. Obesity, smoking and high cholesterol, especially after 50 can also lead to this disease.


What causes the beneficial effects of ArginCor in peripheral artery disease?

The main reason for the best effects of ArginCor is the addition of beet powder in this medical food formula. The beets can lower the high cholesterol level in the blood. It is this cholesterol that adheres to the artery walls and slows down the blood flow. By having beet powder in the formula, these fat depositions are eliminated to have normal artery health and normal functioning of the heart is restored.

Beet powder can also lower the LDL and increase the good cholesterol. It is also effective in regulating the homocystine levels in the blood. It can improve eye vision, fight cancer, boost the liver health, and support the capillaries. Beets are also responsible for elevation in the energy levels. It is also rich in nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamins and essential minerals including manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium.

L-Arginine is the most important ingredient in ArginCor

L-arginine is the precursor to make nitric oxide in the blood. This L-arginine is broken down into nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels for the free flow of blood. ArginCor is said to be improving the endothelial health and the main function if the endothelial cells is to produce the nitric oxide. It is the L-arginine that ultimately makes nitric oxide and thus has to be added in high quantity in ArginCor. The dilated blood vessels will have increased blood flow into the heart muscles and ensures their proper functioning. The smooth flow reduces the chances of heart attacks and also lowers the high blood pressure.

What is the role of thiamin in ArginCor?

In many cases of peripheral artery disease, the main reason is thiamin deficiency. By including thiamin in this Medical Food Formula, if there is any thiamin deficiency it will be compensated and helps in natural relief from the condition. If the thiamin deficiency is left unattended, it may lead to other complications that will be difficult to cure. It can also cause sudden heart failure. By having a small dose of thiamin through ArginCor in the daily diet the deficiency and the requirements are both fulfilled. Thiamin is also the vitamin B1 that can be useful in improving other health issues also.

How does folate in ArginCor help in improving the heart health?

Folate is responsible for the control of homocystine in the blood. It is this homocystine that causes blood clots. When this is in higher levels, it blocks the blood flow and causes heart attacks. By providing folate in the ArginCor, the homocystine production is reduced and allows free flow of the blood through the vessels. Folate will also prevent the complications of peripheral artery disease that causes strokes. Folate will also convert the homocystine into harmless methionine which will be used for DNA methylation.


Why is magnesium added in ArginCor?

In simple terms, magnesium acts as a gate keeper that regulates the entry and exit of calcium inside the muscle cells, helping in their contraction and relaxation. The highest levels of magnesium are needed in the heart muscles that keep up the functioning of the heart. For improving heart health magnesium is highly required, especially in the case of peripheral artery disease when the heart muscles are working at extreme. Without magnesium, calcium can flood the cells and leads to heart attack.

Are there any ArginCor side effects?

No, ArginCor is completely safe from any side effects. All the ingredients are added only in the right amount to have it correct in each servings. As long as one uses it only in the recommended dosage, this Medical Food Formula is safe and the health improvement will be the reward.

Metagenics ArginCor Reviews

The reviews from customers who have used this product show that ArginCor is highly effective in reducing risk of high blood pressure levels. It works within 203 days if using it. One must always start low and have records of all the happenings to keep track. This will helps in later adjustments in the dosage to be used as a continued support for good heart health. With this Medical Food Formula to care, the better heart health is no longer a myth, but an easy and comfortable reality.

The only complaint raised about it is its price which some felt should have been slightly lower. But all of them state that the positive effects of ArginCor has masked this effect.