Arnica oil wholesale purchase

To begin with, Arnica montana is a sunflower family member. It is well known for the therapeutic properties of its flowers and roots.

Benefits of Using Arnica oil

It helps in curing inflammation, pain, skin care and other things. The dried flowers are used to make infused oil. The oil can be made easily at home. But owing to the medicinal benefits of the oil, why not it is made in bulk? Dried flowers are available for wholesale on various sites. Where you can simply order the required quantity and get it delivered. These flowers are to be mixed well with an oil of your choice. Put the flowers in a big jar and pour oil into it so that the flowers are completely immersed.

Next, cover the mouth of the jar tight and secure and keep it aside. While it is kept, make sure that the flowers are under the oil surface and if not add enough oil to immerse them. Finally, open the jar after about six weeks and strain the mix with cheesecloth or fine strainer. Overall, the resulting oil is infused with Arnica oil that has got all the benefits of the flowers. Besides, it can be used as hair oil, for dandruff treatment, skin care oil etc. It helps reduce inflammation, swelling, under eye circles etc.

Weleda Arnica Essential oil

Overall Arnica essential oil is beneficial for both for health and beauty. The plants are grown using biodynamic methods and therefore it is safe to use without any hard effects on body.


You can either purchase the dried flowers in bulk amount to make your own Arnica oil or can get the Arnica oil in wholesale for retail purposes. Equally, in the latter case it is available online either directly by the manufacturers or by sites like Amazon and likes. In these websites, the product is available from a sample pack to as large as more than a gallon. Since any oil can be used for the manufacture it is available for cheaper rates also. In conclusion, Arnica oil is one of the most essential items with multipurpose uses. So, what are you waiting for?