Arnicare Arnica Oil bath and its effects

How often do you feel having a good massage and a pleasant peaceful bath with aroma candles, salts, soothing music with your muscles relaxing??? Seems heavenly, doesn’t it?

The oil extracted from Arnica montana is used for relieving body pains, swelling and relaxing the muscles and improve the overall skin tone of one’s body. Anyone can use Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Oil and Massage Balm from a professional masseuse or self.

Nelsons Arnicare Arnica shower and Massage Balm refreshes the brain with its invigorating scent of lavender and other natural oils. Arnica is known for its benefits almost from 16th century to help you relieve from body pain, swelling or other joint pains.

Ingredients of Arnicare Arnica bath

Nelsons arnicare arnica bath oil and massage balm is made out of –

Arnicare Arnica oil – Soothing & Warming Skin Care

Overall Arnica essential oil is beneficial for both for health and beauty. The plants are grown using biodynamic methods and therefore it is safe to use without any hard effects on body.

Women who cope up with work, home and other chores find it difficult to beat stress from their body which leads to irritative mood and other diseases related to stress. Soothing the mind and body will help you ease yourself and you may find yourself waking up with double energy.

How to use Arnicare Arnica bath

Apply it to your slightly wet body if you want to go in for a long shower.

Massage the area where you feel the pain with Arnicare Arnica oil.

Please note that arnica should not be applied on broken or irritated skin. Also, place the bottle away from the reach of children as consuming arnica can prove fatal.

Arnicare Arnica Reviews

Some users claim that the scent is quite enchanting and stays with you all day long. After effect of massage balm is quite spectacular leaving the skin soft and plumpy and many claim to have deep improved sleep after a good massage and a shower.

Many of the users report that Arnicare Arnica shower oil is quite greasy and gives an additional job of cleaning the gooey stuff after you are done with the bath. Though the fragrance is quite sweet, it doesn’t last long and fades away within a few minutes.