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Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses Reviews

he contacts have a 100% warranty for 30 days, which includes one fitting remake when prescribed necessary by your provider.  Make sure your fitting follow up is scheduled within the first 2 weeks of receiving your lenses.  

The most common symptom of a migraine is light sensitivity and for many chronic sufferers certain types of light can actually trigger a migraine. To help with migraine concerns, Axon Optics had come up with therapeutic FL-41 tinted glasses & lenses. Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses and lenses are therapeutic with SpectraShield Logo technology which blocks the painful light. The Axon Optics FL-41 tinted migraine relief glasses and lenses are anti-glare glasses which can be used to block undesirable light both indoors and outdoors. There are different indoor and outdoor glasses and lens and also transition glasses and lenses which can be be used both indoors and outdoors.

Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

Its unique technology filters out the harsh light and has been clinically shown to reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines. It also offers relief to people with general light sensitivity. Read on to know more about Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses.

Axon Optics – Company Introduction

Axon Optics is a high tech startup that was set up by three individuals with different expertise. A neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and ophthalmic entrepreneur got together in mid 2010 to aid people with photosensitive migraine. They used the latest research performed at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center to launch its product line.

Axon Optics’s first product line was based upon FL-41 glasses and lenses which were launched in June 2011. Since then, there have been continuous improvements in the lenses and frames. Research is ongoing at the University of Utah and other clinics to constantly develop improved eye wear for light sensitive conditions.

The Axon Optics FL-41 tinted migraine relief glasses and lenses are anti-glare glasses which can be used to block undesirable light both indoors and outdoors. Its unique technology filters out the harsh light and has been clinically shown to reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines.

Axon Optics Difference

The Axon Optics products including FL-41 glasses and lenses are unique and different due to various measures deployed by the company.


The quality and creation of migraine glasses by different companies are not equal. After Axon’s launch, many companies have created tinted glasses and lenses but the these therapeutic lenses from different sources gave varied results. A study found wide variations in the quality, spectral characteristics, and optical densities of tints purchased from different optical shops and laboratories. Axon Optics has developed a proprietary therapeutic FL-41 lens with high-end anti-glare coating. As a result it reduce light reflection to the eye and has helped thousands of patients.

Frame Options

People having severe light sensitivity may prefer a wrap style frame which reduces the light coming around the frame. People with less light sensitivity or dislike wrap style frames can select a more traditional frame. One of Axon Optics most popular products is “fitovers”. The company can accommodate prescription lenses and even something that is not available on their website, just ask them and you may get it.

Ongoing Research

Part of the company profits are used to support ongoing research and product development. In combination with the Moran Eye Center, Tecport Optics, and other neurological clinics, Axon optics is developing new products to help people with migraine and other light sensitive concerns. The company’s mission is to offer you the best and widest variety of products to treat your light sensitivity issues.


Dr. Katz, chief technical officer and Dr. Steve Blair from Axon Optics has more than 15 years of experience in biomedical optics and optical systems. He is very well aware of the state-of-the art spectroscopic measurement equipment which helps the company assure that all its products consistently meet desired specifications and provide you with the greatest therapeutic benefits.

Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Glasses & Lenses for Migraine Relief

There are specific light wavelengths that reach your eyes and causes migraines. The FL-41 filter is a boysenberry-ish colored tint that is found to be useful in patients with migraine headaches, blepharospasm, light triggered seizures, CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) and other light-sensitive concerns. In the early 90’s FL-41 was first mentioned by researchers from Birmingham, England. In this study, children with migraine headaches were asked to wear FL-41 filtered spectacles. The study found that wearing the FL 41 filter was effective in mitigating the frequency and severity of their migraine headaches and improved light sensitivity concerns. Also the participants experienced a reduction in their number of migraines from 6.2 episodes per month to 1.6 episodes per month. Since then, FL-41 filtered lenses have been used to treat these conditions.

Need To Create Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

The fact is some people are sensitive to certain wavelengths of light. These wavelengths may cause discomfort and even trigger migraine attacks. So as mentioned above, FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses are found to help people with migraine and other light sensitive issues. The FL-41 lenses have been shown to block the light known to exacerbate migraines so that you can enjoy time outdoors and be around bright lights without suffering from migraine symptoms. So, Axon Optics created Spectrashield FL-41 glasses and lenses to provide a natural migraine relief to those who suffer from migraines and other light sensitive illnesses.

FL-41 tint lenses are useful to fit any glasses so you can find migraine relief simply by putting on your eye wear. You can rest assured that Axon Optics glasses will come with state of the art, proprietary FL-41 lenses.

About Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

Axon Optic’s Spectrashield FL-41 Tinted lenses are specially designed rose colored light filter lens that blocks the light that is known to trigger and aggravate migraines and other light sensitive conditions. The FL-41 lenses can be applied to mostly any type of eyeglasses including prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Some leading research on light sensitivity is being done by neuro-ophthalmologist and one of the founders of Axon Optics, Dr. Bradley Katz at the Moran Eye Institute, University of Utah. This ground breaking research has brought many light sensitive people back to their own lives. Dr. Katz is actively involved in continuous research on light sensitivity and FL-41.

Technology Used In Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

Developed by AxonOptics, the proprietary SpectraShield is an advanced technology used in FL-41 lens. This technology helps blocking the light that may trigger your migraine pain all the while letting other lights in. It is developed and based on the clinically proven FL-41 tinted lenses.

Features of Axon Optics FL-41 Migraine Glasses & Lenses

The Axon Optics FL-41 Migraine Glasses Tinted & Lenses included various features are mentioned below –

  • Natural Migraine Treatment – Normally, most of the migraine sufferers take preventative medications to treat their migraine concerns. But these medications may result in rebound headaches. Axon’s FL-41 glasses and lenses are one of the most effective natural ways for people with light sensitivity.
  • Tinted Lenses for Multiple Applications – People having light sensitivity and migraines find that FL-41 tinted glasses can make a remarkable difference – especially for bright lights, fluorescent lights, and sunlight.
  • Study Results – Studies have shown that people wearing FL-41 glasses observed their number of migraine incidents dropped from over 6 episodes per month to less than 2 episodes per month.
  • Everyday Use – FL-41 glasses and lenses can be used all day every day. It can be used at the onset of eye pain in lights, or during a migraine attack. Some people wear them when they are about to feel light discomfort, like in major stores with fluorescent lights. This is a natural, non medicinal method to help prevent migraine headaches.
  • Hand-tinted – Each Axon Optics lens is hand-tinted from small batches of the proprietary blend of the FL-41 tint. So when photographed, the image and real colors may seem distorted. So, sometimes you may notice a difference in the color of your pair from the pair seen online or another pair from your last order, or a pair from the same order. But you can rest assured that though the tint may appear different, the efficacy of the tint remains the same in all these cases.

Benefits of Axon Optics FL-41 Prescription Lenses & Glasses

The Axon Optics FL-41 tinted migraine glasses & lenses are beneficial in the following ways –

  • It offers UV protection and anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare
  • Both indoor and outdoor shades of tint are included to help fit all your needs
  • It is non-invasive and has no side effects, so it is a top choice for sufferers with photophobia

Product Details of Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses by Axon Optics is available in large varieties. All the below frame variants are cost effective, either priced at $129 or $169. Have a look at them

  • Dalliance – Dalliance is crisp, clean, and bold design. It is a colorful custom frame with a classic cat eye shape and minimalist styling. It includes Axon optics custom curvature to better closely hold on the face and block any minor light sources. At 55-17-140, this frame is perfect to work for most faces – Medium, Large, or Wide. It is available in two colors: Black or Pink/ Duotone Purple.
  • Art Deco Curve – Art Deco Curve is the latest feminine style frame with good coverage. This funky custom frame comes with Greek Pottery-style patterns, little white crystals, and vibrantly-colored plastic. Its size is 53-17-140. This frame comes with curvature for improved peripheral light coverage, opaque details to prevent glare, better hinges, and latest colors. It is available in Black, Tortoise, or Red colors.
  • Flex Curve – Flex Curve is lightweight frame with no pressure points. It is a simple, attractive unisex frame which comes with Axon’s therapeutic FL-41 lenses. It is made with titanium memory flex material and includes wide lenses and the partially-rimless frame. These features make this frame a great choice for maximum visibility and minimum peripheral light. It latest design includes greater curvature with even more coverage. It comes in gunmetal color, fits to a large adult sizing 56-20-135 and weighs 0.62 ounces. Flex Curve is Axon optics lightest frame as without lenses, this frame merely weighs 0.12 ounces

Other Variants

  • Cover-RX – Cover-RX is perfect fit for prescription eyeglasses and also protects from Peripheral Light. The Cover-RX frames come with Axon’s therapeutic FL-41 lenses. They are ideal for improved light protection with or without prescription eyeglasses. It is available in Black color. It is available in six different sizes, so measure the dimensions of your current glasses accurately before purchasing this frame.
  • Aerolight – The Aerolight is a unisex modern classic frame. It is made of extremely lightweight, thin plastic to offer you coverage and flexibility without putting much pressure on the face. This frame is perfect for people with allodynia or weight-sensitivity issues. Its arms hug inward, which is very rare in an eyeglass frame. This style is better for your face shape than your average pair. It comes with handsome squared lenses, providing one of the largest lens surface areas. This is a Unisex Medium-Large sized frame sizing 54-18-140.
  • Envy DX – Envy DX is an engraved style and top coverage frame design. It is a sunglass style frame with Axon Optics therapeutic FL-41 lenses. Envy DX comes with fashionable engravings on the temple arms and an extra light coverage above the eyes. It comes in tow colors – black frame is for narrow faces and the tortoise colored frame is for child/petite faces.
  • Marin7 – Marin7 is a flexible frame featuring gasket-enabled coverage, and complete wrap. It features everything which is demanded in any light sensitivity frame. Marin7 comes with very flexible arms to provide comfort. It features a very thin rubber gasket to provide extra light coverage. It includes rubber nose pads and ear tips for improved fit. This is a super comfortable frame for most head sizes, medium small to large (65-15-115). It comes in glossy black color.

Standard Frame Variants

  • Zephyr – Zephyr is a modern sandalwood Frame with advanced coverage. It is a fashionable frame by 7Eye fitted with Axon Optics therapeutic FL-41 lenses. It features a thin, fixed gasket for additional protection coverage. You will simply love the perfect fit of this frame as well as the protection it provides from the light. It comes in a light sandalwood color in medium size 65 – 15 – 115.

Wrap 7c Frames

  • Wrap 7C – Wrap 7C frame offers absolute coverage from light. Its updated design includes a thinner gasket, taller lenses, and more comfortable fit. The Unisex Wrap 7C includes Axon optics therapeutic FL-41 lenses and features 7Eye’s patented AirShield technology. It also comes with a removable inner gasket which contours to the exact shape of your face, providing complete isolation of your eyes from external light. This regular (Ventus) frame fits medium to wide faces and sizes – Lens width: 60 millimeters, Lens height: 35 millimeters, Bridge: 15 millimeters and Arm: 130 millimeters. It qualifies as a Safety Glass and with lenses inserted has been re certified as ANSI z.87.
  • Wrap 7C Small – Wrap 7C Small is a smaller version of Wrap 7C. It allows complete coverage from light and includes Axon’s therapeuticc FL-41 lenses. It comes with 7Eye’s patented AirShield technology, a removable inner gasket which contours to the exact shape of your face while keeping your eyes completely isolated from external light. This Wraparound frame comes in following measurements and is perfect for Narrow faces like Children or Petite Heads. It sizes Lens width: 62 millimeters, Lens height: 35 millimeters, Bridge: 16 millimeters, Arm: 127 millimeters and Temple to Temple: 139 millimeters. Like Wrap 7C, Wrap 7C Small also qualifies as a Safety Glass and has been re-certified as ANSI z.87 with the lenses inserted.

Send In Your Frame

This product option allows you to send Axon Optics nearly any frame so that they can add their therapeutic FL-41 lenses into it. You just have to follow 3 simple steps – 1. Select your desired tint, 2. Place your order and 3. Send your frame to Axon Optics Send in Your Frame Service, 631 West 3900 South STE B-2, Murray UT 84123, USA. This product will cost you nearly $100. This option is available in both non-prescription and prescription lenses. The Send-In-Your-Frame Service is non-refundable as there is no product to return.
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Lens Options for FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

Axon Optics offers two different tint densities – Select either Indoor, which is lighter or Outdoor, which is darker. Indoor lens is for general use.  Whereas outdoor lens use FL-41 sunglasses. Transitions lenses work as an indoor tint when inside a building or car but turn dark when in the sun. Let’s have brief details on them –

  • Indoor – The indoor Spectrashield lenses are soothing to the eye, even under harsh fluorescent lighting. Feel the relief of a dark room without actually going in.
  • Outdoor – The outdoor Spectrashield lenses are perfect for use on a bright sunny day. They are perfect for all outdoor activities.
  • Transitions – The Transitions lenses helps you get the best of both worlds by transiting from lighter tint to darker tint.

Axon Optics FL-41 Contact Lenses For Migraine Relief

Axon Optics is a technologically advanced startup company established by three experts from different background. A neuro-ophthalmologist, a photonics researcher, and an ophthalmic entrepreneur joined hands in summer 2010 to develop products that helps people with photosensitive migraines issues. They utilized latest research performed at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center and launched its first product line based upon FL-41 glasses in June 2011. Since then there are continuous improvements based on research to their lenses and frames. An improved Fl-41 Contact Lenses and Glasses for light sensitive conditions and Migraine Relief are developed. In this article you will get the details about Axon Optics FL-41 Contact Lenses For Migraine Relief.

Axon 365-Day Soft FL-41 tinted Contact Lenses for Migraine & Light Sensitivity

FL-41 Contact Lenses by Axon Optics are high-quality soft contact lenses that are FDA-cleared. They are designed to do just its desired job. FL-41 Contact Lenses are custom build and last about one year before requiring replacement. Please note that just like Axon Optics’s Send-In-Your-Frame Service, FL-41 Contact Lenses are non-refundable as there is no product to return.

FL-41 Contact Lenses can be made with or without visual correction. Axon requires a contact-lens-specific prescription, even though usually it is not needed for contact lenses or eyeglasses. The prescription may not have any correction to it, but is necessary to measure the topography of the eye so that the lens will be of the correct shape. Corrections to +/- 20 sphere and 2.75 cylinder can be made.

FL-41 tinted Contact Lenses for Migraine Relief as well as many other contact lenses do not provide UV protection. So you should wear sunglasses or Axon Optics Glasses with UV protection when outdoors. All Axon Optics glasses offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

As mentioned earlier FL-41 Contact Lenses orders are non-refundable. Axon Optics relies completely on the information given at the time of order to create an accurate soft contact lens. However, they would gladly re-do the order if needed, but cannot process a refund as the lenses are custom made.

Please note orders for Bi-Toric lenses, bifocals or multifocal lenses are not fulfilled by Axon. An estimated processing time for FL-41 Contact Lenses is four weeks. Any contact lens cleaner can be used to clean FL-41 Contact Lenses but it is suggested to use peroxide-based cleaners, like Clear Care.
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Features Axon FL-41 tinted Contact Lenses

Diameter – Axon Optics FL-41 Contact Lenses are 14mm in diameter whereas the human cornea is an average of 11mm in diameter. Soft contact lens typically overlaps the cornea by about 1.5mm on each side.

Varieties – Axon Optics offers two versions of soft FL-41 Contact Lenses based on the eye colors. Light eyes 6mm pupil-only tint and dark eyes 11mm full iris tint. With Full tint your eyes may look red and it provides guaranteed coverage. The pupil-only tint preserves your natural eye color.


  • Total peripheral light coverage – There are no gaps above or below your FL-41 Contact lenses to let light in, because the entire pupil is covered by the proprietary blend of the FL-41 tint.
  • Unique versions of tints for both Light and Dark Eyes – The Dark Eyes tint will make a brown eye look a warmer, richer shade of brown, whereas the light-eyes version will tint over your pupil, keeping your natural eye color intact.
  • Lasts for a full year – These FL-41 Contact Lenses are soft and will last for one complete year, but take them out at night, while sleeping.
  • Value – These soft contact lenses helps you save hundreds of dollars annually compared to disposable contact lenses. Plus you get the added benefit of the soothing tint to filter out the upsetting portions of the light spectrum.

Buy/ Discounts and Axon Optics Coupon Codes of FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses: Buy FL-41 Glasses Amazon

Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses are used widely by the Veteran’s Administration, physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, visual development and prosthetics clinics, neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, optical shops, migraine and headache specialists, and many more. They are used across all sectors by specialists. Somewhere you may even find Axon Optics glasses and lenses been sold in retail store. Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses are also available online on Amazon and other affiliates. Due to limited distribution rate in stores, the best place to buy Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses is from their official website

Axon Optics Coupon codes

Firstly, the company understands that it is difficult for you to buy glasses without trying them. So they offer a generous return policy on all non-prescription lenses in frame options. You can try a pair at your home and see if the tint helps. It is proved useful in nearly 90% of cases who suffer from light sensitivity. But, if you find that the tint is not helpful to you, then just return them within 30 days of purchase date in new condition for a full refund or exchange credit. You may even exchange the product for different size or tint level by offering exchange credit towards a different pair. Please note refunds on Send-In-Your-Frame orders, prescription lenses, or contact lenses, are not applicable as there is no product to return.

Secondly, you can rest assured that Axon Optics products are genuine and provides true FL-41 tint glasses and lenses. It is popular brand amongst customers as the whole concept of their business revolves around offering migraines and the special tint.

Thirdly, search the web and you can find promo codes, coupon codes and free shipping codes for Axon Optics products. Occasionally, they offer discounts on clearance items. You may even sign up at Axon Optics & get a 10% off coupon code.

Customer Reviews of FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses

The customer reviews for FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses are mostly positive. Firstly have a look at some positive customer reviews followed by some negative reviews by some users.

Positive customer reviews

The Axon Optics products have worked as a treat for many. Some people had gone from up to 8 migraines a month down to 2 per month. Some people said the glasses along with the right medication have made migraine issues manageable. The users of Art Deco Lenses said they were very helpful for outdoor as well as inside lighting. Some users experienced major improvement in headaches even in florescent lights. These glasses had helped many to work on the computer, watch TV or while driving. One customer with photophobia used this tinted glasses which help him cope with the light sensitivity and eye strain. His performance at workplace improved and felt less fatigue using this wonderful pair. Many people concluded that Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses are definitely recommended to anyone with similar problems.

Negative customer reviews

The most common negative reviews by FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses customer was the tightness on the sides and thickness of the frame. Most of the customers didn’t like the awkward look of glasses. Some even mentioned that the frames should be redesigned to look more expensive compared to the price paid. A few customers even suggested that the frame should be thin enough to look like indoor glasses, else it would resembles sunglasses. Some customers even mentioned that the frame was a bit heavy on the nose which allowed them to wear it for not more than 15-20 minutes which was not enough to mitigate migraine symptoms. Some customers review about transition lenses is – it works well and is fine for indoor use, but in bright sunlight they don’t get dark enough and you end up using sunglasses.

The major downside is the tightness and looks of the FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses. Otherwise its performance on migraine concerns is as expected. On the basis of large positive feedback, this bit expensive but value for money product is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Axon Optics ships to any country USPS will deliver. Please note International shipping times and possible import duties vary by country.

How long will it take to get my order?

Axon Optics strives to provide you with fashionable, personalized and custom produced eyewear. You may receive your order on an average 2 – 3 weeks from the time your order is placed.

Can Axon Optics lenses be added to my current glasses?

Yes, using the Send-In-Your-Frame service, you can get Axon Optics lenses added to your current glasses. Visit Send-In-Your-Frame page on axon’s website, follow 3 simple steps – Choose the real lens options desired, place the order, and then send your current glasses to the address mentioned. For more information on this visit the website.

What is your return policy?

Axon optics offers a generous return policy on all non-prescription lenses in frames. If you find the tint is not helpful, just return them within 30 days of purchase in new condition for a full refund or exchange credit. Please note refunds are not offered on Send-In-Your-Frame orders, prescription lenses, or contact lenses, as there is no product to return. Also note returns are not accepted for glasses that are too heavily damaged for resale.

How to contact

For fastest service, use email – or contact via – Live chat on their website. For speaking with someone, call – 779-379-AXON, Please leave a message with your name, phone number, and a brief description of your question, someone will speak to you within a week.

Where to buy FL 41 tinted glasses from?

The best place to buy Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Glasses & Lenses is from their official website But Axon Optics FL-41 tinted glasses for sale is also available at Amazon and other affiliates.


Today, it may get difficult for you to escape triggers which mitigate your migraine issues. The world is full of triggers and exacerbating headache problems. So you need to take some steps on your own to help them. Axon Optics FL-41 Tinted Migraine Glasses & Lenses will definitely work as a great preventative or treatment measure. Therefore, give a risk free try today and start to live life.

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