One of the main reasons why people wear glasses is a headache. A headache is nothing but a symptom of something wrong inside the body. A headache that is related to eyes could be a migraine. In fact, not all migraines are related to eyes but a migraine arising as a result of light is sure related to this sensory organ.

Axon Optics introduces the special kinds of lenses and glasses that would relieve a headache or a migraine due to light. This type of problem is called photosensitivity. You have migraine-related symptoms when exposed to even an ounce of light. These special lenses and glasses from the Axon Optics are the right solution to this problem.

Migraine and light sensitivity

There are a variety of headaches in humans and the migraine happens to be the worst of all. It is highly sensitive to the cause and is severe as well. One of the triggering causes for a migraine is light, of any kind. When exposed to too much or even too low light for that matter, can trigger the headaches.

One might think that simply wearing sunglasses can solve the problem but that is not the case. In fact, sunglasses can worsen the situation. You need special kind of lenses or glasses to counter this problem.

Axon Optics Stylish Glasses For Migraine Sufferers
Axon Optics offers a wide range of such lenses to suit your needs. They allow different light filtering coverage as required. They also have the options for contact lenses if you prefer to.

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Light sensitivity is a common problem seen by many but people don’t pay too much attention to this until they encounter the headaches. Light sensitivity is nothing but the sensitivity towards special wavelengths of light. It can cause irritation of various kinds to the eyes and head. This problem may arise as a result of other underlying causes.

People with hypersensitivity to light have certain transducer cells that convert the light into pain. When these cells are exposed to light, they trigger the pain, as opposed to the normal retinal cells that convert it into images. Interestingly, even a blind person may have this same reaction to light when exposed to light.

The Axon Optics lenses and glasses help filter these special wavelengths of light and relieve the problem. Ordinary sunglasses simply block most of the wavelengths but that can cause more problems when you are again exposed to the said light. Moreover, wearing sunglasses indoor is not a practical solution. Axon Optics solves both the problems in a single go.

Light sensitivity Symptoms & Axon Optics Glasses For Migraine

Now how do we know that we have the light sensitivity? It may be subtle in the beginning and may very well go unnoticed. There are a few symptoms that you can check for yourself to see if you are one of those sufferers.

  • First and foremost is discomfort or sensitivity to certain intensity of light
  • Experiencing pain and discomfort when exposed to light
  • Headaches
  • You feel like squinting or forced to squint
  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Too much blinking

If you have any, few, or all of these symptoms, you are most likely to have hypersensitivity to light. You need to check with your doctor and see if there are any other problems that are causing this discomfort.

Light sensitivity causes

Light sensitivity does not arise overnight and there could be an underlying problem in many. Certain medication or injury to the eye and its parts can cause this problem. The common causes are,

  • Eye injury or infection
  • Eye surgery, eye dilating drops etc
  • Contact lens irritations
  • Certain medications causing hypersensitivity to light as a side effect
  • Corneal abrasion or ulcer
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • Meningitis
  • Migraine

Migraine happens to the most common cause of light sensitivity. People who have migraine have very low tolerance to bright light.

Remedy for a migraine related light sensitivity

There are a few things that you can due to reduce the light sensitivity indoors. You can wear a cap or hat and reduce the exposure. Reducing the brightness of the light with the help of a dimmer can work for many. You can choose the warm white lights instead of the cool lights. Adjust the screen brightness of the gadgets.

The most effective of all would be to wear the light filtering lenses. They help filter the brighter light and allow only the comfortable range of the light waves into the eyes. These lenses work for indoors, outdoors and even at the workplace where you have no control over the lighting.

Benefits of Axon optics lenses and glasses

  • Axon Optics lenses protect the eyes from the harsh light and light sensitivity
  • It works well for indoors and outdoors
  • Axon Optics offer various choices for styles and frames
  • It reduces the light glare with a powerful Spectrashield lens
  • It can manage the pain caused due to bright light
  • You have the option for contact lenses instead of glasses
  • It has a major say in reducing stress and anxiety that is caused by the light sensitivity
  • Works great for migraine-related light sensitivity and reduces the frequent attacks

How does Axon optics work?

Axon Optics lenses have a 5 layer light filtering and anti-glare facility. It blocks the bright length of certain wavelengths and reduces the discomfort. You can still see the other light and colors as the lenses filter out only the problematic ones. These lenses have special coatings that reduce not only the light but the glare, scratches ad possible smidges over the lenses.

This works well in place of the ordinary sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses indoors can reduce your eye’s power to adjust to the light and cause more problems. It adapts the eyes to darker lights and at the slightest hint of any intensity of bright light would make it sensitive. So the best option is the multi-layered migraine glasses from Axon Optics.

Axon optics frame options

The frame for the migraine glasses and lenses have a special place. The frame not only frames the eyes but also shield them. It offers the needed range of coverage as required by you. There are 4 options for the Axon Optics frames.

  • Standard frames are just like the ordinary glass frames. They are straight and linear in shape. It works to block most of the light from falling onto the eyes. It has protection for the full frontal view of the eyes and works well for mild to moderate light sensitivity.
  • Peripheral protection: This type of glass frame is curved to provide more protection for the eyes. It blocks the light that can fall into, from the sides as well. Both the lenses and the frame will be curved to have complete blockage of the light from both sides and the front.
  • Max protection frames offer maximum protection with a gasket like structure inside the frame. This gasket-like structure would block the light from coming from the upper side of the frame. s
  • Fitover prescription protection is an external frame that can be used with any prescription glasses. This is a modified version of the above-mentioned max protection frames. The fit over protection frame comes with a gasket like structure inside the frame. The exterior glass will also have the light shielding lens on it to get the needed protection from the bright light. If your prescription glasses have just any other lens, you can make use of this frame to protect from light sensitivity.

Glasses options

Indoor and outdoor glasses: Light sensitivity indoor glasses are used exclusively for indoor use. The lenses are made to adjust with the artificial light and its brightness. The outdoor lenses will help filter the harmful rays from the sun and reduce the exposure. It provides the much-needed protection from the natural sunlight but could be dark inducing when used inside. So be careful while you choose the exclusive lenses from Axon Optics. You can choose either option or can have the third option- transition lenses

  • Transition lenses: The transition lenses can be used both indoors and outdoors. You need only one pair of glasses to use anywhere. The lenses adjust itself to have the perfect view and light filtration as needed. When indoor, it filters the bright lights like fluorescent lamps and when outside can have better filtration for the sun rays. But it comes with a slight drawback of not being dark enough for many. Only, people with milder light sensitivity can have this kind of lenses.
  • Contact lenses: The soft contact lenses from Axo Optics last for a year. The lenses cost at $1 per day for normal prescription lenses. The price goes up for the special types. There are 2 different sizes available that allow maximum coverage for the eyes. The contact lens can also be according to the color of your eyes. It is not the color but the size that goes with the color of eyes. Lighter eye colors will have a smaller diameter of lenses to maintain the natural color.

Ordering at Axon Optics for lenses and glasses

You can visit the for placing the orders. You can go through the collection and narrow down the choices from the gender-specific, lens type, frame type etc. Once you have got your desired kind of lenses, you need to choose from the ‘indoor, outdoor and transition options.

Choose the frame color as well. Add in the prescription if there are any. You can also add the premier coating over the lenses if you are interested. You may add any important notes regarding the preferences of anything specific.

Other effective ways for migraine relief

Putting on a pair of Axon Optics glasses is not the answer to a migraine. It is only a way of tackling the migraine attacks triggered by light sensitivity. You might still suffer the problem by other ways. Apart from having the light correcting lenses, you may also need to take medications and other treatments as well.

Keeping a diary will help you track if there are other triggers that causing the attacks. There are several common triggers that cause the headaches. While weather, stress, and even monthly periods can be the few common factors, it may not be the same for all. Smoking, alcohol, loud noises etc are also

It is all about reducing the possible triggers and managing them effectively. Yoga, meditation, quality lifestyle, timely food, and a balanced diet do have their importance in migraine routine.

FAQ about Axon Optics lenses and glasses

Can I just log in and choose any pair of contact lenses?

No, you will need to visit an eye doctor and get the contact lens prescription to get these lenses. If your eyes are ok, then you will need the non-corrective contact prescription. Take the prescription and first get a disposable lens for you to try and get used to this before placing an order for the Axon Optics lenses.

How long before I get my contact lenses?

Contact lenses take longer to reach you. It takes about 4 weeks. So if you have a severe light sensitivity of migraine bouts, place the order when you are feeling ok so that the lenses will be ready for use when the next attack hits.

Can I use Axon Optics glasses for computers?

It is not a good idea. You only need some plain glasses to shield your eyes from computers. Moreover, you need to blink your eyes frequently to avoid dryness. Migraine is a different case altogether.

What is the adjustment period for the Axon lenses?

There is no such thing as an adjustment period for Axon lenses. You can use it right away and feel no changes in your vision.

Will the Axon lenses cure my migraine?

Unfortunately, no! Axon lenses offer only relief from the migraine attacks that are mainly caused by light sensitivity. It is not a treatment for migraine.

Can I use Axon lenses for night driving?

NO, Axon lenses are not suitable for night time driving. It is effective and safe when you are not the person handling the moving vehicle. You may sit inside the moving car with these glasses but never when you are in the driving seat.

How do I clean the Axon lenses?

Simply clean it with a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is included with the glasses. You can also make use of the standard eyeglass cleaning solution. DO NOT use any alcohol based product on the lenses as it can damage the tint coating.

Is there any return policy?

Yes, there is a 30-day return policy for all non-prescription glasses. The prescription glasses do not have a return policy. You can try the glasses for a few days to see if it fits you well, can see well, or suits you well. If not, you may return it or replace it as needed.