Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gm

Magnus Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gm

Alzheimer’s is the degenerative disease that not only reduces the memory but also the general cognitive health. One of the devious works of this disease is that it inhibits the brain’s ability to use the blood glucose for the energy production. With the brain cells getting destroyed and the lack of enough fuel for the daily energy, the cognitive health of the person gets compromised faster than one could think.

While the brain cell degeneration is irreversible, one can prevent the pace of this by getting the right things into the brain. The Axona powder, a medicated food can provide the needed fuel for the brain by being an alternative option. It can also slow down the damage by the disease and in the case of mild or moderate Alzheimer’s condition, it improves the memory.

Benefits of using Axona powder

Axona powder is the medicated food meant for the Alzheimer’s patients to keep up their daily need for energy by the brain. It could very well be the preservative they need to maintain their cognitive health from further damage.

Magnus Axona Powder Medical Food Packets 40 gm

Axona powder for cognitive health

Axona powder is the medicated food meant for the Alzheimer’s patients to keep up their daily need of energy by the brain. It could very well be the preservative they need to maintain their cognitive health from further damage.

  • It helps people to gather their memories and thoughts when they tend to go scattered.
  • Each packet of the Axona powder carries 40 gm of powder with 217 calories.
  • It is made of certain useful triglycerides that help in the metabolic management.
  • All they need to take is one packet per day to get the needed nutrition or energy.

Facts about Axona powder

Axona powder is a prescription product. It is a medicated powder that needs the doctor’s approval to purchase. The product is actually gluten free but might have some traces of milk and soy.

The person need not adjust their daily diet to accommodate this. It can be as much part of the diet as anything. All it takes is some care while mixing and with the dosage in the initial days.

Axona powder mixes with a variety of food and liquids. It can be mixed with water, juices, milk, yogurt, oatmeal, pudding, and pretty much with anything.

Unlike other powders that can be mixed with the food, Axona powder can be stored at room temperature once you have opened the packet. The mixed powder should be refrigerated.

Axona powder Ingredients

  • The major ingredients in Axona powder are Caprylic triglyceride a fatty acid taken from coconut oil. This serves as an alternative to fuel and the brain can easily use it instead of the glucose.
  • Each packet contains 40 gms of powder and these packets come in small boxes carrying 30 packets each.

How to take Axona powder

Axona powder can be mixed with any food item. The care is needed when to take the right amount to start with, in the initial days.

For the beginners, there is a starter kit with a lower dose of the powder. It comes as the individual pack for the easy administration. The starter kit recommends that the patient should take 1 packet each for the day 1 and 2. For the next 2 days, the dose is 2 packets each. For the 5th and 6th days, take 3 packets each and for the 7th day, the dose is 4 packets that make up 40 gms. From the day 8 and there onwards, the person can have one 40gm packet every day.

In case there is no starter kit available, one may open the 40 gm packet and take the powder with a teaspoon. They can use one teaspoon instead of the smaller packets and the number is the same as above.

The idea is to continue the same dosage for 2 days and then increase it to the third day. Once you have reached 4 smaller packets or 4 teaspoons of powder, from the second day onwards you can continue with the 40gm packet.


The best time to have the Axona powder is 15-30 minutes after the breakfast or lunch. It is better to take it after the largest meal of the day.


The Axona powder is vanilla flavored. It easily mixes with cold drinks. You can even mix it beforehand and have it within 24 hours. Mix the powder with 4-8 ounces of cool liquid. You can use a shaker or a blender to mix it thoroughly.

It is better to mix it with the cold medium as it slows down the digestion. Axona powder needs to be absorbed slowly by the body. This will avoid any possibility of a side effect.

How does Axona powder work?

The Alzheimer’s disease destroys the brain cells gradually. This will disable them from using blood glucose and reduce the glucose metabolism as well. The damage to the neuron prevents the brain from signaling the glucose metabolism and the brain gets less energy. It also worsens the situation further.

Axona powder provides the alternative fuel source and the brain can continue to work on normal. The medium chain triglycerides in the powder render other benefits to make the losing memory steadier.

It increases the ketones in the brain that is the usual alternative to glucose for the brain energy. These ketones can directly enter the energy producing cycle without delay.

When to be cautious with Axona powder

Axona powder may be risky for those with diabetes, history of alcohol abuse, inflammation of the GI tract, any metabolic syndrome, dysfunction of the renal area etc. Since this is a medical food and Rx one at that, you might have already discussed this with your doctor.

Possible side effects of Axona powder

Axona powder is digested slowly and this can cause a digestive disturbance in some. In those cases, one may expect to have diarrhea, nausea or gas.

How to avoid side effects

  • Eating food that is high in protein or fat can slow down the digestion of Axona powder and reduce side effects.
  • Adding ice to the drink would also help slow down the digestion and possibility of side effects.
  • One can also rely on the over-the-counter medications to deal with these symptoms.


As much as the Alzheimer’s disease an irreversible one, one can easily manage its progress with proper care. If one can take the Axona powder in the early stage itself, it keeps the memory, problem-solving ability, reasoning etc intact for a long time. It is clinically proven to be healthy for anyone between the age of 50 and 93.