Bardex Enema Nozzle

Bardex-Style Inflatable Silicone Bulb Nozzle

This silicone inflatable double bulb system is designed from premium silicone. The silicone is ultra soft and flexible for comfortable and body safe use. It is specially designed for the enema enthusiast. Equally, the bulb has an integrated release valve for easy removal and quick deflation. Each of its bulbs is controlled by its own pump. Thus, allowing you to vary the size of each as desired. The nozzle is placed along with the first balloon. Then, both the balloons are inflated. It creates an internal feeling of fullness and an external seal. After the made, the liquid is filled inside of the rectum via a bag system or clean stream in line accelerator.

Bardex Enema Nozzle – Specifications

  • Materials include – silicone (tubing), latex (pumps) and ABS plastic (valves).
  • The entire piece is 22 inches in total length.
  • End bulb is around 3.75 inches in length and 3.75 inches in length and 11.25 in circumference (when pumped to the maximum size).
  • Similarly, the mid bulb is approximately 2 inches in length and 9.5 inches in circumference (when pumped to the maximum size)

Note – The product is compatible with the water bottle cleansing kit, In-line accelerator bulb, water bottle douche kit.

Bardex enema nozzle – Customer reviews

Overall, the product has 2.8 stars out of 5 stars.The Bardex enema nozzle has been used by most of the customers and they are happy with it. But, still, there are both positive and negative reviews from the users. Mentioned below are some honest user reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at them. Further, read on to know more…

Bardex Enema Nozzle – For the enema enthusiast

It is specially designed for the enema enthusiast. This silicone inflatable double bulb system is designed from premium silicone. The silicone is ultra soft and flexible for comfortable and body safe use.

Bardex enema nozzle – Positive reviews

“5 stars from my side. It works efficiently as advertised.”

“I was recommended this product by my friend. Once inflated it does exactly as said. It lets me fill faster with fewer concerns of leaks.”

“Highly recommend this for anyone with Enema Erotica.”

Bardex enema nozzle – Negative reviews

“Not arrived on time. There were defects in the balloon. Thus, I will give only one star for this product.”

“It didn’t work for me…”

“I had experienced a leak on first use. Very disappointed.”

Bardex Enema Nozzle – Where To Buy?

The product is available both at and at One can buy them at a cheaper rate. Equally, one may visit the concerned website for more information.

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