Essential oils are often related to aromatherapy. It is not widely known that these essential oils can be an essential part of the life and that they have multiple uses other than just being an ingredient in aromatherapy. All the medicinal properties of the essential oils are in effect only when it is authentic. It is affordable to the common man when it is easily available and at an economical price.

While the essential oils are popularly available in the online stores, the price could be a jinx for many. The essential oil company Basic Purity offers a few authentic and pure essential oils at an affordable price. Moreover, they let you make your own essential oil blend to use for various skin care regimes and treatments.

Basic Purity Essential Oil varieties and benefits

  • Lavender Essential oil is mainly extracted from the flowers. This oil has calming effects in the body and mind. It relaxes the muscles and nervous system. Lavender oil promotes sleep and can be a quick cure for insomnia. It relieves stress and anxiety, cures acne with the antibacterial property, treats respiratory problems and can repel bugs including the head lice. You can add this essential oil to anything for topical application. It helps improve the blood circulation and lowers the blood pressure. Applying this essential oil through carrier oil or using it in skin care products would also help in repelling mosquitoes and moths.
  • Tea Tree essential oil is known for its antibacterial property which makes it a popular ingredient in anti-acne preparations. It can not only relieve acne and pimples but can also lighten the scars and erase blemishes. Tea tree oil is an excellent cure for blackheads, wounds and skin infections like eczema or psoriasis. It can calm the itching and can treat fungal infections as well. The oil has deodorizing effects and can also purify the air by using it in candle making. It has insecticide effects as well. It can be used for oral health as it can relieve sore throat and bad breath.
  • Rosemary essential oil is taken from the leaves of the rosemary plant. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and even expectorant properties. It is good for swellings and pain, to reduce acne and for wound healing. Rubbing a bit of this essential oil on the stomach could aid in balancing digestion and can relieve many of the digestive related issues. It can reduce joint pain, improve blood circulation, cure headaches, a good remedy for respiratory issues, common cold and flu etc. It can lower stress, fight body odor and fight bad breath by rinsing the mouth with a diluted solution. Topical application can reduce signs of aging and can enhance hair growth. Rosemary essential oil is also known to be a natural insect repellent.
  • Bergamot essential oil has anti-depressant and stimulating effects. It improves blood circulation, can cure as well as prevent infections, reduce pain by affecting the nerves, is a relaxant and has a mild sedative effect just to relax the muscles and nerves. For the skin, it can reduce marks and spots, even out the skin tone and can reduce scars. It has disinfectant effects and can also be a deodorant. Bergamot essential oil lowers the body temperature by promoting sweating, which in turn helps with eliminating skin toxins. It can promote wound healing and reduce cramps or convulsions with its muscle relaxing property.
  • Rose essential oil is an anti-depressant. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it ideal for treating infections, rheumatism, gout etc. It can increase wound healing as it is an antiseptic. The anti-spasmodic effect helps reduce cramps and muscle pain. The aroma has aphrodisiac effects. The oil has the astringent property that tightens the skin pores and tones the skin, muscles, intestine, and blood vessels. Applying on the skin can reduce acne, stretch marks, cracks etc. It neutralizes the toxins and purifies the blood. It helps maintain liver health, reduce bleeding and menstrual symptoms.
  • Lemon essential oil has stimulating and calming effects. The diluted oil can be used as a body cleanser to clean the essential organ systems. It has insect repelling effects. Lemon essential oil stimulates the immune system of the body and improves blood circulation. It can soothe sore throat, soften the nail cuticles to improve the nail health. The aroma of the oil can clear the nasal passages. It has astringent property on the skin, reduces excess oil production, brightens the skin tone and can detoxify it. This oil is also useful for treating Candida infections. It can even be used as an all-purpose cleaner or in addition to the laundry detergent.
  • Geranium essential oil has been in use since ancient time as an anti-inflammatory agent, treating acne, reduces anxiety, balancing the hormones etc. It has the astringent property that tightens the skin and reduces wrinkle formation. It acts as a muscle toner, antibacterial agent to prevent infections. Geranium essential oil speeds up the healing process and can also prevent hemorrhoids. This oil acts as a deodorant by being circulatory oil that is expelled with sweat. It prevents the sweat odor. It can cure acne and other skin disorders as well. Geranium essential oil can also be a nerve painkiller that is particularly effective against shingles pain. It is good for cognitive health and also as an insect repellent.
  • Vetiver essential oil has calming and cooling effects. It relieves pain and inflammations. It can reduce scars and marks on the skin by promoting new cell generation. Vetiver essential oil can prevent bacterial growth and infections. It is found to have a higher action against the dangerous Staph bacteria. It can be a tonic for the whole body. This oil can boost the immune system and keep the metabolic system in order. It relieves insomnia and prevents nervous disorders. This essential oil is also beneficial for the emotional health. It is effective as an anti-anxiety agent that helps those with ADHD. It is also one of the chief essential oils that repel termites.
  • Jasmine essential oil is mainly a mood enhancer and stress buster. The fine fragrance of the oil is soothing and calming the nerves. The essential oil extracted from the flowers. It relieves depression and can stimulate hormone production in the body. It has the antiseptic property that reduces infections. The can relieve coughs and cold. The oil can help fade the scars and that of the fat cracks. It clears the phlegm. It can cure insomnia with the mild sedative effects. In the skincare, it is useful in treating dry skin, eczema, dermatitis etc. It relaxes the spasms and prevents tumor formation in the uterus.
  • Cypress essential oil is a diuretic that promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. On the medicinal side, it has wound healing and infection reducing properties. It can block the growth of bacteria that causes infections that are helpful against common infections, acne, pimples skin eruption etc. This oil helps with the spasms and is mainly useful for restless legs. It clears congestion in the respiratory system, improves blood flow, relieves anxiety, acts as a natural deodorant and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is good for liver health as it regulates the bile flow. Cypress oil is also a stress reliever and can pacify people.
  • Sandalwood essential oil is an excellent antiseptic. It is also a cooling agent to soothe the inflamed skin. It clams the acne and the inflammations in other organ systems as well. Sandalwood oil can reduce the acne scars and skin spots. It relaxes the spasms, muscles, and nerves. It has the diuretic property that promotes urination as well as reduces inflammations in the urinary system. The fragrance of the oil keeps the microbes away that it is used widely in cosmetic preparations. It has mild sedative effects due to its relaxing property. It can act as a health tonic to soothe the digestive system.
  • Roman Chamomile essential oil is a popular anti-depressant and anti-anxiety remedy. It has sedative effects to calm the nerves and muscles. It is effective against skin irritations that are associated with allergies. This oil soothes MS, cures insomnia and supports the digestive system. For the skin, it is curing the wounds and acne as well as other common skin disorders. It boosts the overall skin health. It is good for heart health and can relieve arthritic pain as well. This essential oil is gentle enough to use even for children. It can be used as a colic natural remedy as well as to calm those with ADHD.
  • Orange essential oil is mood uplifting that makes you feel relaxed and alert at the same time. It makes you happy, calm and at peace. It has slight sedative effect as well. Orange essential oil can curb chronic inflammations, swelling, and pain. It reduces muscle spasms and abnormal nerve stimulation. The carminative effect of orange oil reduces digestive disorders. It has diuretic effects that expel the toxins from the body by excess urine production. It is an aphrodisiac, antiseptic and also a health tonic. This oil essential oil is a cleanser that can reduce acne formation. It improves oral health by curing bad breath, inflammations, and infections.
  • Frankincense essential oil can reduce stress, negative emotions, and heart rate. It boosts the immune system and reduces the chances of diseases and illnesses. It is a disinfectant that can inhibit bacterial growth. This oil reduces the common cold and flu-causing microbes. For skin, it helps heal wounds faster. It can reduce signs of aging. Frankincense essential oil fades scars and stretch marks. It can balance hormones and improve memory. It can be a digestive as well as sleeping aid.

Basic Purity Essential Oils Perfection Kit

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Basic Purity Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are the oils that are used to mix the essential oils with. Without the carrier oil, the essential oils could evaporate and gets over really fast. It is also the way of getting these oils into the skin by the deep penetrating effects of the carrier oils. Moreover, the carrier oils are diluting the essential oils which are harmful when used in higher concentrations.

To make your task of getting the essential oils and the suitable carrier oils, Basic Purity has 3 types of carrier oils at their store.

  • Avocado carrier oil: Avocado oil has a fatty acid palmitoleic acid that is similar to that of the fatty acid in the skin. This similarity allows quicker absorption of the oil. It is nourishing to the skin and can prevent skin aging the various components of this oil have anti-inflammatory property, antioxidants in them and contain other nutrients as well. It is good for skin problems like psoriasis, eczema etc. The viscosity if the oil makes it ideal for massaging as well. Many of the essential oils can be mixed with this avocado oil and can be used for various purposes.
  • Sweet Almond carrier oil: Sweet almond oil is rich in antioxidants. It contains vitamin E that can nourish and repair the skin cells. It has cell regenerative property that promotes new cell growth. This oil can cure the damaging effects of sun, soothe inflammations and relieve irritated skin. It can reduce wrinkle formation and smoothen the skin texture. This oil is light and gets quickly absorbed by the skin. It is non-greasy and can be left in the skin after the massage. It has a sweet aroma with medium consistency. Almond oil can resist oxidization and does not get spoiled very easily. This oil makes a longer shelf life when mixed with essential oils.
  • Jojoba Carrier oil is a medium constancy, non-greasy oil with a nutty aroma. It has high absorption rate and is good for the skin. Jojoba carrier oil is moisturizing for the skin with plenty of omega-9-fatty acids. It has anti-fungal property. When mixed with a proper anti-fungal essential oil, it can be used for topical application for fungal infections. It can resist oxidization for a longer shelf life. It can be a cleanser, moisturizer for cracked heels, protect the skin from sunburn and reduce inflammations.

Basic Purity essential oil kits

The Basic Purity kits are the small packages that come with an essential oil, carrier roil, skin compressing cloth etc for the daily skin care. There are 5 types of kits available at Basic Purity. Each of these kits has different essential oils and Jojoba oil as the carrier oil. Each kit serves different purposes. The available kits are,

Perfection Kit

Perfection Kit includes a set of 3 organic face washcloths, a 5 ml bottle of Bergamot essential oil and a 1 Oz bottle of Jojoba oil as a carrier oil.

This kit helps maintain healthy skin by warding off the common problems like acne, blackheads, oiliness, skin problems like dermatitis, eczema etc.

Perfection Kit costs $28.95 with the 3 items in it.

Refresh Kit

Refresh Kit contains a pack of 3 face washcloths, Jojoba oil and a bottle of Lavender oil. This kit is ideal for des-stressing the body and for treating skin problems like acne, scars, sun damage, dermatitis or broken capillaries. It leaves the skin refreshed and calms the acne inflammations.

You can use the compression kit once or twice a day. Since lavender is a popular essential oil flavor, this makes a good option for the gift. There is also an option to send it as a gift directly from its online store. The Refresh Kit price is $28.95.

Glowing Kit

This kit contains a pack of 5 face washcloths, 1 Jojoba oil bottle and one bottle each of Rosemary essential oil and Lavender essential oil. Glowing Kit, as the name suggests can leave the skin glowing by renewing the skin. The Rosemary oils help cleanse the skin by removing excess oil, blackheads, dark circles etc and improves the blood circulation. Lavender oil can deal with the acne, scars, sunburn, blemishes etc. The best course is to use the Rosemary oil in the morning and Lavender at night, for a refreshing day and a relaxed night.

Remember to follow the instructions, no matter which essential oil you are using. Glowing Kit is available at a price of $49.95.

Flawless Kit

Flawless Kit contains a pack of 3 face washcloths, Jojoba Oil and Rosemary oil. This is a natural way of cleansing the skin to leave it fresh and healthy. The Rosemary essential oil can remove blackheads, excess oil, pigmentation etc from the skin. It improves the blood circulation to leave the refreshed appearance. It leaves the skin looking flawless and reduces many of the dark spots.

The Beautiful kit costs $32.95.

Beautiful Kit

Beautiful Kit is a set of 5 face cloths; Jojoba oil and one bottle each of Chamomile oil and Geranium oil. This is a skin-revitalizing kit that washes the face gently and removes signs of aging while helping with hormone imbalance as well.

  • Chamomile essential oil can cleanse the oily skin, remove blackheads, fade scars and cure dermatitis and eczema.
  • Geranium essential oil can influence the hormone levels, smoothen wrinkles, reduce inflammations and revive the dull looking skin.
  • The Jojoba oil massage promotes cell regeneration to leave the skin feeling soft and glowing. The vitamin E in the oil fights free radicals and repairs the skin. It is best to use Geranium oil in the morning and Chamomile before bed to allow the good sleep.

Beautiful Kit price is $68.95.

Basic Purity Build your own serum

Apart from the available Basic Purity kits, the company offers you a chance to make your own beauty serum by mixing the choice of carrier oil and addition of 3 essential oils of your choice.

You may choose any of the carrier oils available and add your choice of essential oil to the kit. The serum is not readily mixed. You will get only the carrier oil and the 3 essential oils; you can mix and prepare the serum at home.

Each of the essential oil has its own benefits. When you are making a serum for a target purpose, you need the right blend. You can find hinters at the Basic Purity to see how to make the perfect blend for the common skin problems like acne, dark spots, wrinkles, hydration etc.

Other products from Basic Purity

Basic Purity wash-cloths are luxurious organic cotton fabric. It is anti-bacterial as it is made of bamboo fibers. The fabric is a mix of 70% viscose bamboo and 27% organic cotton. It is odor resistant and hypoallergenic that can last longer. The face washcloths are very soft that is suitable for all skin types. The face washcloths are available in packs of 3, 5 or 7 washcloths. These washcloths are available as the separate sets or included with the Basic Purity kits. The price range is $12.95-29.95.

Basic Purity pillowcases are silk pillowcases made of natural silk. It is softer and less absorbent than other materials. This natural fiber allows the skin to breathe at night and reduce friction as well as hair frizz. The hair would be smoother and you may not end up with sleep heads. The pillowcases are available in King and Queen Sizes with the color options of black or white. One pillowcase costs $79.00

Basic Purity sleep mist is a mix of Lavender oil and Chamomile oil is a suitable medium for dilution. You may place a few drops on the bedding. The aroma would keep anxiety at bay and allow peace and relaxation. This will calm the mind and makes drifting to sleep easier and natural. One bottle costs $10.

Basic Purity sleep time roll on is a diluted form of the essential oil mix of lavender, chamomile and orange oils in jojoba oil. It comes in a roll-on bottle. You can simply roll on the oil mix over the wrists and inhale the aroma. You may also apply it on the feet bottoms at bedtime. The roll-on mix is also available in Bergamot-chamomile-jojoba oil which has the similar effects of calming the mind and making sleep easier. One bottle costs $10 for the Lavender mix and $8.95 for Bergamot.

How to use the Basic Purity essential oils

All essential oil is aromatic and volatile. The Basic Purity essential oils are the authentic ones with all the features. These essential oils are concentrated and need to be diluted before you can use them.

The carrier oils are the best option for dilution. You only need a few drops of the essential oils in an ounce of the carrier oil for the best effects. The basic dilution would be,

  • 1-ounce carrier oil- 12 drops of essential oil
  • 2 ounce of carrier oil- 24 drops of essential oil
  • 4 ounce of carrier oil- 48 drops of essential oil

All the Basic Purity essential oils are in a bottle with a stopper at the top to allow easy flow of the drops.

Basic Purity face compression instructions

  • To use the Basic Purity compression kit, wash the face clean.
  • Fill a medium-sized bowl with water and add 3 drops of the essential oil.
  • Mix it very well and dip in one of the organic face washcloths and let it soak up the oil.
  • Use this cloth to wipe the face and neck while inhaling the aroma.
  • Dip the cloth once or twice more and use it to compress the face for a few minutes.
  • Once you have done, take the provided carrier oil to massage the face and neck thoroughly and leave it on.

Basic Purity essential oils coupon codes and promo codes

You can easily find some of the Basic Purity coupon codes and Basic Purity promo codes that can get you discounts of 25% or more on the Essential Oils purchase. You can get these coupon codes from the popular coupon code websites like,,,, etc.

Basic Purity essential oil FAQs

Is Basic Purity essential oils safe?

All of the Basic Purity essential oils are taken from its natural sources and are completely pure. The essential oils are carefully extracted to retain its natural aroma and goodness. The oils are very concentrated that is safe to use only after dilution, in water, carrier oils or in other mediums depending upon the usage. The essential oils are safe for all except for children. There are a few essential oils that are mild which are safe for all, even for children.

Are there any side effects of using the essential oils?

There are no side effects of essential oils when used diluted and in the right manner. Since the essential oils are concentrated, using it without dilution may result in skin irritation, rashes, nausea, dizziness, vomiting etc.

DO remember that NOT ALL essential oils are consumable. There are essential oils that are only meant for the external or topical application. DO be aware of the oil that you are using or intend to use to avoid such situations.

Who should avoid taking essential oils?

Pregnant women should avoid using essential oils by all means. The oils have the capability of stimulating hormone production in the body. The hormone imbalance during pregnancy could be dangerous and can even cause bleeding. Even for others with any specific skin diseases or other key diseases or disorders should consult their doctor and ensure that the essential oils are safe for them.

Why do I need carrier oil for essential oils?

There are 2 reasons for using carrier oil for the use of essential oil.

One- essential oils are volatile that gets evaporated easily and you will lose the purpose. Using it with carrier oil can make it last longer and still have the same effects.

Two-Essential oils are concentrated that can cause more harm in this form than the benefits. Mixing it with the carrier oil is basically diluting it with a more convenient medium for ease of use and shelf life.

What is the shelf-life of the Basic Purity essential oils?

The shelf life of essential oils is pretty long. Except for the citrus-based essential oils like lemon oil, orange oil, grapefruit oils or even pine oil has a shorter shelf life. For most other oils, they can retain its goodness for a longer period. On an average, the shelf life of essential oils could be rounded off at 2-3 years. The exceptional cases are like that of Sandalwood oil or even Patchouli oil that gets better with the time stored

What is the Basic Purity return policy?

The return policy states that you can return any unused product within 30 days or purchase. The items should be returned in unused condition and in its original packaging. Gift cards are non-returnable. The company subjects the refund to approval after they receive the product. You must send the returned item to,
P.O. Box 4439
Lagna Beach
US- 92652


Basic Purity essential oils are effective and pure. They have different penetrating levels on the skin surface. Some can reach deeper while others are only till the upper layers. Either way, each of the oil serves a specific purpose and is used differently from each other. You can add these oils to any medium as suitable and can be used for different purposes. Basic Purity can be a one-stop store for the essential oil needs. You are getting pure oils at a better rate than most other online stores. You can get discounts on the purchases with the coupon codes which can be a great boon since a few essential oils are really expensive.