The RhizoLoc Thumb Stabilizer by Bauerfeind is a stabilizing brace to support and protect the thumb area. It is perfect for people suffering from acute or chronic osteoarthritis and skier’s thumb. It has an individually adaptable aluminum stay which stabilizes the thumb saddle and first metacarpophalangeal joints. Read on for the full Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer Review.

About Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Support (Thumb Saddle)

This is a perfect solution to help ease pain from thumb joint injuries, such as tears or sprain to the collateral ligaments/ skier’s thumb, or for indications of osteoarthritis or irritation. It is useful to treat “Technology” Thumb, which means text messaging, games, and cell phones, Gamekeeper’s thumb, Osteoarthritis and chronic arthritis affecting the thumb and joint.

This Thumb Stabilizer is easy to put on and extremely comfortable to wear. Wear it at work or during sports to restrict painful thumb joint motion. The special adjustable Velcro closure pulls back the thumb so motion at the joint is effectively limited. With its Velcro fastenings, this Stabilizer is easy to put on and take off by the patient. It can be adapted to the patient’s individual thumb size by means of the adjustable thumb tab.

Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer For Joint Pain, Arthritis
Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer treats and prevents saddle irritation, joint pain, sprain, Skier’s thumb, arthritis. It provides medically effective support by leaving the fingers completely free for full movement. This saddle is easy to wear and remove.

The breathable material with its integral pores allows air circulation, thereby preventing the skin underneath from becoming sweaty or itchy. Thus, the RhizoLoc securely sits in an anatomically correct and comfortable position on the hand for effective therapy.

Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer – Features

  • It protects and treats thumb saddle
  • Individually shapeable aluminum in strap ensures maximum stability of the thumb saddle and thumb joint.
  • The velcro strap allows adjusting the thumb movement
  • Soft, seamless, lightweight, breathable and latex free material
  • Perforated and neoprene free breathable material helps the skin to breathe and keeps air movement avoiding sweating
  • Provides medically effective support by leaving the fingers completely free for full movement
  • With Rhizoloc use thumb for grasping and daily activities without interruption.
  • Wear at night with no compression, by loosening the straps
  • It treats and prevents saddle irritation, joint pain, sprain, Skier’s thumb, arthritis
  • It is comfortable and stable product
  • This saddle is easy to wear and remove
  • Hand Orientation: Available for right and left hand
  • Made in Germany with the highest quality standards
  • It fits easily inside a glove.
  • This product is Machine washable.

Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer – Sizes

It requires two measurements for this product to determine your size – measure the wrist circumference as well as measure the thumb circumference at the joint closest to the nail. The Sizing chart is as under

Sizes        1      2
  • Wrist Circumference in cm
  12.5-16   16-20
  • Thumb Circumference in cm
    5-7   6.5-9

Due to swelling and other issues, your hand size may differ as the support is used. All sizing mentioned here are approximate. Please specify left or right when ordering the product.

Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer – Indications

  • Lateral ligament lesions of the 1st MCP (skier’s thumb)
  • Irritation in the region of the Thumb saddle
  • First metacarpophalangeal joint pain of the thumb (acute/chronic, e.g. osteoarthritis)
  • Basal joint arthritis

Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer – Customer Reviews

There are neutral customer reviews for this product. Some people say this Thumb stabilizer gives great support, is not bulky and allows functionality. Almost all users opine that it very well protects the thumb and allows it to heal very quickly. However, some people mention that it is expensive but worth the money. Some complain that the Velcro loses its grip too early and availability limited to only two sizes may not fit all. Read below what actual users are saying about the product

  • Lady bug says it gives great support and unlike most other thumb supports, it is a lightweight to wear all day.
  • Canary says this is not cheap but unlike other stabilizers it allows the hand to function very well.
  • Freefrede says it is not so easy to clean during extended daily use. Moreover, it began to show the signs of wear earlier than expected for the price paid.
  • Burn says this stabilizer worked great for about a month. Then the Velcro straps barely hold. He didn’t expect so for the cost.

Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer – Conclusion

Slip on the Bauerfeind RhizoLoc thumb splint for quick relief from painful skier’s thumb or irritation in the region of the Thumb saddle. Next time if you or any of your near one have this condition, think only Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Support.