Benuryl Probenecid Tablets For Uric Acid Elimination

Magnus Benuryl Probenecid Tablets For Uric Acid Elimination

Magnus Benuryl Probenecid Tablets For Uric Acid Elimination

Benuryl Probenecid Tablets

Benuryl probenecid is a highly effective medication for gout and other purposes. The major benefits of using Benuryl is to reduce the blood uric acid levels and also for making the antibiotics in the blood more available for a longer period.

Benuryl is the popular brand name of the probenecid, a compound that can reduce the amount of uric acid in the system. Uric acid in excess amount can cause troubles like gout and gouty arthritis. The uric acid accumulation in the joints causes pain and inflammation.

Benuryl probenecid tablets can increase the excretion of uric acid from the blood circulatory system to the renal system where it will be eliminated through the urine. This compound is also useful for enhancing the effects of antibiotics and certain other drugs.

The Benuryl tablets should be taken with proper recommendation from the doctor. The dosage is also determined by the doctor for each type of treatment.

High Uric Acid Or Hyperuricemia

Uric acid is a byproduct from purines, when the body has high amount of purines, it may produce more of the uric acids. Uric acid is usually secreted through the kidneys but for some reason it might have a higher amount in the blood than normal. When the diet has high purine food, uric acid may also be higher. The fault in kidneys in performing its duty can also affect the uric acid accumulation in the blood.

The problem with high uric acid is that they can form into crystals and mostly seen in the joints, especially the toes and knees. These crystal formations are sharp and cause pain and later inflammation.

Symptoms Of Hyperuricemia

There may not be any symptoms for high uric acid in blood. It might go undetected for many years until there is some symptoms.

  • The most common symptom is gout or painful joints where the uric acid is accumulated. The pain is most significant in the toe joints for gout. The pain can flare up in no time and might last for a while.
  • Gouty arthritis is another symptom of high uric acid where the uric acid crystals are accumulated in the knee joints.
  • Fever, chills etc are seen with high uric acid level associated with cancer treatment.
  • The use of certain types of drugs can cause elevation of uric acid in the blood which is notified by the symptoms like kidney problems. Kidney stones can also be caused by the high uric acid in the urine. Once again, fever, nausea, vomiting, blood in the urine etc are symptoms of it.
  • Long term hyperuricemia that went untreated can cause skin symptoms. The skin starts having small bumps on it. The bumps are uric acid accumulation. Here it will be painless but can flare up or swell when ill. These bumps are seen in toes, fingers, hands, and elbows.
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Benefits Of Benuryl Probenecid

The major benefits of using Benuryl is to reduce the blood uric acid levels and also for making the antibiotics in the blood more available for a longer period. It is also used as part of some other treatments as well. But the main reasons are gout and antibiotics availability.

  • Gout: Gout causes pain and inflammation in the joints. The gouty arthritis is one of the inflammatory arthritis which causes extreme pain. By reducing the uric acid level in the blood, the inflammation and flare up of the situation can be gradually reduced to get relief.
  • With antibiotics: Antibiotics are beneficial only as long as they are available in the bloodstream for the cells to make use of it. The antibiotics in low amount cannot have the same effect. They are also bound to get excreted from the system in time. There is also a certain time period that the antibiotics are available in the blood. Benuryl prevents or delays the excretion of antibiotics from the blood stream, making it available for longer while than usual to have faster effects.

Benuryl Ingredients & Dosage

Probenecid 500 mg: Probenecid is the only ingredient in the Benuryl tablets. Each Benuryl tablet contains 500 mg of probenecid and some maize starch to make the tablets. All the effects are by this ingredient. Each pack contains 100 tablets in it.

The dosage of Benuryl is strictly according to the doctor’s recommendation. The dosage for each treatment type differs from one another. The usual dosage for gout treatment is half a tablet taken 2 times a day, effectively 1 tablet per day. This is the basic dosage which is later increased gradually to 2 tablets per day.

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For using it with antibiotics, the dosage is higher at 4 tablets per day taken at different times. The dosage with antibiotics is 2000 mg and it takes 4 tablets.

The increase or decrease of the dosage should not be done without consulting the doctor. The dosage must be maintained for best results.

Benuryl is meant for adult usage mainly as the high uric acid is mostly seen in adults. But under certain conditions it may also be used to treat children for some ailments. The dosage is mainly dependent on the body weight of the child. Do not give Benuryl to children under the age of 12 without the doctor’s advice.

It is also used in the treatment of gonorrhea but that needs other medications to be used along with this.

Benuryl Probenecid Mechanism Of Action

The product is absorbed by the body and can travel through the cells and circulatory system. It has high absorbency rate that makes it available in the plasma cells within 2-4 hours of oral consumption.

This compound can work in 2 ways. It can prevent the re-absorption of uric acid into the blood stream and prevent the secretion of the antibiotics organic acids from the blood to the excretory system.

Basically it is a tubular blocking agent that blocks the transfer of chemicals to and fro between the renal and tubular system. By preventing the uric acid re-absorption, it reduces the uric acid amount in the blood and lessens the chances of uric acid deposition. They are taken to the urinary system where it gets eliminated sooner.

Benuryl can cause excess urination to eliminate as much uric acid as possible. Drinking plenty of water with Benuryl is called for otherwise the urine gets concentrated with uric acids where it may crystallize to form the urinary stones.

As for the antibiotics, it prevents the excretion of the antibiotics from the blood and keeps it available for longer. The same mechanism happens here also, only that it prevents the passage of antibiotics into the renal system.

Later the probenecid is metabolized to form its metabolites that later gets eliminated through the renal tubule.

Benuryl Probenecid Contraindications

  • People who are allergic to probenecid may have adverse effects.
  • Those who have blood dyscrasias and are taking medications for it will have drug interactions.
  • Uric acid caused kidney stones may not have a good time if you take Benuryl as it can increase the stone and worsen the situation.
  • Although Benuryl is effective for treating gout, the acute gout situation must be subsidies before starting with Benuryl.
  • Those who have peptic ulcer should also stay away from this medication.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should also stay away from Benuryl as it comes under the category B medications which need doctor’s recommendation to use in these conditions.
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Benuryl Probenecid Side Effects

Benuryl can cause side effects when there is overdose. It is highly important that you stick to the doctor recommended dose until the doctor reduces it for you. Higher dose can lead to symptoms like, Headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, increase in urination frequency etc. The hypersensitivity reactions are dermatitis, fever, anemia, sore gums, flushing, etc.

Side effects may also be seen when taken with certain medications like the drugs for cancer. Benuryl can prevent the secretion of these medications from the blood for elimination. Retention of these medications in the blood for longer could be toxic.


Benuryl probenecid is a highly effective medication for gout and other purposes. It is almost a prescription medication that needs the doctor’s recommendation from the start till the treatment ends. it has many dos and don’ts which is a bit tricky. When used as recommended, it can show high improvement in the health.

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