Best Products From iRemedy Healthcare & Supply Coupons

Magnus Best Products From iRemedy Healthcare & Supply Coupons

Magnus Best Products From iRemedy Healthcare & Supply Coupons

iRemedy Healthcare & Supply

iRemedy Supply provides all kind of health care and medical accessories.

iRemedy Supply is a one step solution for all kinds of medical and health care accessories. It has got all the products had items that anyone would want in a small clinic. Doctors and nurses find this website easy since the supplies are promptly available.

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iRemedy Supply

The advantage of iRemedy Supply is that it supplies the lowest price for all the items. The small scale care units thrive across the country and they can easily get high quality products at the lowest price at iRemedy Supply.

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The parent firm is Paquin Healthcare that distributes the needs of healthcare companies. iRemedy offers huge savings that is 10%, 20% or even 50% than the usual healthcare supplies.

The customers can place the order online and the Florida warehouse ships the necessary supplies to the destination. There are no middlemen and it is the customers who benefits from this.

Why Choose iRemedy?

  • The products at iRemedy are available at wholesale prices. All kinds of medical supplies are available at this single store.
  • Create an account for free and order your supplies.The delivery is also free of cost when you have a purchase value of $79 or above.
  • All items are at the lowest price. The savings can be anywhere between 10-30%. If you can find another lower price for the same product rectifications would be done.
  • All products are of high quality, even the tiniest one as well.
  • 24 hours customer support is available from iRemedy.
  • The greatest reasons for all, is that one may place the order in any manner preferable. Place the order online, through email, phone, and toll free number or even by fax.
  • Products come with 60-day money back guarantee on the unlikely event of dissatisfaction on the quality.
  • Defective items would be replaced by the manufacturer.

Ordering At iRemedy Supply

It is mandatory to create an account to avail of purchase. Just specify the product number, name and mention the quantity. Since you already have an account it would be easy to retrieve the address and other details. It also has a usage tracking system to know when you would want the next supply. This makes re-ordering all the more easy.

For an individual, create an account to order medical supplies or the medicines online. For doctors, clinics, hospitals and physicians etc, the account would be Pro Account that needs approval. The professional account calls for the high volume supplies and the pricing may also vary. Create this account with the name, type of organization, number of doctors in practice, the state, phone number, and email address.

Other Services At iRemedy Supply

iRemedy Supply is an online store that has so many items from different brands and manufacturers. The products are all available at the wholesale price. You can use this platform for retail purpose by individuals or company that makes medical supplies. Use the site to promote and reach your product to the customers. One can try the retail services, which is customizable, for a free trial for 30 days.

iRemedy Supply helps with drug sample management also. Many of the medical practitioners have certain drug samples for them. They can get these drug samples at free of cost from iRemedy Supply. All you need to do is to provide the NPI#, complete name of the person with email address. This service is available round the clock. You can request the supply when you need it. It also helps notify when there is new sample available.

iRemedy Supply – Categories

iRemedy Supply categorizes many of its products. The major categories are medical, dental, chiropractic, consumer, monitoring devices, drugs, gloves etc. There also are the linen bags and other equipment or supplies for the housekeeping as well.

  • Medical category includes all the supplies necessary at a hospital. Right from the examination gloves to the smallest applicator or even the shoe covers are all there. It has other apparels, bed alarm equipment, tools for the diabetics, drainage and suction, other medically useful smaller equipment’s, needles, personal hygiene, physical therapy needs, wound care supplies, sterilization, and respiratory needful are all found here.
  • Dental needs include the dental bibs, toothpaste, swabsticks, guaze sponges, mouth wash, dental adhesive, cleaner, toothbrushes etc. The swabsticks are available in different colors and flavors for the benefit of children. Dental cotton rolls are available in larger packs with 2000 counts. The toothpastes are also available in individual packs or larger boxes with 12 tubes in it. You can order the supplies in flexible ways.
  • Chiropractic category contains needles for acupuncture, charts, posters, back rest rolls and cushions, back support belts, cervical pillows and traction, fitness ball chair, electrotherapy pain relieving supplies, supplies for different therapies etc. There also are hot and cold pads, massage gel, cream or lotions from Biotone. Wobble board for physical therapy is also available.

Other supplies…

  • Consumer: For the individual customers, supplies are available for allergies, cough and cold relief, gastrointestinal medicines, nutritional supplements, ophthalmic supplies, pain relievers, sleep aids, smoking suppressors in the form of nicotine gum available. iRemedy also offers skin care products such as powder, baby oil, lotion etc. for those with sensitive skin. In the apparel section, you get the sweat absorbing lining for the forehead. This protects the headwear and wigs from damage by the sweat and bacteria. There is also a books section where there are cooking recipe books, books on diabetes management etc.
  • Monitory devices are available like activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, pedometers etc. The heart rate monitors keep track on the pulse. Gloves are available made of latex, vinyl, or nitrile exam gloves. The gloves are powder free. They are available in different sizes as well. it is usually packs of 100 pairs or larger boxes with 100s of boxes that have 10 gloves in each. Ambidextrous gloves are also there.

iRemedy Supply Coupons

iRemedy Supply coupons are in the form of free shipping, discount savings or for clearance sale deals. The coupons are available online from various coupon code sites. The coupon codes are also applicable for the individual products or category for further discount.

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