Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief from Bestvite – Natural Homeopathic Allergy Treatment

Magnus Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief from Bestvite – Natural Homeopathic Allergy Treatment
Magnus Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief from Bestvite – Natural Homeopathic Allergy Treatment

Pollen Hayfever by Bioallers – For Allergy

Pollen Hayfever Relief is a homeopathic medication that is manufactured by bioAllers to tackle allergies such as a runny nose, sinusitis and more. Bestvite is an online health supplement website that offers you natural remedies that work on the body gently without triggering adverse reactions. This article is all about bioallers pollen hayfever allergy relief, ingredients, reviews etc.

What is Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief?

A product of bioallers, pollen hayfever relief offers you optimum relief from symptoms pertaining to allergies from pollen and hayfever. Runny nose, congestion, itchy/watery eyes, sneezing etc. are few of the symptoms noticed.

A true homeopathic formula, pollen hayfever relief contains all the right ingredients in appropriate measure to offer you excellent relief from sinus pressure and allergies. It promotes natural healing by stimulating the body’s natural systems that are involved in allergic reactions.

It contains all advanced formula that treats you naturally without causing you any drowsiness.

Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief Ingredients

The active ingredients are –

  • Adrenalium 6x – an extract from the adrenal glands, this homeopathic remedy relieves fatigue, weakness and boosts the energy levels.
  • Sabadilla 6x – is used to cure hay fever, cold that is accompanied with sporadic sneezing, runny/itchy nose. It is used in patients dealing with shivering, sensitivity to chillness (cold air, cold room etc.)
  • Histaminum Hydrochoricum 12x – a kind of histamine that offers treatment to allergies, asthma, bronchitis and so on.
  • Artemisia vulgaris 12x – relieves you from any allergy symptoms. Due to its diuretic properties, it is also used for treating liver, spleen, and kidney.

Other active ingredients are –

  • Allium cepa 6x,
  • Silicea 6x,
  • Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia 12x,
  • Brassica napus 12x,
  • Chenopodium Anthelminticum 12x,
  • Medicago Sativa 12x,
  • Rumex crispus 12x and more.

Inactive ingredients are –

  • Purified water
  • USP alcohol

Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief Dosage & Instructions

Bioallers pollen hayfever allergy relief is available in a sublingual formula. It is available in an unflavored formula so you need not get any weird taste in your mouth.

Dosage for children

  • Children 2-12 years – Take 3-5 drops under the tongue thrice a day.

Dosage for adults

  • Children over 12 years and Adults – Take 15 drops under the tongue every 3-4 hours.

Dosage for a sensitive person or asthma sufferers

  • Take 1-3 drops and then wait for 3 hours and then continue with the regular dose. If you feel allergy or asthma symptoms are developing more, then discontinue the usage.

Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief Side effects

All these homeopathic ingredients carefully blend together in the right measurement. So the chances of anything going wrong are fairly thin.

However, if you are pregnant, nursing or under any medication (taking antibiotic or Ayurvedic medication), consult your medical practitioner first as a precautionary measure.

Bioallers pollen hayfever allergy relief – Advantages & Disadvantages

Here are few pros and cons of bioallers pollen hayfever allergy relief.


  • Alleviates any congestion in the lungs and nose
  • Relieves you from headache
  • Clears nose blockage and inhibit runny nose
  • Stimulates the immune system to fight allergies
  • Stops the tendency of itchy and watering eyes
  • Relief from sinus pain and pressure


  • Intended for short-term use only
  • Not approved by FDA
Magnus Bioallers Pollen Hayfever Relief from Bestvite – Natural Homeopathic Allergy Treatment

Bioallers allergy treatment pollen hayfever reviews

Pollen hayfever from bioallers has received excellent reviews from users. People cannot stop raving about the benefits of pollen hayfever. They claim the product delivers just as promised. One user claims that her husband was suffering from allergies. After trying many products, they finally found Bioallers pollen hayfever relief. Being a sublingual formula, it was easy and effective to work.

Users who are suffering from sinus-related headaches and sneezing feel optimum relief after using this product.

The price too is quite affordable that is combined with the fact that it does not trigger any adverse reactions on users. The product has received 4.5 out of 5-star ratings in amazon which is quite good.

FDA does not approve natural supplements or products. So, if you want to call it a disadvantage, note that this product is not FDA approved. However, to be fair, let me say that this is not an argumentative issue for a user who is looking for beneficial results without side effects.

Here are few customer reviews.

DBS11 – Outstanding

“All bioallers products are simply amazing and if you are suffering from allergies, this pollen hayfever relief is the best for you. Why suffer unnecessarily when few drops can work wonders on your body?”

Senecagal – Good for hay fever

“I suffer from allergies all through the year. This product has made the fall season much more pleasant. I often have to deal with sinus headaches every day, but this product made a difference.”

MS533 – Great product for allergies

“I have been using this product for many months now. There are absolutely no side effects and my allergy symptoms are equally minimal to none. I, without a doubt, recommend this product.”

Shipping and Returns

Bestvite offers FREE SHIPPING on orders of $20 or above. Note that FREE shipping is eligible only for 48 contiguous states. For orders to Hawaii, Alaska and US Territories (Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands), you need to pay a small shipping amount.

The company also ships worldwide who need to pay shipping charges, customs fee, import duties and other charges as per the local taxing authority.

Bestvite offers 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you claim a refund, simply refund the unopened product within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will be reimbursed minus the shipping charges. NOTE that you need to report a return so that the company can send an RMA to your email. Only with RMA will your product be eligible for return.


Bioallers pollen hayfever relief has been proven effective not just to a couple of customers but thousands of customers globally. There are many websites that offer actual testimonials, reviews from users that claim the product works top-notch without any side effects.

The price is economical and does not burn a hole in your wallet. The results are immediate and safe on your body. For those who are suffering from sinus, pollen allergies and looking for a natural remedy, Bioallers pollen hayfever relief is recommended for you.

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