Life is tough! One might not even imagine how the stress is affecting the body until they come face to face with certain situations that are caused by it. The stress affects the general health of all. In the case of men, it can affect their sexual health so badly that it can impact their relationships. Premature ejaculation is one such the common problem. Though it is a natural occurrence happening once a while, it can be a concern when it happens too often and too quickly.

What is Biogetica Freedom Kit With SS 200 Formula?

This is a combo kit of 3 products that are used in combination, to improve the sexual health of men. It covers the premature ejaculation problem and makes amendments in the body to improve and maintain a healthier condition. It is a purely natural product that can balance the physical, physiological and emotional factors to improve the situation. The SS 200 Formula and the other 2 products are completely safe for the body and cause no adverse effects. The products in this kit are

  • SS Pills 200
  • HoloRam Equilibrium
  • AV Vita M

Each of these products would work on different aspects that will bring balance and harmony.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

  • The cause of premature ejaculation can be physical or physiological.
  • The most common cause is the age that leads to erectile dysfunction.
  • The other causes are mostly physiological. They are stress, fear, anxiety, guilt, sexual repression, mental depression, lack of confidence, poor relations, conflicts etc.
  • The physical reason could also be inflammations in the prostate or an injury in the spinal cord.

How Does Biogetica Kit Help?

SS Pills 200 works on the problem directly. It manages the sustenance and balances the blood flow. It positively affects the mood and confidence to calm the mind. This allows better control and avoid over excitability.

The HoloRam Equilibrium works on the nutrition and energy provision. It provides nutrients to control stress and regulate the mechanisms. It provides energy as well. There are bio-regulators in this that can affect the nervous system.

AV Vita M is an herbal formula that maintains and stimulates sexual health in men.

Ingredients In The SS 200 Formula

  • SS Pills 200: SS Pills 200 are made using Agnus castus and onosmodium. Agnus castus is useful for men and women. For men, it works to eliminate depression and gloomy mood. Onosmodium can cure the low libido due to tiredness.
  • HoloRam Equilibrium contains adaptogens, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It works on the physiological needs of the body. The adaptogens come from plant extracts that reduce stress and supplies antioxidants to sustain the energy. The amino acids serve as energy sources and building blocks for any repair. The vitamins and minerals cover the deficiency part and provides for all that are needed to amend the situation. The minerals added here are magnesium and silicon. Magnesium contributes for the hormone regulation.
  • AV Vita M is an herbal formulation that has extracts from Withania somnifera, Amla, Asparagus racemosa, Oat seed, Trikatu, holy basil, Asphaltum, Tribulus and Piper longum.

What Is Freedom Kit With SS 200 Formula Dosage?

The dosage of each product in this kit is different.

  • SS Pills 200: It is a homeopathic preparation. The container has numerous minute pills. Take 2 pills, thrice a day. Take the pills 15-30 minutes before or after the meals or other medications.
  • HoloRam Equilibrium is available in capsule form. Take 1-2 capsules per day, preferably one each, before breakfast and dinner.
  • AV Vita M is also in capsule form. The dosage is 1 capsule twice or thrice a day. Take the capsules after the meals.

While taking these remedies, stay away from smoking, alcohol and any other addictive materials. The SS Pills might have some interaction with other medications so give a gap of at least half an hours between these doses. You must also consult the doctor before you starting using this.

Safety Of SS 200 Formula

SS 200 formula is 100% natural and causes no side effects as it is. The ingredients present here have been in the traditional medicine for a long time. These ingredients regulate the internal activities of the body to bring balance, regulation and find a solution for the premature ejaculation problem.

The modern treatment methods use the inhibitory action to solve the problem. It does not cure the underlying cause. They are useful for topical and internal consumption but contribute it with side effects.

The actual treatment for this problem should be in the form of stimulation, energy supply and should be able to keep the stress and other factors away. The body needs cohesion to work in peace rather than forcing it to.

Bottom Line

Premature ejaculation is not a sin. It is a common problem and most likely a temporary one. It can be the aftermath of too many stressful encounters for the body. Exercises, meditation, losing fat can all help with the cure. Most importantly, an open conversation between the partners can have a better outcome than any medicines. Use the SS 200 formula as an alternative and supportive means to assist with your own efforts.