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Biogetica Hyperisince Hypericum Mysorense For Herpes – Reviews

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The Herpes HSV-1 virus affects 67% of the world population between 15 and 49. that is over 3709 Million People. Ever second person you meet has a potential of carrying a HSV-1 Herpes virus. The HSV-2 affects over 11% of the people world wide, that is 1 in every 10 person. The virus is Recurrent, self limiting in nature but complications will arise with meningitis, encephalitis and neo-natal infections among others. The common treatment includes anti viral drugs. Acyclovir, famciclovir, and valaciclovir are more commonly used to treat the Herpes virus but people do get resistant to synthetic drugs making it less effective. More and more people are moving to natural remedies to control the symptoms of Herpes virus.

The ayurvedic medicine for Herpes virus is Hypericum Mysorense, a herb commonly known as Basant. Ongoing research on Hypericum Mysorense shows its benefits for people suffering from cancer to diabetes, but special interest on Hyperisince, which claims to have benefited people suffeering from Herpes virus caught the attention of many. A research on Hyperisince with details on its benefits on people of different age has been published by the International Journal in Resarch on Ayurveda and Pharmacy, stating the benefits of Hyperisince and how effective it is. Most patients treated with Hyperisince have reported to rate the product above 5 out of 10 and clinical studies corroborate with the research.

Biogetica Hyperisince Tablet – ingredients and its benefits

Hyperisince, Hypericum Mysorense with 10 other herbs make Hyperisince easy to penetrate with added benefits. Its 100% natural and free from side effects. Being natural is one of the few reasons why most people find it hard to understand how it works. Studies are being conducted on how hypericum Mysorense is helping in cancer, diabetes and more. Today , medical professionals are forced to accept that Hypericum Mysorense works and have shown results in treating herpes.  The ingredients of Hyperisince is what makes the tablets effective. The hyperisince Tablets contain the following herbs.

  •  Basant (Hypericum mysorense) – Primarily found in the western ghats of india, the herb is known to have therapeutic abilities. It is used in ayurveda as a healing herb to treat wounds and is a part of traditional Medicine. the herb is also found in sri lanka. The extracts of H.Mysorense is studied to have the effect on Herpes virus, both Genital Herpes and oral Herpes
  • Ashwagandha roots – Ashwagandha is the herb which has a list of uses. From treating side effects of cancer, treating ADHD, OCD and anxiety or even skin conditions or back pain, Ashwagandha is the go to herb. Its one of the most common ingredient in herbal medicine and ayurveda. It has high anti-oxidant agents, and healing properties. It is also commonly called as the indian Gingseng.
  • Bhumiamalaki : Gale of the wind or Keezharnelli is a common herb in tropical areas. its use is widespread in treating liver conditions, stomach problems and problems in genital area. Ayurveda medicine and the use of Gale of the wind is very common in jaundice patients. a Concoction of Keezharnelli is prepared for 21 days for person suffering from Jaundice in Kerala, india till date.
  • Putikaranja Bark or Chirabilva is simply proof that plants have great medicinal values. Used for treating a range of skin conditions and even cancer in lower intestine, the bark of Chirabilva is one of the valued medicinal plants. its antooxidant, antibacterial, antifungal and anti cancer herb. Research indicate that chirabliva can be used in treating and preventing a  range of ailments.
  • Khadira Wood Extract : The Catechu extract is used for flavour and color in indian food. it helps in digestive problems and is safely consumed by indians in Pan (betel leaves)
  • Khus grass : Khus is a commonly grown grass which has medicinal properties. It is a cooling agent for the body and gives a high fragrance. its high in anti oxidants and is widely used for several conditions in ayurveda.
  • Lavanga or comonly known as clove is an antibacterial, antioxidant agent which helps in various skin conditions. The addition of clove to hyperisince helps control outbreaks. 
  • Haritaki  Fruit –  the haritaki fruit is known for its anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Its also high in antioxidants and is known to help prevent various forms of cancer. A detailed study of the haritaki fruit is available at the ncbi website
  • Nimba Leaf extract : Neem is used for various medicinal Purposes in india. Neem leaf bath is known to cure skin diseases, specially bacerial and fungal. Neem leaf is used to cure Chicken pox in various parts in india. A detailed research on the uses of neem is available here
  • Yasthimadhu  roots or Licorice is a common remedy for cold and cough. Licorice is also used for viral infections in many cases. Licorice is used widely as a health supplement and is known to be safe.

Biogetica Hyperisince Reviews 

The best reviews are the ones which are backed with evidence. Hyperisince has not just customer reviews but a detailed clinical study of the product used on 101 patients. The outcome is clearly on the side of Hyperisince and biogetica as a company. more than 76% of the users found the product to be beneficial. 1% had adverse effects and 12% of the people found that the product was not taking any effect while 13% of the patients were not really sure if hyperisince was indeed working. 

The Review was conducted over a period of time and the subjects were tested for the outbreaks. Among 18 subjects that were tested, only 5 had a herpes outbreak after administering Hyperisince. 15 of the patients had no outbreaks of herpes virus in 2 years after administering hyperisince, Hypericum Mysorense.

50% of the patients found significant results after using Hyperisince for 4 months or more. 36% had improvement in symptoms but were not free from it completely. Small episodes did rise up in these subjects from time to time. Overall, Patients taking hyperisince were known to have lesser number of outbreaks and for smaller duration. Among the users 58 rated the product to be above 5/10 and 36 rated the product <5.

Hyperisince Hypericum Mysorense Tablets Side Effects

There are no side effects to Hypericum Mysorense but the 1% of the people who used the product show increase in outbreaks. If the condition does not subside within one week and if you find the outbreaks more frequent, its advised to stop medication of Hyperisince and return the product for a full refund. Hyperisince comes with a 90 day no questions asked unconditional money back guarantee. If the bottle has even 1 pill in it and if you are not satisfied, return the product to Biogetica for a full refund. 

How does Hyperisince Formula work

The basic purpose of hypericum Mysorense in hyperisince is to control the herpes virus. all other ingredients are supplementing the effects of Hypericum Mysorense. Hypericum Mysorense helps control the virus. It cannot remove it completely. The virus stays dormant. The presence of Hypericum Mysorence suppresses the virus. This reduces the outbreak. The other ingredients like ashwagandha and Chirabilva boosts the ability of Hypericum Mysorense. Its more or less the invisible agent which gives all thats needed for hypericum mysorense to work.  

Where to buy Biogetica Hyperisince Tablets

There are not many places you could get Hyperisince from. Your options are limited to Biogetica website alone. Amazon, GMC , Walmart and other stores do not stock biogetica Hyperisince. There arent any hypericum Mysorense Supplements online apart from Hyperisince . Amazon Lists 0 products with the ingredients as hypericum Mysorense. There are other alternatives  if you are looking for herpes remedy including Herpes bGone and L-Lysine. Some of these medication have been proven effective but come with their own line of controversies.

Biogetica Hyperisince Dosage

Take one tablet two to three times daily after meals. You will see significant results if you use hyperisince for 4 months or more. The outbreaks will reduces drastically and you can stop taking the pill when you feel confident that its nearly gone. There are no side effects to this pill and as a matter of fact it does work as a supplement to reduce viral attacks of any kind. It is advisable though to give hyperisince a break of a week or two every second or third month. This reduces problems of drug resistance, making the tablets potent for a longer period of time.

 Genital Herpes, Hyperisince, the news and other drugs

There is a lot of news about Genital herpes these days. Starting from Usher on the Herpes controversy to Mel B who was infected with the Herpes eye virus. A lot of the news these days create panic among people. Yes herpes is a very embarrassing disease. Its not fatal but its surely a problem creator. It could be fatal when you come across other medical conditions. But there is a different story too. Companies like Novarits are creating Drugs to counter herpes virus and there are Herpes vaccines which are developed. Many controversies also state that these drug companies create a hype about conditions to sell these drugs. This may not always be true. Herpes is a Virus which needs to be countered. Drugs is important if it can give the desired results. It doesn’t matter which company creates it and if its a corporate or a small business which has herbal remedies. People are more concerned about the results. if the drugs these companies create come with no side effects and cures the herpes virus, i am sure that people will embrace it.  Celebrities or common people, it doesnt matter, people do get sick. People get chicken pox and its not related to sex. Herpes virus though transmitted sexually, could also bet transmitted through other means. A simple kiss or rubbing your face on an infected are of a childs face could get the symptom started. Its hard to control the spready of The herpes virus and a vaccine may be of help. But on the other hand, its a temporary condition with no major complications.  Should herbal remedies not be sufficient? 


Biogetica Hyperisince, an Ayurvedic herbal supplement contains extracts of the rare herb Hypericum Mysorense and other proven herbs. Its ingredients support immune function and the body’s natural nerve-calming processes. This product has changed numerous lives and will do the same for you. Many independent clinical trials conducted globally are sufficient to prove its efficacy. There are many cases where this product has shown better results than synthetic drugs that may usually cause side effects. Give a 100% Risk-Free try to Biogetica Hyperisince, the Hypericum Mysorense supplement  For Herpes Relief  today and live a normal life again.

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