Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème Benefits

Biotone Dual purpose massage crème has got good quality performance that needs less reapplication and just a tiny bit of crème will work for about half an hour of rubbing. It feels great with the effortless glide and is not greasy and will last as long as the usage dates go. This is very dense and will have to rub it on the hands heartily to lighten it up to make into a consistency that is easier to massage with.

Also, this is the professional massage therapists’ favorite massage crème. This crème mingles with the preferred features of oil and lotion into a single product. With an effortless glide and the comfortable consistency, it provides excellent flexibility, more easiness to handle, and incredible absorbency. Besides, Biotone presents a few diverse creams with a variety of thickness depending on the kind of massage you desire. The thicker it is, the deeper it penetrates into the tissue. This product is ideal for both deep tissue massages for the muscles and tendons as well as for the soft tissue of the skin level scar massage. Moreover, it is a combination of oil and lotion. It leaves the skin surface soft and moistened. Well suited for face, hands, feet, or a full body massage. It has got a shelf life of 18 months.

Magnus Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème

Biotone dual Purpose Massage Creme – Massage Therapist

Biotone Dual purpose massage crème has got good quality performance that needs less reapplication and just a tiny bit of crème will work for about half an hour of rubbing. It’s easy to glide ability makes it more favorable for more deep massage.

Ingredients of Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème

  • Octyl palmitate (coconut oil ester)- It is an excellent anti-oxidant and helps renew the tissues and increases energy level.
  • Almond oil- Delays aging, retains glow, helps lighten dark circles, nourishes the skin and can cure skin rashes.
  • Arnica extract stimulates circulation and helps in tissue repair and restoration
  • Ivy extract (Hedera helix) reduces wrinkles and fine lines and hydrates the dry areas.
  • Aloe vera oil, Glycerin and Vitamin E- All are excellent natural moisturizer for the skin, helps reduce wrinkles and cure dry, scaly, itchy and chapped skin, helps retain moisture for longer period.
  • Kukui nut oil gives a soothing effect and can relieve sunburned and dry skin.
  • It also contains purified water, emulsifying wax, non drying emollient, carbomer, fragrance etc. It is absolutely paraben and animal fat free.

Biotone is ideal for using in Swedish massage, sports massage, trigger point massage deep massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, and aromatherapy. It is also available in bottles with a capacity of 5, 1, ½, gallons and 36, 14, and 4 oz tubs, 7 oz refillable tube and a small trial pack of ¼ oz pack as well. Try it for more gliding performance that lasts longer than any other crème.

Magnus Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Crème

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