Types Of Biotone Massage Creams

The purpose of massage is to relax or for therapeutic purposes. There are many types of massages as well. The most essential thing for a massage is a lubricant. A lubricant may be a crème, lotion, oil or gel. The purpose of a lubricant is to minimize the friction of the skin while massaging. It lets the therapists to move his hands without hurting the dry skin or the body hair being an obstacle. It also moisturizes the skin and becomes a protective layer for s long as it stays. Biotone introduces a range of massaging crèmes.

Advanced Therapy Massage Cream

  • Advanced Therapy massage cream is as beneficial as the smooth gliding oil and the easily absorbing lotion.
  • This crème is hypoallergenic, non fragrant and paraben-free.
  • It contains no nut oils or drying alcohols or mineral oils.
  • It consists of natural oils from grape seed, sesame, and apricot.
  • They help soothe and moisturize the skin. It is easy to apply like a thick crème and has the texture of oil. Besides, it is ideal for long term massages. It leaves the skin silky and gets absorbed fast like lotions.

Magnus Biotone Massage Creams

Biotone Massage Creams – Products

Massage creams from Biotone are luxuriously thick and glide over the skin in perfect smoothness. Biotone Massage Creams are present in different formulae to meet every need. Biotone introduces a range of massaging crèmes.

Dual purpose massage cream

  • This is one of the most favorite massage crème of therapists.
  • This crème is thicker than lotion but as beneficial as lotion when it comes to absorption.
  • The thick consistency offers better glide and the workability is suited for long term massages.
  • It requires less reapplication.
  • This can be used on the face, hands, and feet and for full body massage.
  • This crème leaves the skin silky soft and has a grease free feel.
  • Very beneficial for dry or damaged skin, enhances blood circulation and cures bruises.

Healthy benefit massage cream

  • This rich and thick crème has got powerful anti-oxidants.
  • It requires less reapplication. These anti oxidants are beneficial to eliminate the free radicals and relieve cell damage. This results in glowing healthy skin.
  • The main constituents of the crème are the extracts from green tea, pomegranate, and white grape and grape seed.
  • The oils from pomegranate, soy and rice bran provides better glide and helps it penetrate to the deep tissues. The resultant skin will be silky smooth is protected or restored with nutrients.

Herbal select massage cream

  • The Herbal Select Massage Cream is a rich and thick product of the blend of jojoba, sesame and grapeseed oils with flower extracts of palmarosa, tangerine, lavender, apricot, red clover blossom, and Blue Malva.
  • This non greasy light formula penetrates quickly and is long lasting with less reapplication.
  • The smooth texture is proper for comfortable glide and moisturizes and conditions the skin with reliable ease.
  • The comforting affects of the plants relieves the stress, while lavender heals the damage cells, the clover blossom relieves skin disorders and blue malva is beneficial for dry skin.