Memory Problems & Causes

I AM WHO I AM…..I am able to type these words because I know who I am. Everything that you have seen, heard, felt, decide, emote are because of a super power in our body known as MEMORY. Its what makes us. Basic definition of a memory goes “the power that encompasses all the information which our mind stores”. Is that it??? Duhhh…its much more than that…

Our memory is a part of our very existence. Every logical thinking we make are processed in the brain. It consists of three types of processes such as encoding, storage and retrieval. The part of encoding receives the information such as watching sports or reading articles etc. Storage maintains the information received and retrieval goes back into the storage area and provides you with the information that was retained. There are three types of memory: Short Term, Long Term and Remote. While short term memory lasts for about 30 seconds such as telephone number, it does not show any difference as one ages. Long term memory shows decline as and when you age. It consists of incidents and happenings that happened days or years ago. Remote memory is in-built and aging cannot challenge this memory as it involves one’s self such as the person’s childhood experiences.

Why do I forget?? Memory Loss – Procognin

To begin with, loss of memory is quite common in people given to the stress in today’s world. Some of the factors are:

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Procognin – Memory Boosting Supplement

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Stress – Firstly, the word itself plays a lot of importance as to how it affects our body and brain. Besides work Pressures, heavy traffic jams, missing important meetings or any negativity causes our kidney to release chemicals to our brain and body thus putting the hormones to our adrenal glands jump up with action forcing the brain to make a decision and the result – stress. We feel irritative, lethargic and even silly incidents can make us angry at that moment.

Tobacco and alcohol – Most of the people are addicted to drugs, tobacco and alcohol. While it feels ‘cool’ at that particular moment, it can lead to blackouts and forgetfulness of key details while chewing or smoking tobacco can lead to physical and mental diseases.

Other incidents that cause memory loss are:

  • Head Injury
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Foods that boost your brain

  • Even though we age, it is still not an excuse to get out of remembrance. A recent study found out that certain foods boost our memorize capacity making us live a better and healthier life and help us to age gracefully.
  • Similarly, foods such as Blueberries have been proven to cure dementia or Alzheimer’s disease whereas salmon (deep-water fish) contain omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for brain function.
  • Equally Sesame seeds, cashews, peanuts help in retaining good memory in old age though roasted nuts are a strict no-no.
  • Include whole grains, such as breads, oats which are rich in fibre and boosts your immunity power which is essential for brain functioning.

Procognin – Memory Booster

Though there are a lot of brain supplements to boost your capacity, has introduced a natural and homeopathic product known as Procognin. A complete dietary supplement to boost your brain power, Procognin is made out of herbs, vitamins and minerals that are required for your daily intake in case you miss out on any nutrient.

Above all , products manufactured by HelloLife are 100% natural without any side effects and the production facility is registered under the FDA and oblige to the respective guidelines. Besides, many of the consumers have found Procognin very effective as it contains natural elements only but if you are consuming medications from a physician or a neurologist, it will always help to consult them before intake of Procognin.