The BrainMD Health Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is a sugar-free and gluten-free energy bar that serves as a healthy chocolate that can help boost the brain and body. This is made of pure dark chocolate with no allergens in it. It helps improve the overall health by influencing the brain and cardiovascular system. Brain in Love Chocolate Bar can eliminate the mental fog and elevate the mood instantly. It is safe for diabetic patients as it has the low glycemic index. The Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is available in a case of 24 bars for the daily healthy snack option during the afternoon, when you need a quick push of energy and focus.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar ingredients, Benefits & Uses

The ingredient list of the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar includes –

  • chocolate liquor,
  • erythritol,
  • inulin from chicory root,
  • cocoa butter,
  • soy lecithin,
  • vanilla
  • extract of stevia as the sweetener.

Brain in Love 24 Chocolate Bars Benefits

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar contains pure dark chocolate with high percentage of chocolate liquor or the cocoa solid that has maximum benefits. The dark chocolate though considered as a sweet is more than a sweet and has higher health benefits than even some fruits or vegetables.

  • Contains antioxidants: Dark chocolate contains a good amount of flavonoids. These have antioxidant property to eliminate free radicals. Free radical accumulation can damage the cells and could also harm heart health and blood vessels. These flavonoids would remove free radicals and save the cardiovascular health.
  • Mood and cognition: Dark chocolate has stimulating effects on the brain and it releases neurotransmitters like serotonin that elevate the mood. It makes you feel good and keeps the mind calmer. This, in turn, improves the cognitive functions.
  • Sugar-free: Brain in Love Chocolate Bar contains no sugar that can lower the benefits of the dark chocolate. Instead of sugar, stevia is used as the sweetener that helps reduce calorie content and makes it suitable for diabetic patients. This makes the dark chocolate better which already has a low glycemic index.
  • Cholesterol free: The Brain in Love Chocolate Bar uses only the cocoa solids that have healthy fats and fiber. This helps to eliminate cholesterol-rich filing in the chocolate. It can also make way for boosting the HDL level and reduce the LDL or bad cholesterol level in the blood. The antioxidant activity of the chocolate works in favor of the HDL or good cholesterol, which gets protection against oxidative damage.
  • Reduce blood pressure: The dark chocolate stimulates the arterial lining to produce more nitric oxide that prevents depositions on the walls and relaxes the arteries. This improves blood flow without obstruction and regulates blood pressure levels.
  • Skin protection: Eating dark chocolate helps prevent skin damage due to the sun.
  • Fiber and nutrient rich: Dark chocolate contains the high amount of soluble fiber and abundance of useful minerals like potassium, phosphorous, zinc and selenium.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity: This will benefit people with type 2 diabetes and help control their blood sugar level. Dark chocolate helps improve the insulin sensitivity of the cells so that they can respond to insulin.

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Brain in Love 24 Chocolate Bars

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

You can have the BrainMD Health Brain in Love Chocolate Bar anytime you feel like. There is no specific dosage for this. The only thing to be careful is to limit your servings and use it only moderately.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar does not have any drug interactions unless you are eating too many bars. In that case, you need to be more careful if you are on any heart medication or that related to blood pressure or diabetes for that matter.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

  • Though the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is only a chocolate bar it could cause negative effects when having in larger number or too frequent for comfort. The overdose of dark chocolate can lead to
  • Insomnia as the caffeine (no matter if it is low in each bar) can interfere with the sleeping ability
  • Kidney stones as the dark chocolate contain oxalates that increase the risk of stone formations. Stay away from dark chocolate or eat only on the moderate amount of you are among those who are prone to kidney stones.
  • Migraine- Could trigger migraine-like headaches in some people.
  • Contain soy lecithin that can cause allergic reactions.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar reviews & Complaints

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar reviews says that the chocolate bar is delicious. This is a guilt free chocolate snack that is also healthy. The chocolate is devoid of sugar is a highlight and is also free of the usual bitterness seen in dark chocolates. The general view is that it can satisfy sweet cravings without compromising on the health. The best part is that even a small portion can satisfy the cravings.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar Testimonials

  • Jennifer-“We are a family of chocolate lovers. The large case lasts for months and my kids loved them. I also use the bars for baking healthy food.”
  • Lorraine-“this candy bar is filling. It is a safe and wonderful treat for all.”
  • Harold-“I am diabetic and hypersensitive. I have had no problems with this chocolate. Harold break the bars into smaller pieces. I like that the bars are shipped inside the reusable cold pack to save it during summer months.”
  • Paula-“I love the chocolate bars. The only problem is the price and that there is no free shipping even with the case. I also wish that the bars have some ridges to make the breaking easier in case we don’t want the whole bar.”

Where to Buy Brain in Love Chocolate Bar

The only place you can buy the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar from is the manufacturer’s online store. Visit BrainMD Health website to order this. The chocolate is available only in cases of 24 bars in it. Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is NOT available on Amazon.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar price

The case of Brain in Love Chocolate Bar with 24 bars costs $69.95. There is no discount for this product and neither is it eligible for free shipping since the minimal amount, not $75. If you can buy another product, then you can get free shipping.

Brain in Love Chocolate Bar Discount, coupon codes, and Promo

You can make use of the BrainMD Health coupons and promo codes to get discount on the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar. Get these coupons from the popular online coupon websites.


Is Brain in Love Chocolate Bar safe for elderly people?

As long as there is no major disease or medications for a serious problem, the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is safe for all elders. They can easily enjoy the treat without having to worry about sugar, cholesterol or even caffeine.

Is the Brain in Love Chocolate Bar available in Costco?

No, Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is not available in Costco.

Can I get Brain in Love Chocolate Bar in WalMart?

No, Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is not available in WalMart either. It is exclusive to the manufacturer.

Does Brain in Love Chocolate Bar work for anxiety?

In a way, yes, it does work for anxiety. The dark chocolate can trigger the release of serotonin that helps calm the nerves and relax the mind which would help reduce anxiety. But it is not a cure for anxiety issues.


The BrainMD Health Brain in Love Chocolate Bar is a good source of healthy dark chocolate that is risk-free in multiple levels. The only problem would be the presence of soy otherwise it is free of all common allergens like dairy, sugar, and gluten. You can have them as it is or adds it in your favorite sweet recipes.