Stress can be a heinous villain that affects us both mentally and physically. The burden of stress on the cognitive health affects us worse than it would physically. As much as distressing methods would work, the body would still need something to revive itself to its previous glory. Several nutrients play key roles in this task and one of the prominent ones happens to be tyrosine. Tyrosine is a precursor for dopamine and other neurotransmitters that help the mind adapt to stress and maintain normalcy.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine is a dietary supplement that supplies this compound that helps with cognitive health and stress support.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine ingredients, Benefits & Uses

  • L-Tyrosine is the only ingredient in the BrainMD Health Tyrosine supplement.
  • Tyrosine is an amino acid that is a building block as well as a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine and norepinephrine. These are responsible for the cognitive functions of the brain giving importance to the execution part as well as focus and thinking. Apart from being precursors to these hormones, tyrosine is also important for other systems and functionalities of the body.

Each capsule carries 1000mg of tyrosine in it. The tyrosine added here is the free form of the amino acid.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Supplement

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Benefits

  • Tyrosine promotes emotional balance by supplying steady level of dopamine. Dopamine is also responsible for focus, attention, and memory
  • It supports stressful situations with norepinephrine, another essential neurotransmitter that works for the adaptability towards the changing situations. Without this, the body would produce more stress hormones.
  • Supports healthy adrenal gland function: Tyrosine is also a significant part of adrenal functions for the production of the hormone, thyroxine. IT is vulnerable to stress that reduces its amount. The steady supply of tyrosine ensures that the level of this hormone stays healthy. It helps eliminate adrenal fatigue with the production of dopamine and thyroxine in the adrenals and by providing better concentration.
  • Supports healthy thyroid functions: Tyrosine is part of the thyroid hormones and with its presence assures that the thyroid hormones are produced in needed amount. Since tyrosine is an essential part of the thyroid hormones, it can be a quick remedy for hypothyroidism.
  • Tyrosine could work on to lift the mood and be an anti-depressant at times. It helps the body cope with stress and reduce the stress-related problems.
  • Tyrosine could work as an energy booster during workouts as it helps produce the adrenal and thyroid hormones that are mainly responsible for the metabolic boost that results in better energy flow.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

The recommended dosage of BrainMD Health Tyrosine is 2 capsules once or twice a day between the meals. It is important to take the capsules 2-3 hours away from food as the amino acids in the diet could interfere with the absorption of the supplements.

Start with 1 capsule per day and then increase it to 2 capsules a day and so on. Increase the dosage only if there are no negative effects and you stay healthy and fit.

Once you have things under control, you can reduce the dosage to a bare minimum that works best for you as a maintenance dose.

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Drug interactions

Tyrosine could interfere with medications for hypothyroidism. Ti can cause an overload of thyroid hormones and get into hyperthyroidism mode. Tyrosine can also lower the absorption of the drugs for Parkinson’s disease.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no reports of any side effects caused by BrainMD Health Tyrosine. Tyrosine might cause fatigue in some, neck stiffness or even weight gain in some.

There are no serious side effects or adverse reactions are using BrainMD Health Tyrosine. The only caution needs are to seek medical advice before starting with this if you are on any kind of medication.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine is not safe for pregnant women and for those with hyperthyroidism.

Where to Buy BrainMD Health Tyrosine

You can buy BrainMD Health Tyrosine only from the manufacturer. Visit the BrainHD Health online store to buy the product. The supplement is reasonably priced with a bottle that can last for about 2 months.

You can choose a onetime purchase or opt for auto delivery happening every month. This monthly subscription can give more discounts plus free shipping.

  • BrainMD Health Tyrosine in Amazon: It is not available in Amazon
  • Tyrosine in Costco: It is not sold at Costco
  • BrainMD Health Tyrosine in WalMart: It is unavailable at WalMart

BrainMD Health Tyrosine price

One bottle of BrainMD Health Tyrosine with 120 capsules costs $19.95 when bought as a single item. If you opt for the auto delivery the price will reduce to $16.96 per bottle and is also eligible for free shipping every month.
Usually free shipping is applicable only for a purchase of $75 or over. When you choose the auto delivery for any product, the free shipping comes into effect regardless of the price.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Discount, coupon codes, and Promos

The BrainHD Health coupons and promos would give more discounts on the BrainMD Health Tyrosine supplement. Choose these coupons from any of the popular online coupon websites and apply it while you check out.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine reviews & Complaints

The BrainMD Health Tyrosine reviews show that the supplement works quickly and can show results within a few days. There are no reports of any kind of side effects. Except for a case of knee pain, there are no other complaints.

BrainMD Health Tyrosine Testimonials

  • Anonymous-“I got positive results within 4 days of starting the pills. I have been under stress for too long which had affected my life badly. This came as a savior for sure. This gave me hope and confidence.”
  • Katie- “I am calmer and have clearer mental focus than I had before. I am thankful for this product to help me with the hectic life.”
  • Tiffany-“It has helped me stay alert the whole day. I take 2 pills in the morning and I get good benefits.”
  • Michael-“I gave me the extra boost in the gym daily. I have better energy and focus when I wake up in the morning.”
  • Beth-“I was not happy with the recommended dose. I played with the dosage and reduced the amount. Bingo! It worked like a charm.”

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BrainMD Health Tyrosine FAQs

Is BrainMD Health Tyrosine capsules safe?

Yes, the BrainMD Health Tyrosine capsules are safe as it contains no fillers, allergens like soy, gluten, dairy or any other added flavors or preservatives.

Can I give BrainMD Health Tyrosine to my 11 yr old?

No, BrainMD Health Tyrosine is tailored to suit adults better than the children. The fatigue in children could be due to other reasons than the lack of tyrosine. Do not give this to children unless recommended by the doctor.

Does BrainMD Health Tyrosine work for hypothyroidism?

Tyrosine is useful for thyroid glands to produce the thyroid hormones. It has shown the effect of improving the thyroid functions. You can use it for hypothyroidism if it is a mild case. Do not take BrainMD Health Tyrosine, if you are currently on any medication for the same condition. In that case, talk to the doctor to adjust the dosage and see if it can go together or you need to cancel out the medication or the supplement.

How do I know if I need to take BrainMD Health Tyrosine or not?

People are constantly under stress and it might be taking its toll on the body. If you frequently feel stressed out, mental fatigue, overall lethargic and feel sluggish, the BrainMD Health Tyrosine might help you out. This will help generate the needed extra energy boost in various ways and help the mind to stay focused under the stressful conditions. Gradually with continued use, the body can revive itself.

How quick can I get the BrainMD Health Tyrosine results?

The pace of working of BrainMD Health Tyrosine can change from person to person. It is rather fast working supplement that can show the results within a few days to a week. The change is visible from the first use with a boost in energy. Focus and concentration factors would follow. Gradually, you will be able to deal with stress a lot better than it used to.

Is the BrainMD Health Tyrosine safe for vegetarians?

Yes, the BrainMD Health Tyrosine is completely vegan.


Though tyrosine is naturally available in the commonly used food items like nuts, pats, wheat, eggs, fish etc, having an extra dose is best for the supplementation purpose. The BrainMD Health Tyrosine carries the recommended dosage for this nutrient. As long as you keep with the recommended dosage, there would not be any problems. Moreover, the company offers 100% money back guarantee of your case turned out to be non-satisfactory. BrainMD Health Tyrosine is an economical dietary supplement available in a higher number of pills than other brands. Try it to see the difference.