BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 5000 Softgels- Benefits, Side Effects & Review

Magnus BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 5000 Softgels- Benefits, Side Effects & Review
Magnus BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 5000 Softgels- Benefits, Side Effects & Review

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 5000 Softgels

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin which the body produces in the presence of sunlight. When the world has moved forward, people are more confined to the interiors of their homes and offices during the peak hours when they are likely to get natural sunlight. This leads to vitamin D deficiency which has serious consequences inside the body. People are relying on dietary supplements to get this natural vitamin.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 5000 softgels contain the high potency cholecalciferol, the most absorbable form of this vitamin so that the body can use it quick and efficient. Vitamin D is essential for various vital metabolic activities of the body and for staying healthy.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 ingredients, Benefits & Uses

The only ingredients in the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 is

  • Vitamin D3 in the form of Cholecalciferol 5000 IU

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 Benefits

  • Immunity: Vitamin D3 has several crucial roles in the body. The most important of them all is immunity where the vitamin strengthens the body to act properly and reduce seasonal allergies. One of the common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency is poor immunity and frequent seasonal allergies. This vitamin is present in all the cells including the immune cells to make them healthy and act sensibly.
  • Calcium absorption: The second most important duty of vitamin D is the absorption of calcium. The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium into the bones and teeth. It also helps maintain the body balance and stay steadier without muscle contraction s to cause a fall. It is also responsible for the calcium-phosphorus balance
  • For muscles: Vitamin D when breaks down and entering the muscle cells can improve the contractions and regularize it. The contraction and relaxation of the muscles would be more under control and would also be strengthened. This vitamin can make the muscles stronger.
  • For brain: Vitamin D can protect the brain cells from oxidative stress. It takes part in protein synthesis that helps with the survival of brain cells, especially during aging. It helps maintain memory, orientation, mood changes and can also prevent cell degeneration. Higher vitamin D level will prevent Parkinson’s disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease etc.
  • Sleep: Vitamin D improves the quality of sleep. It eliminates the upper airway obstruction during sleep and makes way for peaceful and restful sleep.
  • Heart health: Vitamin D insufficient level reduces blood pressure and prevents cases of heart attack, stroke and other arterial diseases.
  • Blood sugar and diabetes: Vitamin D helps with insulin production and helps maintain the blood sugar level. It plays a major role in managing type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Lower level o this vitamin can reduce insulin secretion and that is improved with the vitamin supplementation.
  • Anti-inflammatory: This vitamin has the anti-inflammatory property that helps with the immune system. It can reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases, cyst formations, and other inflammations.
  • Blood circulation: It improves the blood circulation to the brain and all other parts of the body as well. This leads to an improvement in the overall health.

Other benefits: Vitamin D is a vital vitamin that is used for numerous activities inside the body. It plays a role in almost every part of the body. It is essential for gene regulation, cell growth control, coping with stress, hormonal maintenance, calcium metabolism etc.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

Take the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 along with the meals. Being a fat-soluble vitamin, having it with the meals would help in better absorption. Take only 1 softgel per day. The softgels have a higher concentration of the vitamin so only 1 is enough.

Vitamin D3 does not have any drug interactions that you need to worry about. For a safer side give it a gap or 2-3 hours between the medications and vitamin D3 to avoid any conflict. Additionally, have a talk with the concerned doctor to check if this dosage of the vitamin is safe for you.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

The BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 is a risk-free supplement. Side effects or adverse reactions could arise if there is an overdose. High level of vitamin D3 can lead to problems like kidney stones, muscle weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, frequent urination, extreme thirst, digestive problems etc.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 reviews & Complaints

The BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 reviews say that this is an excellent supplement for those who have vitamin D deficiency. The softgels carry a higher dose of the vitamin than what is normally required. The soft gels are easy to consume and have not caused any ill effects thus far. The general opinion is that these supplements have helped improve the health tremendously.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 Testimonials

  • Debbie-“ BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 helped me reach the optimal vitamin D level. After taking it for weeks, the blood tests showed good results. I started with this after my provider recommended this to me.”
  • Connie- “I started with the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 when I was tested low. After taking the supplements, I started losing weight in the first months. Weight loss just happened and I was not planning on it. I am feeling better as well.”
  • Anonymous-“I was on prescription pills for the Vit D deficiency. But I got better results with these supplements than with the pills. I feel less tired and have more energy than before. My vitamin levels have also gone up. I am continuing with this.”
  • Annie- “BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 has helped improve the vitamin levels, boost my memory, has smoothened my mood and made me more tolerant towards people. I am getting better sleep now than before. I also take Omega 3 along with this.”

Where to Buy BrainMD Health Vitamin D3

You can buy Vitamin D3 5000 from BrainHD Health online store. Buying it from the manufacturers is far better than other sources. You will be getting a bottle with 100 softgels that can last for 2-3 months.

You can opt for a onetime purchase or subscribe for the monthly auto delivery that has discounted price and free shipping options.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 in Amazon is another option where you get the same benefits. There could be a slight price difference on Amazon from the manufacturer’s. The subscription option is also available on Amazon.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 price

One bottle of BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 for a onetime purchase would be $24.95 from BrainHD Health and currently, $23.70 from Amazon.

The auto delivery price would be $21.21 with free shipping per bottle.

The price is reasonable and cheaper than the prescription pills. The product is safe and allergen free and would be side-effects free for as long as there is no overdose.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 Discount, coupon codes, and Promos

Make use of the BrainHD Health coupons and promo codes to get discount on the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 softgels. There is a minimal order or $75 to have free shipping from the makers. The discount coupons and promos would help you cover the shipping expenses or get discounts on the prices. These coupons are available from the popular coupon sites.

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 FAQs

Is BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 softgels safe?

Yes, the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 soft gels are safe for all adults. The softgels lack any dairy, soy or other allergens that can trigger any allergic reactions. It uses vegetable-based ingredients to make the softgels.

Is BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 FDA Approved

It is not mentioned whether it has got the FDA approval or not.

Does BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 work for mood improvement?

Since vitamin D is significant for the neurotransmitter production, having this vitamin insufficient level in the blood can ensure proper mood regulation and alleviation of anxiety or the uplifting of depressed feelings. It can also help maintain the nerve cells and brain cells. It takes part in the initiative of nerve cell renewal for their maintenance and good health. The improved blood flow to the brain also plays a big role here.

Is the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 available at Costco?

No, BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 is not available at Costco.

Can I buy BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 from WalMart?

BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 is unavailable at WalMart stores.

How long would it take for the BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 to show the results?

The BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 results could be detectable within a few weeks. For people who are highly deficient would take about a month to see major changes.


The BrainMD Health Vitamin D3 would be beneficial for those who live in extremely cold climates or where there is not enough sunlight to get the natural vitamin D. This dietary supplement is easy to consume and contains good enough dosage for improving the vitamin D levels. Within a few weeks time, it can bring some life-changing effects in you.

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