Buy Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil The Ayurveda Experience


Magnus Buy Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil The Ayurveda Experience

Ayurveda Experience Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil

Read the entire reviews on this Ajara Cinnamon Clove foot oil. Check for its benefits, list of ingredients added, side effects, customer testimonials and much more.

How much do you care for your feet? Yes, many would say they are the least pampered area of our body… Actually, it is recommended that a daily foot massage is needed in order to keep your feet strong and flexible. Try AJARA CINNAMON CLOVE WARMING FOOT OIL which is considered great for a daily foot massage. Equally, works at curing dryness, numbness, fatigue and crack on the heels.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil – The Ayurveda Experience

Ajara foot oil is a beautiful, scented foot warming oil that is highly efficient for a daily foot massage, to prevent dryness and at strengthening the foot muscles. Equally, it is specially meant for the Vata and Kapha types.

Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil – Ajara Benefits And Uses

  • Promotes better sleep – This soothing foot massage oil promotes a restful night sleep. Equally, it relaxes the nerves and enhances the rate of blood circulation.
  • Improves the level of blood circulation – Many times, wearing tight shoes or footwear’s can restrict the normal circulation in the feet. Thus, you can improve these circulation levels by a daily foot massage with Ajara foot oil. Through this, it enhances your overall health by transporting oxygen to all the body cells.
  • Helps you relax – A relaxing foot massage with this oil, helps you release blockages that hold back energy. Other than this, also relieves the symptoms of stress and tension from the feet.
  • Relieves aches and pains – This foot oil also treats different kinds of pains and aches present on the feet. You can massage the whole ankle to lower pain and swelling in the ankle.
  • Makes your feet healthier – Keeps your feet healthy from all kinds of foot trouble, by making the unpleasant ankle strong and flexible.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Ingredients

  • Sesamum indicum (Sesame) seed oil*,
  • Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) bud oil*,
  • Citrus Limon (Lemon) fruit peel oil*
  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) leaf oil*,
  • Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil*
  • + Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil*

* – represents organic

  • Sesamum indicum (Sesame) seed oil – Sesame seed oil is a storehouse of antioxidants. Equally, it is rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals, including B and E. Thus, it serves as a preferred remedy for cracked heels, muscle and bone health.
  • Syzygium aromaticum (Clove) bud oil – This clove oil has numerous healing properties. It promotes good blood circulation, fights infection and provides relief from stress and mental breakdown.
  • Citrus Limon (Lemon) fruit peel oil – Lemon serves as an astringent and detoxifying agent, best for treating skin disorders and allergic conditions.
  • Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) leaf – Cinnamon works as a magical stress buster and is great at destroying all kinds of germ infections. Besides, it is considered good for athletes and individuals who wear closed shoes for most of the day.
  • Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil – There are numerous health benefits of Eucalyptus oil. The oil is highly beneficial for healing wounds; it is anti-inflammatory in nature and is considered good at relieving muscle stress and pain.
  • Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil – This oil is great for reducing pain, swelling, joint pain, sprain and in lowering the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Dosage And Drug Interaction Symptoms

It is advised to apply the desired amount of oil to the soles of your feet and hands, before bedtime. Besides, the formula also works great when applied to other body areas – like the back of the neck, behind ears, wrists, knees, elbows or wherever you want a chill.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Risks, Side Effects, And Adverse Reactions

There are no side effects reported for this product. All you can see more than 100’s of customers sharing beneficial results on the usage of this Ajara foot oil.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Reviews And Complaints

This Ajara foot oil has been rated with five out of five stars by most of the users who have been through this product. They are saying that this is “An ultimate foot care solution that takes away all your diseases from the feet. All one needs to do is simply massage this oil before going to bed…” Further, check the few honest reviews stated for this warming massage oil. This could definitely lead you to a right decision in choosing them out.

  • Micheal H says “This oil is perfect for all foot treatments. I have used it on my feet and was able to get the warmth without any irritation. According to me, this is nice to all my foot treatments.”
  • Milagros T says “I totally love this product. It works as said and thus will be ordering more and more again.”
  • Christy says “All the thanks to the manufacturers! I have suggested this Ajara foot oil to all my friends and family members.”

Where To Buy Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil? – Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil For Sale Online

Well, the product is not available at the local stores in the nearby vicinity. All you can get them online at the manufacturer’s website at or at the third-party dealers like Amazon and other best sellers. Check them out for more!

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil On Amazon

Yes, the product is available for sale at popular stores like Amazon. You can get them off at an affordable price tag with many interesting deals and offers. Hurry! Never miss them off. Immediately visit the site before the offer ends.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil In Costco

No, this product is not available at the Costco stores. Hence, it is best you check them off at the seller’s websites or related third party users like Amazon.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil In Walmart

Currently, this Ajara foot oil is not available in the Walmart stores. However, it’s better you get them from the company’s website. They sell all their formula at a valuable price tag with many discounts, promo deals.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Price

Well, the price is quite affordable… not that high as you believe. Further, you can check with the site for all related info and major benefits offered by the company.

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil Discount, Coupon, And Promo Deals

You will come across plenty of eye-catching offers at The Ayurveda Experience. First, of all, they offer 10% sitewide off, 50% off on the special items, 20 to 30% off on skin care products and much more. Visit the site for more!

Magnus Buy Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil The Ayurveda Experience

Ajara Cinnamon Clove Warming Foot Oil – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ajara foot oil safe?

Yes, this foot oil is purely safe for daily foot massages. Moreover, all the ingredients added in this formula are strictly analyzed on the basis of the toxicity and regulatory databases.

What if I am not satisfied with the results yielded by this product? Can I return them?

Yes, of course! You may return this foot oil at the earliest if you are not happy with the results obtained. There’s a 30-day return policy offered by the company. Thus, there’s nothing to worry about this.

Is this Ajara foot oil available on eBay, Walgreens and GNC stores?

No, currently the mentioned product is not available at the following stores. Thus, you may check them with other sellers like Amazon.

Can I get the email address of The Ayurveda

Sure, the email address of The Ayurveda Experience is You may contact them for all your personal queries and doubts.

What is their contact phone number?

The contact phone number of The Ayurveda Experience is +1(678)-498-7248 (US) and +44 1659 490379 (UK).


Finally, AJARA CINNAMON CLOVE WARMING FOOT OIL is an affordable, easy way to keep your feet healthy and get rid of all kinds of foot troubles. Buy them today itself to know the best results for yourselves.

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