Skin nourishment and joint health may be separate categories but they do go together when you need to get relief from joint pain. Here is a convenient way to add moisture to the skin and keep the joints healthy. Even though Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is primarily a moisturizer, it has anti-inflammatory agents to reduce inflammations and joint discomfort at bay. It could also be the other way around.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Coconut oil is a hydrating oil that can prevent several skin infections and inflammations. The lauric acid in this oil can reduce the inflammations in the joints and ease the pain. Regular use of this oil on the skin can ward off the diseases and joint problems. In this Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm it works as the carrier oil for the added essential oils.
  • Shea butter is an excellent moisturizing agent that has deep penetrating ability. This comes as a real boon for dry skin. It nourishes the skin and heals the wounds. It can diminish blemishes, scars, wrinkles etc. Shea butter can promote collagen production and reduce inflammations– both of which are useful for joint health maintenance.
  • Sunflower oil contains omega fatty acids that can ease the discomfort associated with arthritis. Regular use of this oil on the joints can promote better health in these regions. The antioxidants in this oil can prevent the tissue damage and reduce skin irritations.
  • Beeswax is the emulsifier here. It has moisturizing effects and can also prevent inflammations. Beeswax can be a protector of the skin. It can reduce inflammation and relieve swellings.
  • Tapioca root starch has saponins that have anti-inflammatory property. It can help the body break down uric acids that could form deposits in the joints. On the skin, it has brightening effects, hydrating and can remove scars.
  • Frankincense resin oil is a well-known remedy for joint pain. The oil has astringent property for the benefit of skin. In milder amount, it can prevent inflammations on the skin as well as for the joints.
  • Vetiver leaf oil has mild anti-inflammatory property. It is hydrating to the skin and can help reduce stretch marks and wrinkles on the skin as well.
  • Benzoin resin oil on the skin has astringent property. It can tone up the muscles. It can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Palmarosa oil is anti-inflammatory and hydrating by nature. It can control the sebum production by the skin and reduce acne as well.
  • Cedar oil can prevent and cure eczema, reduce inflammations, relieve pain, heal wounds and acne, tones the skin, has anti-fungal property and has a nice aroma to it.
  • Rose oil is antibacterial that controls the acne breakouts. It also improves the skin permeability and allows the other ingredients to have better absorption into the skin.

The Ayurveda Experience Heaven + Earth Joint Balm

The Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is a 2-in-one product that you can use as a hydrating agent for the skin that can also maintain the good health of the joints.

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  • Using the Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm right after the shows ensures that the natural moisture of the skin is locked inside.
  • It is moisturizing to the skin and helps it retain water
  • The anti-inflammatory property will prevent the inflammations and infections of the skin
  • It can prevent inflammations inside the joints when applied over the joints
  • The aromatic essential oils can calm the mind and ease the stress

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm usage

The Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is better when used right after the shower. The creamy consistency makes it easier to spread over the skin. It does not make a too sticky cream and is easily absorbed.

It can also be used any other time when your skin needs some moisture. This balm can be applied directly over the joints to ease the discomfort if any.

This is suitable to use on the face and body equally. It can control the sebum production of the facial skin and moisturizing to the rest of the body.

Simple take a small amount of the cream and massage it over the skin wherever needed.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no side effects of using Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm on the face or on the body. The essential oils are in the diluted form that is mixed with the carrier oil. It causes no amount of irritations and is quite safe. There are no reports of any kind of adverse reactions or even milder side effects.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Reviews & Complaints

The Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm reviews show that it is an awesome product that provides heavenly feeling. The sweet aroma is what is liked by the users most. It has definitely reduced the pain in joints and improved the joint health. There have been no complaints about this product and the overall verdict is satisfactory.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Testimonials

  • Patti-“ Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm smells amazing. It made my joints happy, so I am also happy.”
  • Miley-“It has reduced the pain in my joints. I am happy that I bought this product.”
  • Veronica- “It smells heavenly and my skin looks wow!”

Does Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm work?

Yes, it does. Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm has reduced the joint discomfort for many. The hydrating effects have also worked to improve the skin health. it works without being greasy and smells great as well.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Results

You can expect pain relief, ease in joint movements, skin improvement and better joint health with the use of Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm. The soothing effects are seen right away. It eases the pain slowly. Skin improvement works faster than the joint health betterment.

Where to Buy Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm

You can buy Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm from Ajara Skincare store or from The Ayurveda Experience. This is an online product that you may not find on Amazon, in Costco or at WalMart.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Price

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is available in containers of 2 oz and 4 oz. the 2 oz pack costs $18 and the 4 oz container costs $30. It requires only a small amount for each application unless you are applying it all over the body. It should last for a long time.

Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm FAQs

Is Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm safe?

Yes, the Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is a safe skin balm that you can apply anywhere on the body as needed. It has a pleasant and calming aroma that works on both the exterior skin and internally. It uses only the natural ingredients and causes no allergies.

Where do I find the Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm Discount, coupon codes and Promos

There are no discount coupons, coupon codes or promo codes available for Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm that can get you any kind of discount on the final bill. The product is available only at the single price.

What exactly is this Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm? Is it a moisturizer or a joint pain balm?

It works as both. Heaven + Earth Joint Balm is mostly used as a remedy for joint issues. It can also be used as a general or instant skin moisturizer.

How often should I apply this balm for pain relief?

You can apply it as many times as needed. It works as an instant pain reliever for milder joint discomforts. If you are in need of an instant moisturizer to cure dry skin or want to apply a salve to slight scratches, you can use this Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm.

Will my skin feel greasy after applying this? After all, it has several oils in it?

No, it does not feel greasy. Though there are several oils, they are easily absorbed into the skin. Within a few minutes, there would be no trace of any of the oils on the skin.


As a tridosha cure, the Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm can cure vata (dryness), pitta toxins and Kapha (lubrication) in the joints. The imbalance of these 3 factors leads to what we call joint problems. The Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm contain the moisturizing agents that can remove the toxins and promote lubrication within the joints. It also contains several of the skin moisturizing agents to maintain the skin balance. Ajara Heaven + Earth Joint Balm could easily be the go-to product for those with joint issues that serve the dual functions.