According to Ayurveda, the kapha dosha or the imbalance in the water element can have widespread consequences inside the body. It can lead to excess mucus, lethargy, increased body weight, emotional and mood swings etc. One of the effective ways to regulate this kapha imbalance is aromatherapy.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma is one such method of aromatherapy that can balance kapha and eliminate the subsequent symptoms associated with this problem. The essential oils can have stimulating effects on the body that helps it to rectify the problems.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma ingredients, Benefits & Uses


The key ingredients in the Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma are certain essential oils such as,

  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil can elevate the mood. It is a nervous system booster and can reduce stress.
  • Grapefruit Oil has anti-depressant property when inhaled. It can boost the mental energy and ward off depressive feelings and emotions. The aroma of this essential oil has cleansing property on the mind and can restore the spiritual balance. Massing this oil on the pulses can improve digestion, immunity, liver congestion and burn excess fat.
  • Bergamot Oil can work for depression. It is able to boost digestion and relieve congestion.
Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On
This Ajara Roll-On Aroma helps to correct Kapha dosha and lift the spirit that is down with lethargy.

These above-mentioned ingredients are the active ingredients of Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma. The rest of the ingredients include

  • Fragonia oil can stimulate the immunity and modulate it. It has anti-inflammatory property and can decongest the veins.
  • Sunflower oil is the carrier oil and can release mucus.
  • Beeswax is a binder.
  • Labdanum resin is a popular ingredient in perfumes because of its sweet aroma.
  • Styrax benzoin resin is an expectorant that can relieve asthma and respiratory congestion.


  • Can lift the mood and make you feel energetic
  • Improves the nervous system functioning and boosts the immunity
  • Reduce mucus production inside the body, corrects digestion and improves respiratory system
  • You will not feel excessive thirst and saliva formation
  • You will not feel constantly cold
  • Reduced cases of a cough, cold and other respiratory related problems
  • Cure sleep disorders
  • Make the face less oily and improve joint movements

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma usage

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma is in the easy to use pack. Just open the cap and roll on the aromatic substance on to the neck, wrists and inner elbow. The slight fragrance of the Ajara Spirit Lift will improve the senses and can restore the general balance of the doshas.

You can apply this Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma anytime, under the moisturizer. You also need to use it for a long time to have best results.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no side effects of using Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma. It is purely natural and uses only the natural ingredients and essential oils. Since this is a roll on you are using only a slight amount per time to cause any trouble. This is completely safe to use for a long time. You can use it anytime to get a mild fragrance that has continual effects on the senses.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma reviews & Complaints

There are not many customer reviews on Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma that can help you decide on buying this spirit lift product. It says that aromatherapy is wonderful for the body. Instead of using the expensive perfumes, you could use this roll on and get natural benefits from its ingredients.

Where to Buy Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma

You can buy Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma from The Ayurveda Experience. You will get it in a small roll-on bottle that you can carry anywhere. It is available in bottles of 10 ml capacity. You can also get it from the manufacturer Ajara skin care.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma is also part of the Ajara Mind+Body Carry on Aroma Collection that has the Ajara Roll-On Aroma for Pitts Dosha as well as Vata Dosha formulations.

  • Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma in Amazon is not available.
  • Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma in Costco is not possible as it is an online-only product.
  • Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma in WalMart: This is not listed in WalMart store.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma price

The 10ml bottle of Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma costs only $20 at The Ayurveda Experience. The price is $22 at the manufacturer’s store.

The Ajara Mind + Body Carry on Aroma collection costs $95 for 3 roll-on aromas and a Temple balm perfume.

Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma FAQs

Is Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma safe?

Yes, aromatherapy is an effective way of treatment for so many disorders. It can only enhance the health. Moreover, you just need some milder quantity to get the desired results. The active essential oils are carried by other oils and skin friendly beeswax etc.

Does Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma work?

Yes, the aromatherapy is an age-old practice of treatment. The aroma of essential oils can revive our senses and can affect the internal systems. They are effective in stimulating the senses and mind to have positive effects on the other essential organ systems. You need the right kind of essential oils to have the right results. The Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma uses such key essential oils that can correct the kapha imbalance.

What are the Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma results?

Kapha imbalance can leave you feeling low, with mood swings, lethargic and all kinds of imbalance inside the body. With regular usage of Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma, you can feel energetic, in a better mood, healthier and lively. It may take a few days to see the change and can gradually have the sure lift in your spirits.

What about the Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma discount, coupon codes and promos availability

There are no specific Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma coupons. But you may be able to use The Ayurvedic Experience coupons to get discounts on products bought from there.


You may not know but kapha dosha is a major cause of respiratory and joint health problems. It can deplete the digestion and affect other organs as well. Using the Ajara Spirit Lift Roll-On Aroma can change these situations and really lift your spirit. It works as a mild perfume and at the same time make changes to have a healthier body. But remember, you will have to do more like, a healthier diet and lifestyle changes to get the best results.