A soothing and refreshing toner can reduce excess oil production on the face and keep your skin acne free. It is a quick cleanser that helps you remove some stubborn and heavy makeup as well. Here is a natural refreshing toner from Ajara Ayurveda.

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Ajara Sweetgrass Refreshing Toner is ideal for sensitive skin as it has only natural ingredients that suit such skin type. This mild toner will shrink the pores, helps in pH balancing, adds protection, moisturizes and refreshes the skin instantly.

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Sweetgrass leaf distillate has a relaxing scent. The essential oil can calm the nerves and improve energy flow. It has moisturizing property to heal the dry skin. It prevents acne formation. The antifungal properties can keep psoriasis and ringworms away. It improves blood circulation as well.
  • Plantain leaf distillate contains the skin healing component allantoin. It can soothe skin problems and boost the healing process. Plantain leaf distillate cures small cuts and wounds. It has mild moistening effects and soothes sunburn. It can reduce itching and inflammations in the skin due to insect bites. This ingredient can cure skin problems and reduce the chances of scarring. It keeps the skin blemish free.
  • Helichrysum flower distillate has compounds that stimulate the cell regeneration. It makes a good anti-aging ingredient. It can heal wounds faster. Helichrysum flower distillate reduces bacterial infections. It is effective against acne as well as rosacea. It soothes sunburn and other skin rashes.
  • Aloe vera leaf ditillate can soothe sunburn and acne. It has the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property that reduces all kinds of skin irritations. It has cooling effects and keeps the skin moist.
  • Soy lecithin is an emulsifier. It can hydrate the skin and help in the replenishment as well. It has skin protection quality.
The Ayurveda Experience Ajara Sweetgrass Refreshing Toner
The sweet-scented toner has the antimicrobial property that keeps acne-causing bacteria away. Ajara Sweetgrass Refreshing Toner is also healing for the minor scrapes and cuts as well. It is mild enough to use daily without causing skin dryness.


Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner reduces redness on the skin due to sunburn or other irritants

  • It shrinks the pores
  • Reduce excess oil on the face
  • Balances the skin tone and pH
  • It balances the pitta of the skin or the fire and water elements.
  • It reduces eczema, acne, psoriasis and other infection as well as inflammations on skin

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner usage

The Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner can be part of the daily skincare routine. You can use it before applying the moisturizer. It immediately freshens up the skin and keeps the makeup intact for longer. This toner does not let the makeup clog the pores.

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It is available in an easy to use a spray bottle. You can hold the bottle slightly away from the face and spray all over the face. You can always use it on a clean face at any time of the day for the instant refreshment of the face.

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

It is made with only natural ingredients that are skin soothing. There is no scope for any kind of skin irritations due to this toner. In fact, it prevents the chances of any such occurrence due to the other cosmetic products.

Evidently, there are no risks, side effects or adverse effects caused by the Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner. It is suitable for sensitive, acne prone and normal skin types. It keeps the skin fresh any time, any day.

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner Reviews & Complaints

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner has got positive reviews for its sweet scent. The traditional use of the ingredients in skin scrapes and minor wounds makes it more of a skin healer than a normal toner. It can work on this dual or multiple roles with ease, without causing further skin problems. There are no complaints about this product thus far.

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner Testimonials

There are no user reviews available for the Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner.

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Where to Buy Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner

You can buy Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner from The Ayurveda Experience it is available as an individual product and is included in 2 other skin care kit. It is available as part of Ajara Daily Face Care Kit for Sensitive or Combination Skin and the Ajara Rosacea Relief Kit, stating its effect for all skin types and for anti-rosacea effects.

The former is a 5 products kit that you can use daily and the other is specifically for those who have roasea on the skin. The Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner make s a great inclusion in both and works excellent for a natural skin toner.

  • Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner on Amazon is not available.
  • Sweetgrass refreshing toner in Costco- Not available in any shops
  • Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner in WalMart- Not listed

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner price

The Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner price is $32 for the 80 ml spritz bottle. The individual product is also available in 120 ml bottle that costs $46.

Ajara Daily Face care Kit for sensitive and combination skin costs $100 that you can get at the discounted price of $68.

The Ajara Rosacea Relief Kit is also costing $100 that you can get at the discounted rate of $68.

You can get all or any of these from The Ayurveda Experience. In fact, the combo packs are exclusive for The Ayurveda Experience that you cannot get from other stores.

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner FAQs

Is Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner safe?

Yes, Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner is safe for all those with sensitive skin. It is particularly made for the sensitive and acne prone skin to reduce their skin breakouts. It works well for oily, acne prone and combination skin types as well.

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Does Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner work?

Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner reduces the pore sizes and controls sebum production. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to control all kinds of skin problems. It works as great skin prep for other moisturizing creams and makeup as well.

When to expect the Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing Toner results?

The Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner results are immediate for pore size reduction, soothing effects, and cool sensation. The acne and skin inflammations can reduce gradually with regular use. You could see a change in appearance within a week.

How to make use of Ajara Sweetgrass Refreshing Toner discount coupons, coupon codes, and promos?

There are no direct Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner coupon codes, promos and discount coupons available. You can make use of The Ayurveda Experience coupons to get discounts. You can apply the codes while checking out. There is a specific box where you can add the code that lets you have the suitable discount.


Ajara Sweetgrass refreshing toner is suitable as an instant skin refresher. You can spray it on the face to get revive a tired and dull looking skin. It is better to apply for a clean face to get best results. You can use it to clean the face as well. Spray the toner on the face and wipe it with clean cotton or wipe to remove the dirt and grime.