Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is body massage oil suitable for dry skin. It nourishes the skin by balancing the natural state. Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is protective of the skin that has calming effects as well. It balances the air element of the skin that relieves dryness, wrinkles, and flakiness.

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Massaging this oil on the skin before shower regularly can clear the dry skin without using a lotion after the bath. People with vata dosha will benefit highly with this massaging oil.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil ingredients, benefits & uses


  • Sesame seed oil has moisturizing and detoxifying properties. It cleanses the skin and removes toxins. One of the reasons for skin dryness is toxin accumulation. Sesame oil removes the toxins and keeps the skin hydrated. Sesame seed oil prevents bacterial infections, repairs the skin cells and slows down the aging of the skin. It can penetrate deeper that works perfectly as the carrier oil for the other extracts. The faster absorption keeps the skin fairly on-greasy as well.
  • Castor oil can cure acne and other skin breakouts. It has healing effects that reduce the inflammations and promote skin repair. Castor oil can fade the blemishes and slow the aging. It can reduce pigmentation as well.
  • Gotu Kola leaf extract is moisturizing for the dry skin that can also improve the skin elasticity. It can tighten the skin and revive the skin to look younger and firmer. It can increase the blood circulation in the body.
  • Nutmeg seed extract can control acne and skin inflammations have antioxidants that prevent skin aging. It has a sweet smell that relaxes the mind and nerves. It gives you clearer skin and improves the complexion.
  • Bay leaf extract reduces stress in the skin cells. It prevents skin breakouts and wrinkle formation. It can boost blood circulation and reduce bruises.
  • Tulsi leaf extract has antiseptic and blood purifying properties. It can prevent skin diseases and relieve them as well. It eliminates acne and other common skin problems and can lighten the scars.
  • Rose petal extract has skin toning effects. It reduces blemishes, scars and skin pigmentation; it can control skin inflammations and soothes the irritated skin.
  • Lavender flower extract has calming effects on the nerves. It controls inflammations and can also detoxify the skin it is moisturizing, soothe the irritated skin and can reduce the scars and marks. It encourages tissue formation as well.
  • Licorice extract reduces dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation on the skin. It contains antioxidants that protect the skin. It has skin lightening effects as well.
  • Sweet orange peel oil contains vitamin C that protects the skin against pollutants and toxins. Sweet orange peel oil can promote collagen formation to make the skin cells healthier. It can reduce the aging process. It can brighten the skin as well.
The Ayurveda Experience Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil
Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil contains natural herbal extracts and essential oils that can relieve skin problems and improve the skin health.


  • Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil hydrates the skin
  • It gets absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin to deliver the various ingredients
  • The oil can protect the skin from skin diseases and relieve the existing ones
  • It can lighten the skin tone and reduce scars and other marks on the skin
  • It promotes the collagen formation that tightens the skin, slows down the aging process and makes the skin firmer

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil usage

Take a small amount of the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil and massage it on the body. You can use the oil all over on the body and face. Massage it for a few minutes so the body can absorb it completely. You could wait for 10-20 minutes before you wash away the oil. Use warm or hot water to rinse off the oil. The warm water allows better absorption of the oil into the body.

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The oil prevents drying of the skin after the shower. When using this oil, you need not use any after shower lotion to hydrate the skin.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

The Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil uses no allergens or ingredients that can trigger any kind of allergic reactions in the body. The herbal extracts are all known for its skin benefits and cause no negative reactions.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil reviews & complaints

The reviews show that the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is an ideal addition for the winter season where you are most likely to have dry skin. Using this oil before shower moisturizes the skin well enough to sustain for the day. Regular usage will make you forget that you are living in the winter season. The oil is calming and is improving the senses.

The availability of different quantity bottles is well appreciated by the users. The price is not too high.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil Testimonials

  • Anonymous- “The oil is wonderful for dry and itchy skin. I would not go without this oil during winter. Thank you.”
  • Hernan- “This is a great product for dry skin.”
  • Patti- “I simply love this oil.”

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil results

The result of using the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is well hydrated, soft and supple skin. The skin problems will be reduced and the skin aging would take back seat for the while. It can protect the skin from pollutants and toxins. It also helps with detoxification process and blood circulation boost. Both of these improve the skin health tremendously.

Where to Buy Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil

The best place to buy the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is The Ayurveda Experience where you can get the individual product as well as the oil kit that has other oils that can nourish the skin.

The product is available in different bottles of 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz bottles. The oil kit contains the 2 oz bottle of this Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil.

You can get the product from the manufacturer’s store Ajara Skincare as well. But you cannot get it on Amazon, in Costco or at WalMart.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil price

The 2 oz bottle of the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil costs $18, 4 oz bottle costs $35 and 8 oz bottle costs $56.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil FAQs

Is Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil safe for oily skin?

Ideally, the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is suitable for dry skin. it could be useful for oily skin during the dry season so that you don’t feel too oily. Moreover, the oil is meant for use prior to showering. So it really does not matter too much about the skin type. If you are too specific, there are massage oils that suit oily skin.

Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil Discount, coupon codes and promos availability: There are The Ayurveda Experience coupon codes available that you can use to get discounts on Ajara Skincare products.

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Does Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil work for eczema and psoriasis?

Yes, the Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil works well for both these problems. The oil emolliates the skin and relieves the dry and itchy skin. It reduces the inflammations and can work on skin repair as well.


Ajara Tulsi Nutmeg Nourishing Oil is quick absorbing, moisturizing and skin healing massage oil. Regular application of the oil can reduce skin dryness and make it soft and silkier. This oil is suitable for all who have dry skin in general and also for those who get their skin dry during winters.