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Enemasupply Rectal Dilator Set

The Rectal Dilator Set is a kit of butt plugs that dilate the anus. This set of butt plugs Rectal Dilators Constipation serves to loosen your anus.

Anal Dilator Kit also is known as Rectal Dilator Set. These are useful tools to make anal sex more pleasurable or make enemas more comfortable. This kit comprises of 5 dilators in different sizes and dimensions. Keep reading for the complete details about Rectal Dilators Set.

About Anal Dilator Kit

It comes with 5 Dilators, consisting of all you need for total anal pleasure. The Multi-sized 5 pieces allow you to get yourself up to the majors. Use it for more pleasurable anal sex or to make enemas more comfortable. These dilators can also be worn to relax the anus. It comes in 5 sizes from small to extra large.

This is a great anal dilator kit, helpful for beginners and experienced players prepare for the joys of anal sex or playing with anal toys. Its sensually tapered tip allows for easy painless entry. Its flared base keeps the plug in place and gives you total control of your pleasure. Start using small and gradually at your own pace get up to a bigger size. Select the size that fits your mood and experience new heights of sensuality. It works great for both men and women. It becomes luxuriously slick when used with your favorite lubricant.

Anal Dilator Kit Features

  • This easy to use Rectal Dilator kit includes all you need for complete anal pleasure.
  • The sensually tapered tip allows for easy entry.
  • Flared base keeps the plug in place.
  • Start with the size that fits your mood.
  • The rectal dilators have holes in the tip to avoid internal pressure buildup.
  • Different Size of Plugs comes in separate Length ranges.
  • Length ranges from 3.25″ to 5″
  • The kit includes 5 dilators with following dimensions – mini plug 1-inch diameter, small plug 1.25 inches diameter, medium plug 1.50-inch diameter, large plug 1.75 inches diameter and extra large plug 2 inches diameter.
  • Ensure to use plenty of lube for a more pleasant experience.
  • They work well with any of your personal lubricants.
  • To order use item code E-KL710
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Magnus Buy Anal Dilator Kit from

Rectal Dilators Amazon

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Anal Dilator Kit Reviews

You will find mixed Rectal Dilator Set Reviews from its users. Some people say it is a really good quality product made of smooth hard plastic. It is all as advertised and works very well. Few happy users are not even hesitant to suggest them, friends and family. However, there are few people who complain about its hard plastic material. They say it is not smooth on the seams as expected. Also, it needs a generous amount of lube for use. Some first-time users complain that it is very uncomfortable for beginners. Its head is not large enough to remain inside if one wants to wear it for a period of time.

Rectal Dilators Set Customer Reviews

Some actual users’ Anal Dilators testimonials are –

  • Lotusprins says this is great to dilate the anus if you have a particularly tight muscle there. It helps largely for people trying to defecate and bleed because of their small anal ring. This product is highly recommended by the user as a natural relaxation of the anal muscle.
  • Engineer in Texas says this is a nicely made set, though expected to have 1/8″ size instead of 1/4″. He says these are hard plastic which works well for the intended purpose. Also, they are hollow with a small vent hole in the middle, which is very convenient. He suggests stuffing a small tissue inside if you are planning to keep one inside for some time, in case anything gets through the vent hole.
  • Zye says these are not big enough to keep it from slipping out. She used it for a while, but then was looking for something that would remain in place while moving around. She is using them to keep things dilated to promote healing of an old injury.
  • DH says these look perfect, but at the tip where there is an air hole drilled in they have really rough edges.


If you are looking for anal pleasure toys or a more comfortable enema usage, then Anal Dilator Kit are of great help. Buy the Rectal Dilator Set – 5 Dilators best price from only.