Warts is a contagious skin infection that is causing Human Papilloma Virus. It affects the mucous membrane of the skin and affects any part of the body. There are several types of the HPV viruses that are causing infections and many might already be inside our bodies. This dormant virus is activated when the immune system is weaker. The first solution to treat wart is to boost the immunity.

It promotes the pathogenic responses in the body by providing certain microbial cells in minute quantity.

Biogetica HP-Factor nosodes are usually used in combination with other immune boosting and immune regulating remedies. It is popularly included in the ‘Freedom kit with HP Nosodes, Hypericum Mysorense and German Vernitex Wart-off Formula’ and the ‘Biogetica Freedom Kit with HP nosodes and Wart-off Formula’.

HP-Factor Nosodes Ingredients, Benefits, And Uses


  • Belladonna 30
  • Gunpowder 30
  • Kali Phos

Biogetica Freedom Kit With HP-Factor Nosodes for Warts

The HP-Factor nosodes from Biogetica carries the bioenergetic impressions or the similar cells that can boost the immune system. It supports the normal functioning of the immune system.

These 3 are the main ingredients that are useful for skin infections. It helps cure the infections, ulcers, blisters, and inflammations.

Bioenergetic imprints of HP-Factor nosodes help in the boosting of the immune system to prepare and fight against the viruses. The included bio-elements are,

  • Penicillin 30
  • Cortisone
  • Streptococcus 30
  • Staphylococcus 30
  • Pyrogeneum


The HP-Factor nosodes help in the resurrection of the immune system and curbing of the inflammation on the skin. The bioenergetic imprints prompt the immune system to produce the needed antibodies against the viruses to show better immunity.

Though the use of homeopathy is not established for curing warts, it has worked well for many, especially when it is used with other products. In the case of the Biogetica Freedom kit with HP-Factor nosodes and Wart-off formula, there are herbal extracts in the products that are useful for topical application and internal consumption. This 2 way attack can eliminate the problem more effectively.

HP-Factor Nosodes Dosage & Drug Interactions

The HP-Factor nosodes are in tiny tablet form. The recommended dosage is 4 pills each thrice every day. The tablets contain very less of the ingredients that you need to take for a few months for best results. You need to get relief that is long lasting to give the body enough time to eliminate all of these viruses.

The HP-Factor nosodes as such have no drug interactions and can get along with allopathic or ayurvedic medicines.

HP-Factor Nosodes Risks, Side Effects & Adverse Effects

HP-Factor nosodes are 100% risk-free. It has the ingredients already in the diluted form. In addition, you are taking in just a tiny portion of them. People may be skeptical about taking in penicillin, streptococcus etc as seen on the label. These are only in the tiny portion just to activate the immune system. It is the same as taking in antibiotics- that are actually microbes itself in higher quantities.

There are NO side effects of taking HP-Factor nosodes. It is as safe as taking some candies. You can just forget about any adverse effects- short or long-term ones.

Does HP-Factor Nosodes Work?

HP-Factor nosodes carry just enough microbes to activate the immune system. It prepares the immune system for the fight and prompts it to produce the antibodies. It helps to have a normally functioning immunity.

When used with the other products in the kit, HP-Factor nosodes can show better results. The added benefits of the topical cream and the immune-regulators from the ayurvedic preparation can bring out the stronger immunity. It not only curbs the infection but also serve as a preventive measure against any future infections.

Since immune regulation is the best method to keep warts away, the HP-Factor nosodes can work assuredly. HP-Factor nosodes can coax the body to take necessary action rather than imposing it.

HP-Factor Nosodes Results

The HP-Factor nosodes result is that it removes the wart and provides better immunity for the body. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce the inflammation. The prompts on the immune system work wonders and can strengthen it for future.

HP-Factor Nosodes Reviews And Complaints

HP-Factor nosodes reviews show that it is popular as part of the wart-off kit. The multi-level application and the administration have brought faster results. It is also evident that people prefer to use HP-Factor nosodes as a long-term solution even after the other products are finished. It is easier to stay prepared for any future infection. It is also boosting the immune system not only against warts but also against infections like Herpes.

HP-Factor nosodes remedy has remained without any complaints from the users. It is easier to use and lasts longer than other remedies.

HP-Factor Nosodes FAQ

Are HP-Factor nosodes safe?

Yes, HP-Factor nosodes is a homeopathic preparation that is safe and causes no irritation or allergy to the body. Even the other products in the kit are also natural and herbal that causes no skin irritation and stays gentle on the digestive system as well.

Are HP-Factor nosodes FDA approved?

Yes, HP-Factor nosodes are made in compliance with FDA and are made under approved facilities.

Where to buy HP-Factor nosodes

HP-Factor nosodes are available online. It is best from Biogetica. They have the product individually or as part of the convenient kits for the specific diseases. You can find HP-Factor nosodes in a few such combo kits.

Is it available on Amazon?

No, HP-Factor nosodes are not available on Amazon. You have to buy it directly from Biogetica.

Are HP-Factor nosodes available in retail shops or pharmacies?

No, HP-Factor nosodes are not available in the retail shops or pharmacies. It would be a waste of time to look for it in the Walmart or Costco.

How much is the HP-Factor nosodes price?

HP-Factor nosodes kit would cost $279 that you can avail at a discounted price of $139 from Biogetica.

Are there HP-Factor nosodes discount, coupon codes and promos available?

Yes, you can look for the Biogetica coupon codes and promo codes to get additional discounts on the HP-Factor nosodes kits.