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Buy DermalMD Psoriasis Serum for Psoriasis Treatment – Reviews

The first step we try to do as a preventive measure against any disease is to strengthen the immune system. What if this immune system itself starts misbehaving? That is what happens with psoriasis. For some reasons, the immune system attacks the skin cells and urges them to multiply without any reasons. The resultant part of the skin will have extra cell growth that can be bumpy, patchy, dry, scaly and itching.

Psoriasis can be a localized attack or can spread all over the body. This can have a greater impact on the person’s life in general and with the society.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • DermalMD Psoriasis Serum softens the plaque on the skin.
  • It hydrates the skin and removes dryness and itchiness
  • It is soothing to the irritated skin part
  • Psoriasis Serum can prevent the drying of the skin and thus the worsening of the problem
  • It prevents the discoloration of the affected area and keeps the redness away
  • This serum is exfoliating in nature. It can remove the dry and dead skin cells to reduce the thickness
  • It can also work on reducing the pain associated with psoriasis

Psoriasis Serum for Psoriasis Treatment

The DermalMD Psoriasis Serum helps alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis on the skin and bring down the irritation.


  • Raspberry seed oil: The omega 6-linoleic acid helps retain the moisture of the skin and reduce inflammations. It promotes cell regeneration and can also be a barrier over the skin. The antioxidants prevent premature aging of the skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Hemp seed oil contains compounds called cannabigerol or CBG and cannabidiol or CBD. This CBD can reduce the factors that lead to the chronic inflammations like psoriasis. It discourages the macrophages in the immune system to form new cells. It directly works on the changes brought by the immune system and can be more effective than just being a topical oil.
  • Jojoba oil helps reduce the redness, aggression and the scale formation by psoriasis. It moisturizes the skin and supplies some amount of anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the problem. It is soothing to the irritated skin.
  • Lavender extract is the main soothing agent in the DermalMD Psoriasis Serum. It has calming effects on the body and helps reduce stress as well. Since stress is one of the major triggers for psoriasis, this helps to a greater extent. It has anti-inflammatory property and can hydrate the skin as well. It can heal the skin and reduce infections.
  • Certified aloe vera extract: Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It has soothing effects, hydrating in nature and can also regulate the immune system. Regular application of this extract on the skin can reduce all kinds of inflammatory diseases and disorders.
  • Tea tree oil is one of the powerful antimicrobial oils. It has healing property and can soothe the skin. Tea tree oil reduces itching, swelling, and redness in the affected areas. It is also helpful in removing the scales of dead skin cells from the skin.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

How To Use

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is for topical application. It comes in a small and slender bottle. You can take a small amount of the serum enough to cover the affected area.

Clean the affected area before the serum application. Apply the serum evenly over this area and spread it gently with some pressure. Massage it in a circular motion that would help in the absorption of the serum as well as in loosening the dead skin cells. Keep the serum on the affected area and let the skin absorb it naturally.

Where To Use

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is safe to use on any part of the body. Whether it is the scalp, face, neck, arms, chest, back, legs, feet etc, it is safe for all the parts and causes no reactions.

When To Use

There is no clarity on how often you should apply the serum. You can apply the serum twice a day after the bath so that the skin would be clean and residue free. Make sure that you remove the entire residue from the previous application before you apply it again at night.

Drug Interactions

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is perfectly safe to use with any internal medications for psoriasis or for other diseases. Yet, it is better to consult the doctor to avoid any untoward events.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum contains only the natural oils and extract that causes no irritation on the skin. They have soothing effects and are known to reduce the inflammations of the skin. They are also the common ingredients in the skin care products.

The presence of essential oils can be trouble for a few. The possible side effects of this DermalMD Psoriasis Serum would be

  • Burning sensation
  • Nausea
  • Headache

They might not be present in most but in case there is an overdose or frequent application, it may come to this problem.

DermalMD Psoriasis Treatment Serum Reviews & Complaints

The highlight of the DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is that it is highly hydrating to the skin and can stay non-greasy. It acts fast and reduces the itchiness and irritation sooner. The scale removal also happens quicker and you do not have to wait to see the changes.

Another high point is that this serum does not sting as like other similar products. It is soothing to the skin.

There are no reports of side effects or skin irritations so far. The complaint about this product is that it is expensive for a small bottle. The lack of proper directions of the usage is something that most users complained about.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Testimonials

  • Cain-“This is the quickest remedy for psoriasis. I have psoriasis on my feet and have had improvement within 2 weeks.”
  • David-“I have psoriasis on my scalp and back. My skin is non-scaly and is slightly pinkish in color, rather than red. This is the best remedy that I have had thus far.”
  • Ethan-“I got relief right away. I had trouble with the usage as I was clueless on how to go about it. You just need to play around and find the right number of applications. I apply it twice a day.”
  • Lara-“I have been using DermalMD Psoriasis Serum for a few years now. It showed me results within 3 days. I never got much success with other medications. I just love this stuff!”
  • Missa-“I use it on my scalp. It is highly moisturizing and has reduced the flakes on my scalp. Definitely ordering again!”
  • Rene-“It works well and can take 4 weeks to clear the skin. It has worked better than other products that I have tried.”
  • Sanjay-“It did work for me but took quite some time. It took about 4 weeks to have some changes. Everything went well in the end.”

Does DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Work?

The key to psoriasis is that the chronic inflammation of the skin can be dry and scaly. This makes the things worse. The dryness leads to itch and constant itching can tear open the skin leading to other problems.

The DermalMD Psoriasis Serum hydrates the skin well enough to reduce the dryness and itchiness. The inflammation is also brought under control with the various components in it.

The soothing effects calm the skin and the nerves. It also has cell regeneration ingredients to form new tissues in place of the damaged and irritated ones. The oils added here can penetrate deeper into the skin layers to initiate the cell regeneration. It also helps remove the dead skin layer on the top.

The best effect of DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is that it can affect the immune system and bring down the first step for psoriasis.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Results

The time for the DermalMD Psoriasis Serum results varies from person to person. It was quicker for many but there also are those who had to wait for weeks to get actual relief. This time period is dependent on the severity of the problem.

In all the cases, the first change was the reduction in the dryness and scaling. DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is highly moisturizing. Change in the skin texture and smoothening of the area can definitely take few weeks.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is only a natural product and not a miracle product. You need to be patient with this to get the best out of it.

Where to Buy DermalMD Psoriasis Serum

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum online is the only option. You can purchase it from the makers DermalMD.

Psoriasis Serum in Amazon: DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is currently not available in Amazon.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum in Costco: DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is not available in Costco.

Psoriasis Serum in WalMart: DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is unavailable in WalMart, either in the shops or online.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum price

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum is an expensive topical remedy. It costs $47 for a small bottle. Though it may not be as expensive as others, psoriasis requires larger quantity, especially if is spread into larger areas.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Discount, coupon codes, and Promos

DermalMD coupon codes and promos are widely available on the popular online sites for a coupon code. You can get the coupons from Deals365, Coupontopay, Reecoupons etc. The coupons allow you discount of 10% or more on the DermalMD products.

DermalMD Psoriasis Serum FAQ

Does DermalMD Psoriasis Serum work as a permanent solution for psoriasis?

There are NO permanent solutions for psoriasis. It is an internal malfunction of the body that can arise anytime in the life of the person. You can only try to reduce the occurrences by controlling the triggering factors and applying the quick remedies like DermalMD Psoriasis Serum. This serum is not a permanent solution but can be a long-term relief from psoriasis.

What are the triggers that cause psoriasis?

The common triggers are stress, gluten, some diseases, certain medications, skin bruises, burns, bumps etc. Alcohol and smoking also have their roles in this problem. Cold and dry weather that causes skin dryness could also lead to psoriasis.

Is DermalMD Psoriasis Serum Safe?

Yes, DermalMD Psoriasis Serum contains no allergens in its making. It is safe for all, even for those with sensitive and allergy-prone skin types.

How long should I continue to use DermalMD Psoriasis Serum?

You need to use it for as long as the symptoms persist or until the skin on the affected area smoothens out and shows no trace of the inflammation.

Can I continue to use the DermalMD Psoriasis Serum as a preventive measure?

It may not be required. Psoriasis is not dependent on the external influences. You just need to keep the skin hydrated and stay away from the triggering factors. You can use this serum again if there is an outbreak. Using the DermalMD Psoriasis Serum in the early stages shows a better result.

Is DermalMD Psoriasis Serum FDA Approved

Yes, it is so you need not worry about that.


You need to be more careful about controlling the triggering factors. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. DermalMD Psoriasis Serum can only work as a remedy to relieve the symptoms and control the situation temporarily. It cannot be a preventive measure.

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