Ear mites is one of the most common problems which could lead to complicated issues in the future of your dogs. If not taken care of, ear mites could go deeper into your dog’s Ears making it harder to treat, leading to a lot of discomfort in your dog’s health. Signs of Ear mites should be watched for and regular cleaning of a dog’s ears are always recommended by doctors. You can watch for Ear mites By looking into the ears. you would notice Blackish brown debris similar to that of coffee powder. These are usually the signs of Mites which are probably deeper in the ear. If you are lucky you may see small mites on the ear surface too.

Ear Clean Gold also helps in Swimmers ear problems when water is lodged in the dog’s ear while bathing. Preventing Ear infection is the first step you should take while you have a pet at home. taking care of these basic preventive measures would save you time , effort and your dog a lot of pain. Buy Ear Clean Gold from petwellbeing now for great deals and check out offers on shipping too at the petwellbeing site. Check the link below for more details.

Ear Clean Gold – Petwellbeing
Ear Clean Gold is a herbal oil that consists of a collection of herb extracts formulated together for effective cleaning and have anti-microbial activity.

Cleanliness is the first step towards to health. The pets frequently tend to get dirty and are easily vulnerable to infections. Grooming them is a sturdy job. There are many products in market that help in cleaning our pets, like soaps, shampoos etc. One of the important parts to clean is their ears. There may be presence of mites and other microbes inside the ears which may later turn to be harmful. If it is not treated, mites can make way for microbes through the holes they create and dog get irritated and scratch more often. Frequent scratching can lead to bald patches or even bleeding. Ear Clean Gold gently cleanses the dog’s ear effectively. It helps in getting rid of ear mites, removes excess wax and any dirt. Ear Clean Gold is a coconut oil based herbal oil that cleanses the dog’s ears and also helps in maintaining the inside skin healthy. Hairy dogs need more cleaning and are prone to mites and bugs more often. Making Ear Clean Gold a routine can only be beneficial. It can be used to clean out any debris or discharge from the ear canal before administering any medication. Common symptoms found are ear scratching, head shaking and discharge that looks like coffee grounds.

Ear Clean Gold Ingredients

Ear Clean Gold is a herbal oil that consists of a collection of herb extracts formulated together for effective cleaning and have anti-microbial activity.

  • Mullein leaf (Verbascum thopsus): It triggers natural immunity and resist infections and keeps the ear tissue healthy.
  • Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis): It helps in rejuvenating the skin tissues and apt for wounds or other skin troubles.
  • Rosemary leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis): It helps get rid of bacteria and curbs parasites.
  • 10% Vitamin E Oil : Vitamin E support the skin rehabilitation after frequent scratchings.

Ear Clean Gold Directions

  • Shake the bottle well before applying.
  • Easy to use in room temperature or warm it by keeping in warm water.
  • Drop few drops or the required quantity into the ear canal using a dropper.
  • It is important to keep the dropper hygiene.
  • Dropper should not come in contact with any discharge or dirt from the ear. Quantity varies with the dog’s weight.


In case of severe infection do not hesitate to get immediate attention of a veterinarian. Recurrent ear problems can be indication of hidden allergies, diabetes, or hypothyroidism. Remember never to use Q-tips to clean inside the pet’s ears it may push the debris further inside the ear. Read the instructions carefully before using. Results may vary depending on the infestation and the individual dogs. It might take at least a week or two to get the results clearly.