Buy Gold Elements Cream – Review 2018, Price, Ingredients

Buy Gold Elements Cream that offers you high-quality skin treatment by including 24 karat gold powder. The product has been designed by renowned plastic surgeons that fight premature aging and restores the youthfulness of the skin. This is our gold elements cream review.

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What is Gold Elements Cream?

Gold Elements is a company located in the USA that offers 24-carat gold skin care products to all its customers repeating the history of Cleopatra’s beauty. As many are aware of the fact that Cleopatra used 24k gold to maintain her youth and radiance.

All the Gold elements skin care products come with 24k gold powder that offers visible results on your skin. Of the many products of Gold Elements, we give you few of the best-sellers that have been loved by users over and over again.

How does Gold elements cream really work?

Gold elements cream come with a unique formulation that includes 24k gold powder. Using it regularly will give you soft and supple skin. Gold is known as a good conductor of heat. As a result, it makes the skin warm when you massage. This helps in optimum nourishment and revitalizing effect on the skin. It also draws a substantial amount of heat to the skin’s surface thus creating a natural glow and even-toned skin.

Top Gold Elements skin care products

Gold Elements Mega Cream

One of the best-sellers, Gold Elements Mega Cream is the ultimate when it comes to revitalizing your skin. The key ingredient is the pure gold powder that warms the skin and nourishes it optimally. It is also known to remove blemishes, marks on the skin and give you even skin tone. Using Gold Elements Mega cream works not only on the surface but also penetrates deep on the skin to tighten the pores and give you clear skin.

Gold Elements Mega Cream Ingredients

  • 24k Gold Powder
  • Deionized water
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Beta Carotene
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Medica Go Sativa Extract

Gold Elements Mega Cream Benefits

  • Reduces skin pigmentation
  • Creates an even skin tone
  • Gives the skin a youthful and glowing look
  • Keeps the skin warm

How to use Gold Elements Mega Cream

Take appropriate amount and apply on your face. Massage in circular motion. As per manufacturer’s claim, you will notice a difference right from the first use.

Gold Elements Mega Cream Reviews

  • Katie – “Worth the money. There isn’t enough I can say to give justice to the Gold Elements Cream. You need to try it. Everyone is noticing the difference in me.”
  • Patty – “The product has no pungent smell and comes with a smooth texture. It keeps the skin lifted and smooth.”
  • Piper – “A mega wow!!! I never knew I could get so much from just one cream.”
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Gold Elements Age Treatment Anti-Aging Cream

Get ageless beauty with Gold Elements Age Treatment Anti-Aging cream that slows down the aging process and addresses signs of aging. For instance, fine lines, age spots, dryness, wrinkles and so on. It also targets acne and soothes any inflammation of breakouts.

The carefully selected ingredients diminish blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. It also uplifts your skin and restores the elasticity and firmness. This will give you radiant and young looking skin every day.

Key ingredients include isopropyl palmitate and glycerin along with 24K gold. It also keeps the skin smooth and supple while maintaining healthy pH levels that keep the skin hydrated.

Gold Elements Age Treatment Anti-Aging cream Benefits

  • Gets rid of impurities in clogged pores
  • Heals skin problems such as acne, oily/dry skin etc.
  • Fights signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation and so on
  • Visible improvements within the first week

How to use Gold Elements Age Treatment Anti-Aging cream

  • Take few amounts and apply on your face and neck.
  • Massage gently in circular motion for optimum absorption.
  • For best visible results, use it daily.

Gold Elements Anti Aging Cream Reviews

  • Kandy – “One of the creamiest cream I have ever used. Very happy with the results.”
  • Shanowa – “Great for everyday use. I use this for transforming mask once a week.”
  • Euraina – “Received it for my anniversary. I love this cream. My skin looks young and better.”

Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum

Treat dark circles, baggy eyes, with Age Treatment Eye serum by Gold Elements. Loaded with plant extracts and vitamins, it contains best natural ingredients that treat signs of aging around your eyes. The eye serum comes with gold that will leave your skin more plump and moisturized.

Use it regularly to reduce aging and brighten the area around your eyes.

Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum Ingredients

  • Gold Powder
  • Soybean (Glycine Soja) Oil
  • Musk (Rosa Moschata) Rose Oil
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • Mica

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Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum Benefits

  • Rejuvenates the skin by repairing the texture
  • Comes with nutrients and vitamins that maintain the healthy luster
  • Keeps the skin smooth and supple
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles

How to use Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum

  • Take few drops of the serum on your palm.
  • Dab it around your eyes and let it absorb.
  • Use it every day to notice visible changes.

Gold Elements Age Treatment Eye Serum Reviews

  • Kendal – “This product is great. It gives on the silky smooth skin and I am pleased with the results. I love how long this bottle lasts.”
  • Shelby – “I really like this product. It works great and I have started to see some fine lines. Since I have been using this for a while, they have slowly disappeared. A great eye product.”
  • Cenna – “Use it night and day. Works well.”

Gold Elements Mega Lift Express Cream

A natural skin-tightening cream, Gold Elements Mega Lift Express works almost instantly to lift your saggy skin and tighten it effectively to give you smooth and flawless skin. Right from the first use, you will notice that the wrinkles and fine lines have diminished leaving you plump and supple skin.

Gold Elements Mega Lift Express Cream Ingredients

  • 24k gold powder
  • Mica
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Alfalfa extract
  • Beta Carotene
  • Cyanocobalamin
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Gold Elements Mega Lift Express Cream Benefits

  • Tightens the skin
  • Immediately uplifts the skin
  • Restores the skin tone
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines etc.

How to use Gold Elements Mega Lift Express Cream

  • Apply the mask to clean skin in soft circular motion
  • Leave it on 2-5 minutes
  • Spray the activating serum on top of the mask.
  • Peel away for a glowing looking skin.

Gold Elements Mega Lift Express Reviews

  • Martha – “I keep this product for any special occasion. The lift is purely indescribable.”
  • Vera – “Love this mask. It lasts about 8 hours the first time I used it. I call this the Cinderella mask. I use it whenever I want to look my best.”
  • Lisa Vyles – “This mask is amazing. I tried it while waiting for my flight at Denver Int’l airport. It is very easy to use. The fragrance is light and the results are just amazing. Worth every penny you pay.”

Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Eye Cream

Never reveal your age with Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Brightening Eye Cream that is specifically designed for sensitive areas such as your skin. It comes with a mega dose of minerals that not only strengthen your skin but also nourish it and moisturize it to give a vibrant and youthful look.

Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Eye Cream Ingredients

A paraben-free product, the key ingredient is Truffle. Truffle skin care is currently one of the most popular skin care regimes that offer numerous benefits in keeping you glowing and radiant. From anti-aging to enhancing the beauty, the Truffle is the key ingredient of this eye cream.

Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Eye Cream Benefits

  • Removes dark circles, saggy eyes
  • Tightens the skin around the eyes thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines
  • Keep the eye area smooth and blemish-free
  • Comes with many minerals and nutrients that are vital for your skin

Gold Elements Truffles Infusion Eye Cream Reviews

  • Brittney – “The results I got is beyond amazing. There are no dark circles. I am glad I decided to give this eye cream a chance. The price of Gold Elements Eye Cream is bit expensive though.”
  • Lily – “Gets rid of my dark circles and brightens the skin nicely.”
  • Samone – “Best eye cream ever. Goes on quite smoothly.”

Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream

A perfect product for everyday use, the Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream comes with gentle moisturizing ingredients that reverse the aging conditions. This anti-aging skin care treatment conditions the skin by nourishing it and keeping it hydrated. It also leaves the skin fresh, smooth and radiant.

Best for daily use, the D’or Facial Cream is paraben free and suits all skin types.

Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream Ingredients

  • 24k gold powder
  • Chamomile extracts
  • Linalool
  • Carbomer 980
  • Witch Hazel Water

How to use Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream

  • Rinse your face. Pat dry.
  • Take appropriate amount and massage to the clear skin.
  • Use soft circular motion until it is absorbed.

Gold Elements D’or Facial Cream Reviews

  • Gail – “This is one of the best cream ever. It keeps my skin hydrated all day long. The texture of Gold Elements D’or Face Lift cream is so rich and creamy. You need to take only a little bit and it goes long way.”
  • Karen – “Nice face cream. I use it for everyday use. Keeps my skin hydrated and soft.”
  • Maryann – “Very basic cream. The ingredients are good and will last a long time. It is better than other products you get for the same price.”

Other Products of Gold Elements

  • Gold Elements Multi-Action Cream for Men – Designed for men’s skin, it is loaded with highly effective ingredients that are blend together in a smooth and soft cream to repair damaged skin and nourish it efficiently. It fights dirt, excess oil, fatigue, aging and other environmental factors.
  • Gold Elements Hand And Nail Cream – Your hands need attention too and this Hand & Nail cream is the perfect way to keep your hands soft and smooth. It penetrates into the skin and moisturizes it from within to give you a supple feel. The price of Gold Elements Hand And Nail Cream is affordable and fits the budget without asking much.
  • Gold Elements Neck Cream – Gold Elements Truffle Infusion Neck Cream is a new formula that reduces the visibility of wrinkles. The key ingredient – Truffle ensures resistance to pollution and stress while giving you smooth and radiant skin.

Gold Elements Skin Care Products Side Effects

There are no side effects or negative reactions of Gold Elements cream skin care products. Though there are few chemical ingredients, none of the users report any side effects after using this product.

Gold Elements Skin Care Products Reviews

Products of Gold Elements have been well-received by users with only a few complaints. The main issue is that few of the products contain formaldehyde and propylene glycol. Unfortunately, the label with the complete list of ingredients is not available online which adds to the disappointment of the customers.

Secondly, the price of Gold Elements skincare products is too high costing around $500-$800 for a 1.7Fl. Oz. bottles. If you are on a budget, then this can be difficult.

Gold Elements is certainly not a scam website and there are users who have reported positive changes in their skin but it is important to know what you are putting on your skin to avoid any bad reactions.

Where to buy Gold Elements cream online at wholesale price?

You can buy Gold Elements products either from the official website or from Amazon, eBay at a good price. The company is also available in certain retail stores. Visit the website and click on “store locator” to find a location near you.

What are the shipping and returns policy?

The company offers free shipping on orders above $150. The company also offers FREE SAMPLES upon request. You may need to pay for the shipping charges. Gold Elements also offers WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

Gold Elements products, if not satisfied, must be returned within 7 days from the date of delivery in an unopened condition (unless if it’s damaged or defective). Also, if you have used the product, you will be eligible for exchange only.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gold Elements Cream


  • Comes with actual 24k gold powder with other natural ingredients
  • Has the ability to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and other aging signs
  • Is shipped anywhere in the world
  • Does not come with any side effects
  • Excellent customer testimonials
  • Gold Elements cream discount coupon codes available online


  • Contains chemicals such as formaldehyde & propylene glycol
  • Price is too expensive and makes it difficult for those on a budget to afford it.
  • The return policy is quite poor.


Gold Elements is a genuine website that offers great skincare products. Been in the market for a while now, it has garnered several positive reviews from users with many loving the results. Lack of side effects shows how much effect the product is.

There are few controversial ingredients but the powerful addition of Gold reduces any negative reaction and delivers exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for a skincare cream that works, then Gold Elements offers a wide range of cream and serum that give you radiant and glowing skin to show off.


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