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Buy iYURA Himalayan Shilajit – Benefits, Reviews, Usage

Are you in search of an Ayurvedic formula for vigor and health? Then how about trying iYURA Himalayan Shilajit? It is a wonderful rejuvenator that contains processed Shilajit and is good at providing the needed strength, stamina, vigor. Further, read on to know more the importance of this Himalayan Shilajit, reviews, dosage, and benefits.

It is a sticky substance seen in the rocks of the Himalayas. However, it is mostly used in Ayurvedic medicine and is known to have a positive effect on the overall health of the user.

Well, many theories are featuring the discovery of Shilajit. Amongst them, the most popular is the one discovered by a group of Himalayan villagers. Once, they observed large white monkeys running to the mountains during the hot summer months. At that time, they happened to notice; these monkeys were chewing some semi-soft, dark, gummy substance which flowed out of the rocks. These monkeys in their region were well known for qualities like longevity, intelligence, and strength. Knowing these benefits, the villagers started consuming this dark gummy substance and were reported with significant health benefits – like more energy, improved memory, and heightened sex drive.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit – The Ayurveda Experience benefits

  • This “conqueror of the mountains” aids a better functioning of the immune system.
  • With this, you would be able to notice a marked improvement or difference in the general health.
  • Equally, it helps you feel better and more energetic.
  • Achieve better clarity of mind.
  • Get a healthier, glowing skin.
  • Grow a sharper ability to think.
  • Also, deal better with the occasional digestive issues.

Besides this, in the Ayurveda it has been known to aid the following benefits:

  • Helps at preventing aging and disease.
  • It promotes intellect (medha) and memory (Smriti).
  • It produces sturdiness of the body.
  • Gives long life and happiness.

Who should take this iYURA Himalayan Shilajit?

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit is highly beneficial for adult men and women of any age. But in the case of children, Shilajit isn’t usually recommended. However, there’s no contraindication if the consumption is usually done under the guidance of a medical practitioner.


  • It is mentioned that iYURA Himalayan Shilajit should be consumed in the pure form only. Otherwise, it can lead to many troubles like pitta, burning sensations, dosha, constipation, derangement of the metabolic fire and fainting episodes.
  • Not to use in pregnancy or if you are a nursing woman.
  • People under heavy medication or dealing with chronic disorders must consult their physician before having this supplement.

How to use iYURA Himalayan Shilajit? – Recommended dosage levels

The recommended level of Shilajit resin for general health and at maintaining standard health is 300 to 500 mg (a pea-sized portion every day).

To start, it is advised to have 300 mg per day and add 100 mg per day until the desired result is obtained.

But, usually, it takes around 6 to 8 week to know the therapeutic effects of this supplement.

Methods to consume – All you need is to dissolve this supplement into hot, non-chlorinated water, warm milk or tea and drink.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit side effects

Well, there are no side effects if the formula is used in the right way and dosage. But, if a person takes iron supplements with Himalayan Shilajit, it can lead to an excess build-up of iron in the blood.

Also, in rare cases, it could worsen gout or lower the blood pressure.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit reviews

This iYURA Himalayan Shilajit has received quite positive reviews from the users who have been through this solution. But, you will find only a few honest customer testimonials stated at their site.

  • Catherine says “My product delivered on time. After usage I understood, it offers the same benefits as stated.”
  • Harry J says “Gives excellent results.”
  • Tia says “Highly recommended!”
  • Allyssa says “Nice, nothing much to explain.”

Where to buy iYURA Himalayan Shilajit? – iYURA Himalayan Shilajit for sale online

Yes, you can buy this product from the online stores at One can get them for a cheaper price tag with interesting discount, promo, coupon deals. Hurry! Refer their site for every basic info.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit in local stores

Currently, the product is not available with the local dealers. Hence, it’s better you check with the online stores.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit Amazon

Now, the product is not available at their site. But you can check other Pure Himalayan Shilajit supplements offering the same benefits as iYURA Himalayan Shilajit.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit discount, coupon, promo deals

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iYURA Himalayan Shilajit return policy

The company offers a 30 days return period on all their products. Note the items cannot be returned without a receipt and the customers are solely responsible for bearing all the shipping charges.

Steps to getting a refund

First, you need to send an email to mentioning your order number and photo of the product.

On receiving the confirmation, you may send the product to C/O Nataraj Books Inc., 7967 Twist Lane, Springfield, VA 22153 (within the US).

Once, the company receives the product; a refund will be delivered to you using the original payment method.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit phone number

In case of any doubts or queries on this iYURA Shilajit formula, you can make a call at +1(678)-498-7248 or send an email at All your doubts or questions will be answered by their customer support team (their working hours are between 8 AM to 8 PM (EST). So, no worries regarding the quality or quantity issues.

iYURA Himalayan Shilajit – Frequently asked questions

What about the privacy policy of the Ayurveda Experience. Will my information get used by the third party dealers?

No, the site is safe, and none of your personal information will get shared with the third party sellers.

What are the different modes of payment available to them?

You can pay for all modes of payment like American Express, MasterCard, Paypal, Apple Pay, Visa, etc.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can. Just visit the track section on the website where you will get a form asking the order number and the email address. Just fill it, and you will be provided with all the mandatory details required.


In conclusion, iYURA Himalayan Shilajit is a certified, lab tested supplement. It is best at providing energy and revitalization benefits to anyone using this formula. So, try them immediately and know the positive results for yourselves.

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