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Buy Iyura Kesaradi Oil – reviews, Ingredients, Benefits

A blend of Saffron, Rose Turmeric, and 16 Ayurvedic herbs cooked in an oil base. An Ayurvedic Formulation for Radiant, smooth skin. Improves skin texture, glow and moisturizes dry skin. Suitable For all Skin types. For best results, massage with Kansa Wand

Iyura Kesaradi Oil Ingredients – The recipe to Good Skin

Sesame Oil, Cow milk Indian Madder, Rose Essential Oil, Saffron , Turmeric, Sacred Lotus, Rose Chestnut , Wild Himalayan Cherry, Symplocus Tree, Nut Grass , Vetiver Grass, Licorice, Indian Bay Leaf, Indian Elecampane, Indian Barberry,Flame of the Forest, Large Leaf Beautyberry, Black Mustard, Sweet Flag, Indian Banyan.

  • Sesame Oil : Sesame Oil is high in vitamin E. Its anti inflammatory nature helps prevent acne. Its used as a base in beauty products, specially in Ayurvedic Products. Consumption of Sesame oil is considered beneficial in Ayurveda. Sesame seed oil is considered very highly in Ayurveda in general
  • Cow milk : Cows milk is known for a range of benefits. The vitamins, minerals, protein and fat makes a whole food by itself. But when it comes to beauty products, there are still a lot of them that use cows milk as a base. Cows milk is known to be deep pore cleanser. 
  • Indian Madder [Rubia cordifolia]  : Though indian madder or madder in general is considered to be unsafe if Consumed, its one of the best remedy for topical application (Refer WEB MD ). Madder helps healing of skin and is effective in wounds like acne.
  • Rose Essential Oil [Rosa centifolia] : Rose oil is known to Rejuvenate skin, Reduce scars and aging, clear acne among others. Its a proven topical application since a long long time. 
  • Saffron [Crocus sativus] : Saffron is anti inflammatory, Anti fungal and Anti oxidant. It helps prevent Acne and keep skin soft and glowing. Its rich in a range of vitamins and is considered a superfood when it comes to vitamins and minerals. 
  • Turmeric [Curcuma longa] :  A detailed research on Turmeric and benefits has been going on since a long time. The benefits , both oral ingestion and Topical application were studied in detail to cure skin conditions including acne, eczema and a lot more. 
  • Sacred Lotus [Nelumbo nucifera] :   Shows a study of Lotus and its benefits in preventing UV radition on your skin. The benefits are immense.
  • Rose chestnut : Rose chestnut is used for medicinal purposes in sri Lanka and eastern India. Not much research has gone into the benefits of the same. 
  • Wild himalayan cherry (P.Cerasoides), also known as Padmakashtha is a sacred plant in Hindu mythology. Its used as a medicinal plant in the himalayan region. The fruits of this tree are edible. Seed and gum are used for various medicinal purposes. The plant is one of the 31 key ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine
  • Symplocus Tree : The Symplocus Tree and its ingredients are known to have a high amount of natural anti oxidants and Anti inflammatory agents. A research by Sunil, Ignaciamuthu and Agastian in 2011 is available online stating the benefits of the Symplocus tree.
  • Nut Grass (Cyperus rotundus) is known to have several health benefits. One which is important to note is its ability to lighten the skin and also tighten it to give it an anti aging effect.
  • Vetiver ( Vetiveria zizanioides ) : Vetiver is a grass with many benefits. Its root is used at homes to give a cooling effect. The fragrance is musky and is used for aromatherapy. The oil when used topically helps tighten the skin. The Vetiver grass extracts are consumed for a cooling effect, specially during summer in many parts of india even today.
  • Indian Barberry : Known to have a lot of health benefits and used in india and Iran for around 3000 years. High in anti oxidant, its an anti inflammatory herb with a lot of other benefits.
    Flame of the Forest is rich in isobutrin which is natural anti inflammotry agent. Its studies have been conducted and benefits of the same are available online now by various authors.
  • Black Mustard – black mustard is rich in Carotenoids and helps in various skin diseases. Its been researched throughly and accepted . its also has health benefits from cardiac health to cancer.
  • Sweet Flag  States that the Sweet flag is an anti inflammatory agent and effective in treatment of skin disease.
  • Indian Banyan : – The bark of the indian banyan is know to have antistress, anti allergic and wound healing properties.

Kesaradi oil could be the recipe to a wonderful skin. It could help you with anti aging and skin conditions like rosacea, acne and more. 

Benefits of Iyura Kesaradi Oil for Acne & Rosacea

Acne occurs mostly in teenagers but could occur to anyone at any age. Acne occurs due to various reasons, including poor diet, hormonal changes, stress and hygiene among others. Kesaradi oil can help control Acne due to its anti inflammatory and healing ingredients.

one of the biggest reasons for acne is oil accusation in the skin. Many professionals argue on how applying oil to an already oily skin can help. And then there are others that argue on how a person with dry skin have Acne. Kesardi Oil is a healing agent. It helps open up pores , helps your skin breath while preventing pus, dirt etc to clog or accumulate in your skin. 

Rosacea is more common in women above 30 and light skinned. though this is common in this category, there are people who have darker skin suffering from Rosacea. Many a times rosacea is mistaken for acne. While acne can be cured easily, rosacea is different. Rosacea can be caused due to extreme temperature, spicy food, Exercise among others. The effect of Kesaradi oil on rosacea skin is similar to that of acne but the effects are noticable in both cases. 

The Oil is applied twice a day and usually on a very clean skin. It is required that you wash away your make up before applying kesaradi oil. An application of up to one week will see a noticeable difference in your acne and overall health of your skin.

Kesaradi oil leaves no residue or sticky feeling. You can massage your face with your fingers or use a Kansa wand to get a better glowing effect. The kansa wand is known to have a better effect on the skin overall

 Ayurveda Kesaradi Oil By Iyura – Review

Kesardi Oil is an Ayurvedic preperation of 16 herbs, Rose, Turmeric and Of course Saffron. Its natural, safe and can be used for as long as you want. There is no side effects at all. It keeps your skin supple, glowing and lively for a very long time. The ingredients are selectively chosen for its beauty benefits. Saffron for one is the primary ingredient. Its an important ingredient when it comes to beauty and ayurveda. Rose is known to keep your skin tight, free from wrinkles. Rose water was used since a long time to enhance beauty. Turmeric is used in southern india by women even today. Its known to enhance beauty, keep the skin clean and free from acne. Its antisceptic and has its own set of medicinal benefits. The other 16 herbs add benefits which you would never believe possible.

A concoction of these ingredients would usually leave you with a face pack, but with iyura Kesaradi oil, Its benefits are cooked into an oil which is neither sticky or uncomfortable. Drop or two to your face and you are ready to go. Its not sticky and no one would realize that you have it on. The only thing which remains is your perfect skin after a week. Results take a bit of time based on your skin type. Expect at least a week to notice results. in a month, everyone will notice the change in your skin.

Rest assured, Iyura Kesaradi oil is a time tested beauty enhancer where you could never go wrong.

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How To Use Kesaradi Oil For your face

2-3 drops of the kesaradi oil can be sufficient for your . Dab it with your fingertips and massage it in upward circular motion. Apply it in a fresh skin in the morning and Just before sleep. If you would like to take it a step further and see some really good skin benefits, try 3-4 drops of Kesaradi oil and massage it in to and fro motion with a Kansa wand. It feels different and surely has its own set of benefits. The kansa wand is a piece of tool which you would want to keep if you are into facial massage. 

Its always a good idea to wash your face before applying the iyura kesaradi oil. You may want to avoid Makeup for a few days or apply lightly.  Application should be done consistently for at least 2 weeks to see significant results. You will see a bit of result from the third or fourth day but hang on to it. Consistency is important. it takes 5 minutes or less for the entire process unless you want to do a massage for a longer period with a Kansa wand. 

Kesaradi Oil Before and After

Debbie H. This does look like 2 different people but they are the same. Look at the difference in the skin. You see that the red spots have disappeard from her chin. The skin looks fresh and vibrant. She wears no make up and its all natural. The skin has evened out through out her face giving it a lovely look again. You can read her comments at the Ayurveda Experience Website Here

Starr . H
Aged 40, She purchased Kesaradi oil for her 40th birthday. A very happy customer and now has stopped using make up altogether. People see the difference and complement her. She loves the fragrance of the oil most.Mary B. Age 68, has a dry skin. After using Iyura Kesardi oil she has a significant difference in her skin tone. She feels good and recommends the product for anyone who has dry skin. Read more comments by Mary at Ayurveda Experience.

Things to consider before you Buy the kesaradi Oil

The quality of the Kesaradi oil is important for the right effect. There is usually no expiory date on Ayurvedic prodcuts, but its always better if its near the manufacture date. Avoid purchasing the product which nears expiry dates even if they are on discount. also ensure that the Kesardi oil comes from reputed source. A time tested vendor knows what they are creating. Iyura is one of the few recommended manufacturers promoted by Ayurveda experience and they provide quality products for sale. Its tested and effective. The reviews on their website tells a lot about the quality of their products.

Its not true that the more expensive the product, the better. Some products add on to the cost due to shipping from other countries. With Iyura, the product cost is still less and the quality is maintained through out. If you opt for a different brand be sure that the quality of the product is pristine. Read reviews about the vendor and also check return policies. Shipping costs should be calculated too when you purchase the product.

Organic Ingredients
Organic ingredients in kesaradi oil is very important. Iyura assures you the best product because all its ingredients are organic and sourced with confidence. This kind of assurance only come from very limited vendors and you would want to consider this factor. whats the point of purchasing a medicinal product when its going to create an adverse effect or allergy?

Recommended with Iyura Kesaradi Oil

The Kansa wand is a wonder tool to rub out wrinkes in your skin. The massage instrument is specially designed for face and body massage. The results are distinctive and clear. Massage your face with the Kansa wand twice a day with Kesaradi oil to see exceptional results

The manjishtadi oil is odorless therepeutic oil with healing properties. Excellent for acne and rosacea. Added with The Keseradi Oil, this product adds a golden glow to your skin. For more details click the more info button below. Read reviews on Manjish Glow Elixir Here

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