Organic Pitta Churna is a quick remedy to correct the imbalance in the pitta energy. The imbalance in pitta energy creates major havoc inside the body. The affected body will be unable to digest the food properly, shows higher body heat, itchiness, red rashes, emotional baggage etc. The best way is to cool down the body and balance the problem.

Organic Pitta Churna contains the digestive spices that help with the detoxification.

One of the main reasons for pitta imbalance is toxin accumulation of many kinds. The special formulation in this Organic Pitta Churna helps eliminate them.

Organic Pitta Churna ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Organic coriander: Coriander is a cooling spice that helps lower the body temperature. It adds some sweetness and has astringent property. It improves digestion. Coriander is a blood purifier that removes toxins and waste from the blood. It enables the body to respond better to allergens and reduce the unwanted reactions.
  • Organic fennel: Fennel is great for digestion. It can increase the ‘fire’ inside, without affecting the pitta. This helps improve the digestion with proper digestive juices. It relieves gas and can soothe the rising stomach acid. It makes a good remedy for GERD, acid reflux etc.
  • Organic cumin is a digestive stimulant that can increase the fire inside without infuriating the pitta. It improves digestion and ensures the elimination of toxins. It can cure the flatulence, diarrhea and colic complaints.
  • Organic sugar cane balances pitta. It helps in the cleansing of kidneys as well. Organic sugar is nutrient rich and has a low glycemic index. It adds some sweet taste to the mix.
  • Organic cardamom is primarily a digestive aid that can reduce gas and bloating. It can reduce all three doshas and is effective for pitta. Cardamom can calm heartburn and cools the burning sensation. It helps the body in reducing the congestion in lungs. It could prevent kidney stone formation.
  • Organic ginger in powder form can improve appetite and boosts digestion. It has pacifying effects on the stomach by calming down the upset stomach. It cures nausea, indigestion etc as well. Organic ginger can reduce inflammations and is good for joints. Dry ginger increases the production of digestive juices and removes the waste and other toxins in the digestive system.
  • Organic turmeric is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, digestive aid, good for skin, reduces mucus production and improves immunity.
  • Organic cinnamon can balance digestion and is added in a small amount. Too much of cinnamon could increase the pitta. It works well with the other ingredients used here and can help reduce headaches, colds and stomach disorders.
  • Himalayan salt is nutrient rich and pure form. It adds the saltiness to the spice mix. This is also the best salt type for pitta. It has coiling energy and can balance the 3 doshas of the body.

The Ayuveda Experience Organic Pitta Churna
Organic Pitta Churna is cooling to the body that helps it reduce the heat and do the needful to bring down the problems that it is facing..


  • Organic Pitta Churna neutralizes the acid in the stomach
  • It reduces body heat and cools down the system
  • Organic Pitta Churna has cleansing properties on the digestive system, kidneys, and blood
  • It calms the digestive system

Organic Pitta Churna Usage

The Organic Pitta Churna is a spice mix that helps the body cool down and aids in digestion. You can add the powder in for cooking the food or over the cooked food. You can sprinkle this over the food and easily use it as a tabletop spice option.

Mix the powder with some oil to prepare the salad dressing. You can use it as the spice option for popcorn as well.

Since a few ingredients here are heat generating, you might want to use it only mildly. You can use it with every meal if you prefer, but only in smaller amounts.

Organic Pitta Churna Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Organic Pitta Churna uses only the organically grown spices that have no negative effects on the body. This spice mix is used just as any other spice that you would use for cooking. It poses no risks, no side effects or causes any adverse effects either.

Organic Pitta Churna Reviews & Complaints

The reviews of Organic Pitta Churna reveal that the spice is just ideal for all kinds of foods. You can use it any way that you prefer to. It has great flavor. People have mostly used it as a sprinkler. Some have even used it on their tea to spice it up.

The only complaint about the product is its container that is not right. It has a loose cap and that makes the spice to stick together. If you are not careful, you might get a lump of spice on your plate.

Organic Pitta Churna Testimonials

  • Cathy -“I used it with my tea to make a beverage drink. Used it for a month and really liked it!”
  • Anonymous – “The churna has a great taste. I prefer to sprinkle it on my food. It has a versatile taste and has a nice fragrance as well.”
  • A User- “I was drawn to Ayurvedic diet and wanted to try this spice mix. My research brought me to this. This is a great combination. I love the flavor and the taste of the food that it brings out.”
  • Bryce – “It adds a nice flavor to the soups, salads, and stews. The sprinkle on omelet makes a great taste recipe. This spice mix can never ruin a tasty dish. It blends nicely with the food.”

Organic Pitta Churna Results

The results of using Organic Pitta Churna are that you will have your pitta balanced inside the body. The body will have a better temperament, proper digestion happening, less of flatulence or bloating and you can feel the body is much cooler.

The overheat in the core body tends to minimize over the period. It can enhance the taste buds and at the same time calm the stomach acid. This makes a good remedy for acidity and heartburn.

You need just a pinch of the spice with every meal to get the best results.

Where to Buy Organic Pitta Churna

Organic Pitta Churna is available from The Ayurveda Experience online store and from other stores online. Maharishi Ayurveda makes the product so you will be able to get it from the manufacturer’s store as well.

  • Organic Pitta Churna in Amazon: This spice mix is also available in Amazon. You can find it under the name Organic Cooling Pitta Churna Spice Mix.
  • Pitta Churna in Costco: Organic Pitta Churna is not available in Costco.
  • Organic Pitta Churna in WalMart: Organic Pitta Churna spice mix is not available at WalMart either.

Organic Pitta Churna Price

The price of one bottle of Organic Pitta Churna is $11.95 at The Ayurveda Experience.

In Amazon, the price is $9.95

At the Maharishi Ayurveda, you will get it at a price of $9.95 as well.

Organic Pitta Churna Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

There are coupon codes or promo codes for Organic Pitta Churna. But there are several Maharishi Ayurveda coupons that you can make use to get discounts on their products.

Organic Pitta Churna FAQs

Does Organic Pitta Churna work?

Yes, the Organic Pitta Churna does work. It helps reduce the excess pitta or the fire energy inside the body by eliminating the toxins and waste. It does so by boosting the digestion and increasing the chances of waste elimination by the body. Organic Pitta Churna also helps with the kidney cleansing so that there are chances the kidneys fail to perform its duties.

It works with the blood purification, reduction in mucus secretion, calming effects on the digestive system etc. All these work together to cool down the body.

Is Organic Pitta Churna powder safe?

Yes, it is. Organic Pitta Churna just has the powder spices and nothing else. There are no fillers, additives or preservative in this that could any kind of allergies. All the spices in this mix are good for the health and cause no trouble at all.

How much of the spice should I use?

You need to use just a pinch or teaspoon measurement, depending upon your mode of usage. You will need more of the spice if you are adding it for cooking the food. If you are using it on cooked food or salads, you need just a smaller amount. You just need to get the taste of the spice is all that is required to stimulate the positive effects.


Though you can sue the spice mix with any food in any manner that you prefer, sautéing it in clarified butter or ghee enhances its overall effects. Use it as a tempering this way that would only increase the flavor. This way you can enjoy all the wonderful therapeutic properties of the spices in the Organic Pitta Churna, in the right way.