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Magnus Buy Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle - WeightWorld Reviews
Magnus Buy Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle - WeightWorld Reviews

Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle

The tea infuser bottle comes with a double-sided tea filter which can be removed for cleaning purposes.

Try the Ortte Herbal Tea Infuser Bottle that is designed to enjoy your Ortte tea while on the go. The ultimate stylish accessory, it comes with scratch proof, stunning look and many exciting features that make it the perfect support while on the go.

How does Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle work?

Ortte is one of the most popular makers of Skinny and Detox teas. They bring you tea infuser thermos bottle that maintains the warmth and taste of the tea as it is. The product is manufactured using double glazed photochromic materials. It is scratch proof which makes it suitable for the busy lifestyle.

The cap of the bottle is made using quality bamboo that not only adds a great look but also seals the bottle well so that you can keep your tea warm and sealed.

This good-looking tea infuser bottle is great for holding chilled drinks as well such as iced tea, cold coffee or juice. Once you have finished using the bottle, it is safe to use on the dishwasher.

Features of Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle

Here are few of the prominent features of the infuser bottle.

  • Sleek and stylishly designed
  • Infused with double filters for optimum taste
  • Works great for both hot and cold drinks
  • Safe to be used on the dishwasher
  • Comes with detachable stainless steel screen

Why use Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle?

The infuser bottle is used to enhance the taste and effect of the Detox and Skinny Teas. All you have to do is mix the loose leaf tea in a bag in this thermos bottle. Leave it for 2-4 minutes and you will notice how the temperature, taste, and quality are retained at every sip. The easy to use screw cap makes it a breeze to use it while traveling.

A simple, secure and discreet bottle, the product has been well-received by many users. Read on to know what users have to say about this product.

Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle Reviews

The exquisite design and the features have been loved by many users. Even though users don’t really use the detox tea, they still carry everyday drinks such as juice, water, chilled coffee/tea wherever they go.

The bottle is not as lightweight as it looks and is a bit hefty given the quality infused in the bottle. The solid designs protect the bottle from any scratches, spills or leaks.

Price of the Ortte Tea Infuser bottle is a bit pricey compared to other brands in the market. However, this hasn’t stopped people from making this infuser bottle part of their daily life.

Here are few of the user reviews.

  • Samuel – “Ortte Tea infuser bottle is simply amazing. I am using it non-stop. I even use it to drink water.”
  • Matt – “The best tea bottle I have ever used. The tea infuser part is greatly designed. It doesn’t allow any tea in the bottle. The best part is it stops it from over-brewing and turning bitter. A great advantage for tea lovers.”
  • Leena – “I ordered another three for all my daughters. They have become so attached to drinking tea out of this thermos bottle now. My youngest child is 12 years and she takes it to the school every day.”
  • Erin C – “The bottle is really very nice. I can tell from the weight of the bottle that it is really well-built. Love drinking detox tea from this bottle. I take it to work and it stays fresh for long hours. Really worth your money.”
Magnus Buy Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle - WeightWorld Reviews

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle

  • Absolutely user-friendly
  • Intricately designed infuser bottle
  • Dishwasher proof and scratchproof
  • A travel-friendly product
  • Comes with free shipping in the UK
  • Has a 30-day return policy


  • Is slightly heavy
  • Shipping and Delivery

There are free shipping and flat rate shipping options available. If you choose free shipping anywhere in the UK, the delivery might be delayed. However, with a flat shipping rate of £3.99, you can have this product delivered within 3-5 working days.

International shipping is also available. However, you need to pay additional shipping charges to have this product delivered in any other country.

Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle is available in the USA at sites such as Amazon.

Return Policy

The company offers 30-day money-back guarantee. In case you are not happy with the product, simply return and you will be refunded accordingly.

Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle in Amazon, Costco, and Walmart

The product is available on Amazon at best price. However, it is currently unavailable in Costco and Walmart.


We love Ortte Tea Infuser Bottle. The features, design, quality makes it a perfect way to carry your drinks wherever you go. What we love is the double filters and how it retains the temperature which makes it all worth every penny you pay.

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