Managing the blood sugar levels can be a balancing act. Though it is diabetes that we mostly relate the blood sugar level too, there also are other factors that cause fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. Dehydration, medications, wakeup time, menstrual period, troubled sleep, weather, travel, exhaustion, caffeine etc are only a few of them.

People who experience these fluctuations too often need something that helps them balance their blood sugar.

Real Control ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • ChromeMate (Chromium) contains chromium that has surprising effects on blood sugar levels. Not only does it help in controlling the sugar spike, it would also decrease insulin requirements. It improves the sugar utilization by the body that would reduce the sugar level in the blood. Chromium could lower the glycemic index of the carbohydrate rich foods. It can also help with fat metabolism and has a small role in the weight loss as well. It reduces the sugar cravings so you don’t be tempted to eat more sweets.
  • Silbinol (Pterocarpus extract) improves the insulin sensitivity of the cells. It promotes the cells to take in blood sugar and use for energy. It is supportive of the pancreatic health and makes sure of healthy production of insulin.
  • Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant. It can lower the blood sugar level. The antioxidant effects can protect diabetic people from neuropathy. It can also remove heavy metals from the body.
  • Svetol is the decaffeinated Green coffee bean extract. It contains chlorogenic acid that regulates blood sugar levels. It increases the fat burning and helps with weight loss as well. It can improve insulin sensitivity of the cells. It can prevent the excess sugar in the blood turn into fat for storage. It inhibits the sugar absorption in the intestine. Thus, it reduces the blood sugar level.

UniScience Group Real Control
Real Control from Uniscience Group is a dietary supplement that you can take with your other medications and get the blood sugar level to the more healthy range and can maintain it as well.


Real Control helps you maintain healthy sugar levels before and after the meals. It prevents the sugar spike in the blood that usually happens after the meals

It improves the insulin response and insulin sensitivity of the cells. They will be better able to use the blood sugar

Not intentionally, but the Real Control could also help you shed some body fat as well. It increases the fat metabolism, sugar storage and reduces sugar absorption

Finally, Real Control will help you manage your diet without going to the extremes to achieve the targets.

Real Control Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

Real Control is in tablet form. The recommended dosage mentioned on the pack label is 2 tablets. There is no clarity on how often you are supposed to take them or how many exactly. This is something you will have to consult with the customer care and find out.

As for the drug interactions, you need to talk to the doctor before you start on these tablets. Real Control could lower the blood sugar level to the extremes if you are still taking the diabetic medications. The doctor can suggest alterations in the dosage and tell you how to take these tablets as well.

Real Control Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Real Control is a natural formulation that is not likely to cause side effects. There might be problems if there is an overdose. It could cause sleeplessness, diarrhea, digestive problems, higher breathing rate, increased heart rate etc.

Real Control Reviews & Complaints

The reviews show that it works easily for blood sugar regulation. There have been no problems with the working and there are no side effects so far. It worked for weight loss as well. Many say that it doubled the efforts in losing weight.

The risk-free money back guarantee made them try it. It is also economical that does not cost much.

Where To Buy Real Control

Real Control can be bought from Uniscience Group online store. You can get some real discounts there. Discounts are up for purchases that have more than 1 bottle. The deals are applicable on 2, 4 or 6 bottles in a single purchase.

The Personal Delivery Service is another offer where you can get 2 bottles delivered to you regularly and is shipped for Free. You can schedule the delivery to wherever you want to. It can save you bog on money as well.

  • Real Control on Amazon is currently unavailable
  • Real Control in Costco is not available at all.
  • Real Control in WalMart is also not available.

Real Control Price

The price of Real Control supplements is $39.95. The price is lowered when you purchase 2 or more bottles at a time.

  • 2 bottles would cost $71.95
  • 4 bottles would cost $129.95
  • 6 bottles would cost $179.95

Real Control Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

Unfortunately, there are no real Control coupon codes or promos available. You can find Uniscience Group coupons that can get you further discounts on the product.

Real Control FAQs

Is Real Control safe?

It seems to be. There are no reports of any problems if taking the tablets. In fact, there are a few experiments that showed that real Control tablets worked for regulating the blood sugar and helping with weight loss.

How can I see the Real Control results?

It is not clear how soon the Real Control tablets get to works. One study that lasted for 12 weeks shows that it did work to keep the blood sugar under control, maintain it and got the rewards in the form of weight loss by a few pounds.

Is Real Control FDA Approved?

There is no mention of any FDA approval for Real Control dietary supplements for blood sugar levels.

Does Real Control work?

Real Control can be helpful in controlling the blood sugar level even from the start. It is a lot easier f you get the grip earlier. It works as a blood sugar regulator like the diabetic medications and can also prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. The blood glucose fluctuations due to various reasons can also be remedied with the help of these supplements.

Can I place the order by phone?

Yes, you can. You can call on 1-800-462-9654 for North America and 605-274-0313 for Outside North America. The order placements can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime.

How do I contact the customer care for any queries?

You can call on 1-866-766-3600 or (772) 446- 1083 for North America or Outside North America respectively. The customer care services are on Monday-Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm EST.


Real Control supplement is a dietary supplement in the true sense. It helps you enjoy the food without having to worry too much. The occasional sweet treats or your favorite food no longer needs to be a taboo. You can enjoy it without your blood sugar level going berserk.