Buy Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack – Reviews 2018

Magnus Buy Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack - Reviews 2018

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack is a mineral clay face pack with the goodness of sandalwood powder, oil and aloe vera juice to enhance the skin health. The ingredients help remove the dead skin cells to relieve the dull skin to look healthier and bring glow and nourishment to it.

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This face pack contains hydrating agents to prevent excessive drying of the skin and at the same time provides nutrients that can repair the dull and damaged skin.

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Fennel powder is a toner for the skin that can cure skin diseases. It can improve facial skin texture. Fennel powder cleanses the skin thoroughly and is effective for deep pore cleaning. It can remove excess oil and dirt from the pores and keep it clean. The antibacterial effects prevent acne formation.
  • Vetiver is effective in reducing dark spots on the skin. It is skin moisturizing and helps tighten the skin. Vetiver can firm up the skin to look younger. It contains antioxidants that can protect the skin cells from oxidative damage.
  • Sandalwood powder is the best remedy to remove wrinkles and lines. It can prevent acne and cure the existing breakouts. It effectively removes blemishes and enhances the brightness of the skin. Sandalwood powder makes an excellent exfoliating agent to bring out the brighter layer of the skin. It is soothing and cooling for the skin.
  • Citrus medica (Orange) peel: Orange peel powder is a natural exfoliating agent. It can remove blackheads, blemishes, dark circles etc. It can cure acne and could brighten up the skin as well.
  • Sandalwood oil is anti-inflammatory that can reduce acne and other skin irritations. The antiseptic property keeps infections away. It has the astringent property that shrinks the facial pores and tightens the skin.
  • Fenugreek seed extract can eliminate signs of aging like wrinkles and line son the facial skin. It can get rid of acne with ease because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also moisturizing to the skin as it prevents the skin drying. The fenugreek seed extract is slippery in nature that moisturizes the skin.
  • Zinc oxide can reduce skin inflammations, allergies, and rashes. It can be protective against sun damage, cures bacterial infections, can help with skin repair, can reduce pigmentation and can promote collagen formation and connective tissue.
  • Sandalwood hydrosol is used as the mixing agent here. It is skin rejuvenating and softens the skin. Sandalwood hydrosol is cooling and soothing to the skin. It suits all skin types. It can be a toner and can even calm the nervous system.
  • Aloe vera leaf juice is a natural moisturizer, an anti-inflammatory agent, cure acne, remove blemishes and dark spots, promote collagen and elastin formation and can also take part in skin repair process.
  • Vegetable glycerin locks in the natural moisture of the skin and prevents excess drying.
  • Bentonite clay cleanses the pores, removes excess oil from the facial skin, tighten the skin and helps in the elimination of blemishes. It is also a skin detoxifying agent that removes toxins and can improve the blood circulation as well. The exfoliating property makes the skin smooth and softer. This is one ingredient that can single-handedly ring glow to the skin.
  • China clay is also an exfoliator and skin polisher. It removes fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Indian volcanic clay works as anti-acne and anti-aging agents. It is skin cleansing and works as an exfoliator as well.
  • Other ingredients: Disodium edta, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Herbs essential oil complex and fragrance agent.
Magnus Buy Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack - Reviews 2018
The Ayuveda Experience Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack
Sanface Sandal Glow Pack is a natural face pack that has no harmful allergens or chemicals that makes the skin drier.


  • With the help of the mineral clay rejuvenation of dull skin
  • It works as a cleanser to promote radiant skin
  • Repairs the skin that is damaged by sun and antioxidants
  • It firms up the skin
  • Contains only natural ingredients
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Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Usage

  • Sanface skin tightening sandal glow pack is used on a clean face.
  • Cleanse the face with a mild soap or preferably just raw milk.
  • Pat dry the skin and take a small amount of the face pack from the container.
  • Spread this mix evenly over the face.
  • The consistency of the pack is ready to use and if you feel it is a bit dry, you can add a few drops of rose water to loosen it.
  • Apply it over the face and neck. Leave it to dry for 15- 20 minutes.
  • The time given is just an appropriate time, wash off the pack when you feel that the pack is dry or your skin starts feeling stretchy.
  • Do not leave the pack too long that causes your skin to dry too much.
  • Rinse the pack with cool water.
  • Follow it up with a good moisturizer that suits your skin type.
  • You can use this pack twice a week. If you have oily skin you may use it more often. If you feel that the skin is drying too much, use it only moderately, once a week.

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Sanface Sandal glow pack is a risk-free skin care product. It contains the ingredients that can reduce the skin irritations and that suit even the sensitive skin.

There will not be any side effects of adverse effects of using this pack. The only problem would be that the skin might feel dry after using it. Make sure that you apply moisturizer after washing off the pack.

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Even Skin Toning

Magnus Buy Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack - Reviews 2018

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Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Reviews & Complaints

The Sanface sandal glow pack reviews have more of the positive views and a few concerns. The positive points are that this face pack is ideal for getting rid of excess oil, dull skin layer brings brightness to the skin and works for almost everything that it claims to do.

The concerns are that the pack makes the skin much drier than anticipated. You can feel the tightness of the skin and feel that it is stretched too much. The overall observation is that this face pack is good for oily and normal skin and may not be as good for the dry skin. Although it can be used for dry skin, you need thorough moisturization after its use. The other positive factors are

  • Good fragrance
  • Natural product
  • Cooling effect and is soothing
  • Softens the skin
  • Good value for money

Another view is that it is not highly effective for removing the wrinkles and lines. There is only a minimal effect for these factors.

Other than the skin drying issue, there are no complaints about the product.

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Testimonials

Good reviews

  • Nicolette- “It is a good skin tightening pack but could be drying on the skin. Overall, a good product. My skin has really brightened up after washing it off.”
  • Nabila-“This is the best clay mask for everyday use. It is not too drying for me. Y skin feels super soft. It is great for oily skin. I use it every other day. It is super cleansing and gave a boost to my skin.
  • Anonymous- “Love how my skin feels after using it. The downside is its consistency and fragrance. The fragrance is not pleasant for me. The consistency is not comfortable to apply near the nostrils.”
  • Hannah- “It dries out the pimples but not your skin. The sandalwood scent might be unpleasant for some but I can tolerate it.”

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Magnus Buy Sanface Skin Tightening Sandal Glow Pack - Reviews 2018

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Bad reviews

  • Tessa- “I did not see any major difference on my skin. The price is ok. It caused a slight burning sensation on my skin for a few minutes. I am not sure I want to buy it again.”
  • Michelle- “I really liked the face pack. The consistency is easy to apply and dries quickly as well. It can feel the skin tightening. The downsides are that I feel some stinging sensation and the smell of the pack. Both are disturbing. But at the same time, my skin feels smooth and soft.”
  • Le- “The only problem I have with this product is that the lid of the container is not airtight. It causes the pack to dry up in the container.”

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Results

  • The skin is brighter and softer by the removal of dead skin cells.
  • The pores are cleaned with better-controlled sebum production
  • Breakouts have lessened
  • Reduced pigmentation and dark spots
  • Slight irritation and possibly drier skin

Where to Buy Sanface Sandal Glow Pack

You can buy Sanface skin tightening sandal glow pack from various online stores. It is available from Just Herbs, the makers of the product. You will also find it at The Ayurveda Experience as part of a skincare package.

The package at The Ayurveda Experience is The Youthful You Pack that has a few anti-aging programs along with this face pack and an under eye gel to fight puffy eyes, dark circles naturally.

  • Sanface Sandal Glow Pack in Amazon: The product used to be available on Amazon. It is still listed there but is showing Currently Unavailable.
  • Sandal Glow Pack in Costco is not possible as the product is an online-only product.
  • Sanface Sandal Glow Pack in WalMart: This face pack is not available at WalMart.

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Price

Just Herbs Sanface skin tightening Sandal Glow Pack costs $20 or Rs.525 per pack. Each pack contains 150 m of the product that can last you for a long time.

The Youthful You Pack costs $291 which is available at a discounted price of $199 with the Sanface Sandal Glow Pack added as a free inclusion. This pack helps you lose weight in a healthy manner and tells you how to go with the holistic approach.


Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

There are no Sanface sandal glow pack coupon codes or that are applicable for Just Herbs. The only discount you may get for this is that offered by the manufacturer or the dealers.

Sanface Sandal Glow Pack FAQs

Is Sanface Sandal Glow Pack safe?

The Sanface skin tightening sandal glow pack uses only the natural ingredients. The product is said to be good for sensitive skin. Yet, there are a few reports of burning sensation of using this pack. That lasted only for a few minutes and was faded later on. The majority of the users have had no problems with this pack.

Does Sanface Sandal Glow Pack work?

The Sanface Sandal Glow Pack has resulted in making the skin smoother and softer for many. When dried the packs acts somewhat like a scrub the removes the dead skin cells. It has also been effective for removing excess oil from the oily skin.

There are not many reports that claimed this to be working as an anti-aging product. Yet, many people liked this and they say that it does work as a natural face pack that indeed made their skin brightened.

How often can I use the Sanface Sandal Glow Pack?

The recommended frequency of usage is twice a week. You can use it more often or less often as you prefer. This is definitely safe for everyday use. Just make sure that you do not keep it on the skin for too long. 15 minutes is only a relative time, the pack dried up aster so you might also be able to remove it before that.


Sanface Sandal Glow Pack is good for the money that you spend on it. Unless you have any skin irritations it is a safe bet. The only problem is the return policy. In case you are not happy with it there is no provision to return it. At the same time, there are not many unsatisfied users to make use of this policy. So, one has to assume that this will work. It is a gamble alright, but a good one at that.