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Douglas Laboratories brings Spectramin Chelate tablets that come with comprehensive readily absorbable trace minerals without iron. For those who are worried about excessive iron in their diet, this is an absolute iron-free formula for health benefits. If you are suffering from mineral deficiency, then this is the best for you.

A regular dose of minerals is essential for propelling the body in a healthy manner. Busy lives are making it difficult for people to get the required amount of nutrition in their everyday lives. Lack of minerals can lead to many health risks in the long run. For instance, chloride deficiency can lead to electrolyte imbalance, weakness, cramps, low blood pressure etc. Less amount of iodine can lead to mental retardation, goiter, hypothyroidism and much more.

Over the years, it can lead to depression, tremors, fatigue, osteoporosis, kidney stones, tooth decay and much more.

Spectramin Chelate Tablets Mineral Supplement
Spectramin Chelate is an amazing mineral supplement that will keep you healthy and reinstate the lost minerals back in your body. This is an absolute iron-free formula. This product does not include – corn, dairy, gluten, starch, sugar, wheat, and yeast. It is a complete vegetarian tablet.

Even if your body is functioning normally, it is literally difficult to get the necessary amount of minerals in everyday life.

How does Douglas Labs Spectramin Chelate work?

Spectramin Chelate is a health supplement from Douglas Laboratories that is manufactured using all the potent ingredients right in the USA.

It contains essential minerals and trace elements that meet the daily requirements of vital nutrition necessary for your body. While many modern diets include minerals, they are destroyed due to processing, cooking in high heat, oxidization etc. The minerals of Spectramin Chelate are available in the purest form that is highly potent. These plant-based minerals are extracted and retained in its highest potency till it is ingested in your stomach.

This makes it absolutely effective for healthily body function. More than a single mineral contribute to function a body organ. Spectramin Chelate includes more than 2-3 dietary minerals that ensure optimum efficacy in your body.

Spectramin Chelate ingredients & benefits

There are many benefits of Spectramin Chelate in the body. Here is how these Spectramin Chelate ingredients work on the body.

  • Magnesium – every organ in the body needs Mag to function optimally. It soothes any inflammation in the body and stabilizes the blood pressure. It is also essential in keeping the bone strong and reduces health condition such as diabetes, heart disease etc.
  • Copper – assists in collagen production, increases absorption of iron and overall energy levels.
  • Chromium – supports metabolic process to regulate blood sugar. It also assists glucose to transfer glucose to cells where it is converted to energy. This can help with weight loss as it breaks down the abnormal fat in the body.
  • Iodine – is crucial for normal functioning of the thyroid gland. How? It secretes the thyroid hormones that control the metabolic rate in the body. Iodine is equally important in maintaining cognitive function and healthy neurological life.
  • Calcium – beyond its role in protecting excellent bone health, calcium is vital in controlling high blood pressure. It has amazing power in protecting the body against cancer, diabetes etc.

Other active ingredients include –

  • Potassium,
  • Selenium,
  • Silicon,
  • Molybdenum,
  • Manganese,
  • Vanadium,
  • Zinc.

It is a complete vegetarian tablet. This product does not include –

  • Corn,
  • Dairy,
  • Gluten,
  • Starch,
  • Sugar,
  • Wheat,
  • Yeast.

Spectramin Chelate Dosage and Instructions

The recommended dosage is 3 tablets every day with meals or as directed by your medical practitioner.

Spectramin Chelate is NOT for children. If you are pregnant, nursing or under any medication for a health condition, consult your medical practitioner before consuming this product.

Spectramin Chelate side effects

So far, there have been no side effects reported. The supplement seems to work fine without triggering any adverse reactions.

Spectramin Chelate Consumers Reviews

Few users claim the product is amazing. For a bunch of users, doctors have recommended Spectramin Chelate for more mineral support. Within a few days, they started noticing results. Users say they don’t feel negative reactions on the body.

As a matter of fact, they claim their energy levels have become much more active. Overall, they feel fresh and healthy.

So far there hasn’t been any negative reviews from users. Customers feel elated after using Spectramin Chelate.

One user says, “My naturopathic doctor recommended Spectramin Chelate by Douglas Labs as I needed mineral support. I am so much happy with the energy levels. I had taken this for a month, but will continue it.”

Another user says, “I love the package and delivery. Customer support is great as it arrived right on time.”

The price of the tablets is simply economical rather cheap for the best quality they offer.

Shipping and Returns

Yes wellness is an online supplement website that offers Spectramin Chelate at a great price. Currently, the company ships only in Canada (free shipping on orders above $59). But if you talk to customer care, you can work out a deal to ship the product to your region.

There are several discount coupon codes that offer excellent cut-off on the original price. This will give you great savings on your pocket.


Spectramin Chelate is an amazing mineral supplement that will keep you healthy and reinstate the lost minerals back in your body. The price, quality, delivery, customer support everything falls in place. There have been no negative reviews so far which is a great hope for this product in the market. If you are looking for a supplement to bring back the energy levels and metabolic rate, then Spectramin Chelate is for you.


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