Super Sea Veg is a dietary supplement that uses the seaweed that provides numerous nutrients for the better health. It uses different types of algal species for their nutrient value. It can supply almost all the essential and non-essential nutrients for the body that can cause the dramatic change in the health.

Super Sea Veg ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Vitamin D
  • Vegetable Iodine
  • Aquamin (Sea minerals from Lithothamnion sp)

FarmSea proprietary blend of 12 seaweeds

  • Wakame
  • Chinese Nori
  • Bladderwrack
  • Dulse
  • Irish Moss
  • Sea Lettuce
  • Laver
  • Maerl
  • Channelles Wrack
  • Knotted wrack
  • Oarweed
  • Brown Kelp

Super Sea Veg- 180 Capsules
The Super Sea Veg contains the additional benefits from Vitamin D and vegetable iodine. This unique blend of superfoods will improve the health and strengthen the immune system.

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  • Bone Health: The Super Sea Veg capsules contain Vitamin D and calcium-rich seaweeds that help in the maintenance and improvement of bone health. It can prevent inflammations in the joints as well as the onset of osteoporosis in women.
  • Skin and Hair: The nutrient-rich Super Sea Veg capsules can rejuvenate the body and skin cells as well as initiate cell regeneration to improve the skin health. it also has keratin that can thicken the hair strands for thick and lustrous hair growth.
  • Hormone regulation: The presence of iodine can make a huge difference. It ensures the proper thyroid functioning and regulates the overall hormone balance of the body. It can also contain anxiety level by lowering the cortisol levels.
  • Energy: The various nutrients in these dietary supplements can ensure proper nutrient absorption and thereby eliminate any cases of deficiency in the body. This leads to proper functioning of the organs that leads to the final outcome of energy burst inside the body. It can affect and regulate the metabolism to ensure a steady supply of energy.
  • Blood Circulation: The iron content from the various algae used here improves the blood health and its circulation. This can positively affect the cardiovascular system as well as ensure proper oxygen distribution to all the cells in the body.
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure: From the different seaweeds, we get omega fatty acids of all the beneficial kinds. They help lower the bad cholesterol level and improve the good cholesterol number in the blood. It also works by lowering the blood pressure levels by keeping it normal.
  • Diabetes: Seaweeds can regulate or control the blood sugar utilization by the body. This will eliminate the cases of hyperglycemia, sudden sugar spike in the blood after meals etc. On a larger scale, it can help you with the diabetes management.
  • Weight management: While the Super Sea Veg capsules are no miracle pills it is low in calories. It does not increase the calorie intake and can also improve the calorie utilization by boosting the metabolism. This calls for its role in weight management.

Super Sea Veg Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

You can have 3-6 capsules of Super Sea Veg per day. The number need not be the same. You could reduce the dosage if you like to. It is a nutrient booster that you can have just 3 capsules per day as well.

It is better to start lower with just 1 capsule on day 1, 2 on day 2 and then 3 capsules on day 3 as 1 capsule with each of the meals. Increase the dosage only if you feel that you still need some extra to feel the energy.

It is also noted that it could take a few days to see the difference so it is advisable to take the 3 capsules dosage for a week before you jump to 6 capsules per day.

Drug interactions

There are no known drug interactions for the Super Sea Veg Capsules. In case you are on any medications, especially for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure lowering drugs, hypothyroidism etc, talk to the doctor and make sure that the seaweeds are indeed good for you.

Super Sea Veg Risks, Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

Though none have been reported one can expect adverse effects in the form of goiter and other GI tract disorders when you have taken the Super Sea Veg capsules for a long time.

It has not caused any kind of side effects so far. As long as you do not exceed the maximum limit and shows no side effects, these are safe and risk-free.

Are Super Sea Veg Capsules Safe?

Yes, the Super Sea Veg capsules are safe since there is no immediate allergy causing ingredients like gluten, soy, dairy product etc. It is made with pure seaweeds and lacks fillers in the capsules.

Super Sea Veg Reviews & Complaints

The users say that this dietary supplement is an excellent one to improve the health. It caused no side effects and is as safe as any other dietary supplements in the market. The only problem is when there are prescription medications involved. Such users were either barred from taking this supplement or were advised to take a smaller dosage.

The price of the dietary supplement is a bit on the higher side if you are sticking to the 6 capsules per day limit. Your supply can soon end and you will have to get this pricey supplement soon enough.

Super Sea Veg Testimonials

  • Eric- “It is a game changer. I am proud and happy that I chose this supplement.”
  • Allen- “Super Sea Veg has improved my health and I have been on it for a few years. I even recommended it to my friends and family. It is ideal for aging people to get their health back on track.”

Does Super Sea Veg work?

Yes, it has helped many in improving their health and has also been helpful in maintaining good health. It can fill the gaps in the nutrient list from the diet. The ability to affect almost all the vital system has made it a right kind of dietary supplement.

Where to Buy Super Sea Veg?

You can buy Super Sea Veg capsules from the BuySeaVeg– the makers’ official online store. The product is available as a single bottle or on the offer of Buy 2 get 1 free that makes a total of 3 bottles in a single purchase at the price of just 2.

Super Sea Veg capsules are not currently available on Amazon. This supplement is not available in any other stores as well. It is strictly an online-only product.

Super Sea Veg – 180 capsules price

The Super Sea Veg capsules – 180 capsules price is $84.95 and is currently available at $79.95 for a single bottle. You can get the offer combo at just $159.90 for the 3 bottles. You can choose either of them.

Super Sea Veg Discount, coupon codes, and Promos

You can get coupon codes and promos on the Sea Veg products to get discounts on the Super Sea Veg Capsules. It could get you discounts of 30%, $25, $15 etc on the bill amount.


If you are looking for a complete nutrient supplement, the seaweeds are the best. Among them, the Super Sea Veg capsules seem to be highly effective and safer. It has no fillers, no allergens and is made from pure seaweeds collected from across the globe. It cannot get better than that.