A mouthwash or the oral rinse products are effective that can keep the harmful bacteria in the mouth away. The Synedent FLX anticavity mouthwash has fluoride in it that helps fight cavities and plaque formation on the teeth. This is a non-alcoholic preparation that does not make your mouth dry like the ordinary mouthwashes. Instead, it contains only the beneficial ingredients that can provide only cleansing properties and nourish the oral health.

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Synedent FLX mouthwash Ingredients, Benefits & Uses


  • Sodium fluoride is the source of fluoride that can prevent the cavity formation. Cavities are formed when the acids erode the calcium ions from the tooth enamel from plaque or other sources. Fluoride can attach to the calcium ions in the tooth and makes it unavailable for any chemical reaction by the acids. This preserves the calcium and prevents cavity formation.
  • Chitosan argininamide is a polysaccharide fiber formed from amino acid arginine. This can act as a cleansing agent in the oral cavity. It can form a mass of the particles. This, when bound to the oral waste particles, can escort them out of the mouth. It cleanses and refreshes the mouth.
  • Sorbitol: The oral bacteria thrive on sugar. Sorbitol is a form of sugar that these oral bacteria cannot use. Having this will naturally prevent them from getting the energy. This is also responsible for the sweet taste of the Synedent FLX mouthwash.
  • Xylitol is another derivative of sugar. It is a sweetening agent. The most important benefit of this ingredient is that it regulates the oral pH level to neutral. Bacteria cannot grow in the neutral pH and prevent their adherence to the teeth as well. It could also contribute to the enamel repair of the teeth.
  • Glycerin is a moisturizing agent used in the Synedent FLX. It prevents the dryness in the mouth and leaves a pleasant feel as well.
  • Peppermint oil has refreshing effects on the breath. It is antibacterial as well as antifungal that prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi in the oral cavity. It leaves a fresh feel inside the mouth.
  • Benzoic acid is a natural preservative. It prevents the growth of microbes and is effective to maintain the mouthwash liquid.
  • Polysorbate 20 is an emulsifier that mixes the peppermint oil with the other ingredients in this mouthwash.
  • Water is the base of this formula. It is the purified water that is used.

Synedent FLX Anti Cavity Mouthwash
Synedent FLX Anti Cavity Mouthwash can reduce the de-mineralization of the teeth and strengthen them in its form. It is a safer option that contains none of the harmful chemicals that you usually find in mouth washing liquids.


  • Synedent FLX prevents cavity formation in the most natural way
  • It refreshes the breath and leaves it cool
  • It leaves the mouth moist and prevents drying
  • Synedent FLX contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that inhibit the growth of cavity-causing bacteria
  • In comparison with other mouthwashes, the Synedent FLX does not leave anything for the benefit of h bacterial growth.
  • The peppermint oil makes the breath pleasant
  • It is alcohol-free and does not cause any burning sensation in the mouth

Synedent FLX Mouthwash Usage

  • Use the Synedent FLX anticavity mouthwash twice a day after brushing the teeth. Use it once in the morning and the other at night before bed.
  • Take 5-10 ml of the Synedent FLX solution and swish it inside the mouth for 1 minute.
  • DO NOT rinse the mouth after using it.
  • DO NOT eat or drink (not even water) anything for at least 30 minutes after using the Synedent FLX.
  • This is not an alternative to flossing so you should continue with the usual oral care routine and use it only as an additional step.


Cold weather could leave the Synedent FLX solution cloudy. To get it back to its regular appearance leave it near a warm area to thaw and shake it well.


  • DO NOT use Synedent FLXby those with dysphasia.
  • This is strictly not for children unless the dentist approves or says otherwise.

Synedent FLX mouthwash Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

Synedent FLX anticavity mouthwash is free from any side effects. It contains no alcohol to cause any side effects.

Is Synedent FLX Anti Cavity Mouthwash Safe?

Yes, it is safer than any other mouthwashes in the market. It is alcohol-free, and that itself makes it safer. The alcohol leaves the mouth dry. The Synedent FLX causes no such thing.

Synedent FLX mouthwash Reviews & Complaints

From the Synedent FLX reviews, it is evident that it stays one step ahead of the other mouthwashes. The lack of alcohol makes it more pleasant for the users. The peppermint flavor is a popular one, and people like it more than anything that could have been the flavoring agent.

Many people like the availability of multiple packs. It is available for individuals, professionals, and distributors as well. The product is economical, effective and is sure to be a popular one. There are no complaints regarding this and is accepted by one and all.

Does Synedent FLX Mouthwash Work?

Yes, it does! It not only was able to improve oral health but also keep the oral cavity moist. It works just the way it is expected to. Multiple ingredients can prevent the growth of the bacteria in the mouth. It helps with cleansing and can also preserve the good health of the teeth.

Synedent FLX Mouthwash Results

What you can expect after using the Synedent FLX mouthwash are fresh breath, healthier teeth, fewer cavity formation, non-drying mouth, and reduce plaque and oral bacteria.

Where To Buy Synedent FLX Mouthwash

You can buy Synedent FLX anticavity mouthwash online for Prisyna- the manufacturer of this wonderful product. You can also get the Synedent FLX mouthwash on Amazon.

From the makers, you can get it individually, for the dental clinics or distribution. For distribution, you need to fill in the details, and you will be getting the package of 20 bottles.

The others can get packs of 1, 2, 3 or 6 bottles in each pack as required. Each bottle carries 10.1 fl oz or 300 ml of liquid.

Synedent FLX mouthwash is NOT available in Costco, pharmacies, in WalMart or other online or retail shops.

Synedent FLX Mouthwash Price

  • A single bottle of Synedent FLX costs $11.97.
  • Two bottle pack Synedent FLX price is $23.94
  • The 3-bottle pack costs $35.91
  • The 6-bottle pack costs $71.82

Synedent FLX mouthwash Discount, Coupon Codes & Promos

There are Prisyna coupon codes and promo codes available online that you can use it to get discounts on the Synedent FLX purchase. They can give you a discount of 5-30% on the bill amount.

The coupon code FLX11 can get you 20% discount on the manufacturer’s site.


Unlike the alcohol-based mouthwashes, the Synedent FLX anticavity mouthwash targets only the bad bacteria in the mouth. It does not eradicate all the bacteria there. It can clean the mouth in an ideal manner without causing damages. People who already have conditions like dry mouth due to other diseases could benefit from this mouthwash as it has moisturizing agents that prevent dry mouth. Synedent FLX is a perfect partner for good fluoride toothpaste to maintain the oral health.