Desert Farms camel milk may not sound as familiar as cow’s milk. It is interesting to know that camel milk is more nutritious to us than cow’s milk. In fact, it is the closest that we humans can have in terms of nutrition and it is more nutritious for us than that.

Desert Farms provides one of the best-sourced camel milk from the camels that are farmed within the US. It collects the fresh milk from the farmers who have created their farms from California to Pennsylvania. The milk is from not just one farm from many farms.

About camel milk

Camel milk is just like any other milk in appearance. It does have a slightly salty and sweet taste to it. Camels milk might taste strange for us who are used to the cow’s milk. It is light in texture and looks clean and fresh.

It is the perfect feed for the gut bacteria. Desert Farms camel milk is probiotic that can feed the good bacteria and is ideal for good digestive health. It also contains vitamin C, iron, and other essential nutrients.

Desert Farms provides the good quality camel milk that is taken from the camels that are fed with fresh grass that contains no chemicals, hormones or anything that are harmful to the health.

Desert Farms camel milk

Desert Farms camel milk contains 50% less fat and saturated fat than in cow’s milk. It provides for the 10% protein, 11% potassium, 15% phosphorous, 30% calcium, and 70% vitamin B1 of the daily nutrition.

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The most interesting part is that camel milk does not have the same kinds of proteins as in cow’s milk. It contains no allergic proteins; instead, it has omega fatty acids. These fatty acids make it suitable for froze and thaw as you wish without losing its consistency. It does not also curdle like cow’s milk.

Benefits of camel milk

It has been the main and only milk source in the early Middle East and much of the Asian and North African countries as well. Camel Milk is one of the highly nutritious foods in the world. It has got a higher amount of the nutrients than that found in the common milk. It has got many benefits ranging from diabetic control to immune boosting.

  • Immune boosting: It contains minute immunoglobulins that are easier to enter the body tissues providing better immunity to the body. It is probiotic in nature that strengthens the digestive defense that has a huge impact on the entire body. Camels milk also possesses antimicrobial property that provides the extra protection for the immune system. It can even prevent some of the autoimmune disorders.
  • Blood health: Camel milk has higher iron content that improves anemic conditions. It improves blood circulation and the oxygenation of the cells to let them perform better. It helps with tissue repair and faster healing after injuries.
  • Fewer allergies: As mentioned, it contains less of the common allergens found in the milk. There are no casein or the lacto globulins that usually causing the allergic reactions. People who have lactose intolerance could have a better time with the camel milk.
  • Good for heart: The presence of omega fatty acids can improve the blood cholesterol level and this helps improve the heart health. It lowers the blood pressure and keeps the cardiovascular health better.
  • Diabetes: Camel milk contains insulin that helps with diabetes. It can overcome the insulin sensitivity and manage diabetes. It is one of the effective natural remedies for diabetes that can even get the insulin shots out of the equation. Drinking camel milk can prevent the onset of diabetes in people who are at the chance.
  • For growth: The higher content of proteins help with the growth and development in children. It can cure the malnutrition effects. In fact, it can help you survive the desert journey where food and nutrition are at its least.

Camel milk from Desert Farms

Desert Farms offer various options with the camel milk. You may get the frozen milk, fresh raw milk, and even the pasteurized milk as either frozen or fresh. There is raw camel milk Kefir, camel milk powder, camel milk soap and
the camel milk colostrum.

Raw camel milk

Raw camel milk is the non-homogenized, non-pasteurized camel milk.

Pasteurized camel milk

The pasteurized camel milk is gently pasteurized with nothing added to it. It is not homogenized and stays fresh until it reaches you. The pasteurized milk is available as fresh and also as frozen.

Raw camel milk Kefir

Raw camel milk Kefir is a fermented beverage that is made with the help of yeast or bacteria. It is made in small batches in the traditional way. Kefir is an ancient beverage that contains plenty of beneficial bacteria like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces. It has a slight frizz because of the carbon dioxide coming from the fermentation. It is available as fresh as well as frozen. You need to place a pre-order for a minimum of 16 pints. The available sizes are 8 oz or 16 oz bottles.

Raw camel milk colostrum

Raw camel milk colostrum is immune boosting and is high in vitamins and minerals. It is taken within 72 hours of the milking of the camels. Raw camel milk is ideal for the newborn babies. It makes ideal nutrition source for the grownups as well.

Camel milk powder

Camel milk powder is the freeze-dried fresh camel milk. It retains all the nutrients and can carry the freshness for longer. Astronauts, for its nutrient retaining ability, popularly use it. This milk powder can be used in place of milk and can also add to smoothies or other recipes. Camel milk powder from Desert farms is available in 200 mg and 420 mg packs.

Other camel milk products from Desert Farms

Desert Farms offer other products like camel milk soap, face cream and face mask.

  • Camel milk soap comes in many scents. Camel milk soap reduces the skin dryness and redness. It leaves the skin soft and moist. It contains coconut oil and palm oil also. Camel milk soap is available in lavender, peppermint, citrus, and unscented forms.
  • Face mask is made of Moroccan Lava and camel milk. It brightens the skin and removes the dead and dull skin cells. It makes the skin feel silky. This mask has cleansing effects and can cure acne as well. It comes as a powder that needs to be mixed with water to make a mask. Use it once or twice a week.
  • Argan, saffron and camel milk face wash: This face wash contains many organic oils that nourish the skin. The saffron makes the skin glow and camel’s milk cleanses the skin and brightens it.
  • Argan, Saffron, and camel milk face crème: This face crème contains organic oils, saffron, aloe vera and camel milk. It hydrates the skin well and make it soft and brightened.

Buy Desert Farms camel milk- pre-order?

You need to place a pre-order for most of the camel milk varieties. Camel milk is highly nutritious but it is not widely available as cow’s milk. The gestation period of camels is longer at 10 months. It takes that much longer to get the milk. Additionally, most farms would have up to 20 camels that provide a limited amount of milk per day for the processing.

This causes the stock to be over soon. For you to get adequate quantity of fresh milk, you need to place the orders in advance. Most of the time there is also a time limit to place the order. Currently, the orders are up until July.

Desert Farms camel milk price is higher as the less availability of the milk makes the products scarce. Moreover, each camel produces only 1-2 liters of milk per day.

Order and shipping

The delivery will be done either weekly or monthly as per preference. You can also choose 1-6 bottles per delivery. The subscription can be canceled or modified anytime. The billing is done on Sundays and the shipping happens on Monday or Tuesday.

Desert farms camel milk coupons

You can apply the Desert Farms discount coupons to but the various camel milk products. The coupons are not applicable for the Camel Milk colostrum.

Storage of camel milk

The Desert Farms camel milk is better kept in the refrigerator. The fresh camel milk can stay good for 2 weeks when refrigerated. You may also freeze the milk.

The frozen camel milk can be stored for up to 6 months. Once thawed, this milk should be consumed within 3-5 days.


Desert Farms camel milk is ordered directly from their official site. It is currently only available online. You may opt for one-time purchase or can subscribe to the product. You will get the products delivered to your doorstep. Try the camel milk from Desert farms to get the fresh and unadulterated milk that will surely improve your health. It supplies the useful forms of the nutrients that too in a higher amount than in ordinary milk.